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General Purposed Mgr C1.L1

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Hello, I'm your coach, Jay Clark, hope you're having a great day and enjoying our online training course. Each lesson, I am going to come on video and describe what we've been doing as far as the content, the learning section of the training. And then how that transitions into the application, with how you implement this into your job, into your roles, and into your team. So this being the first one, I wanted to give you a quick introduction to that. And then explain what we've been discussing so far on the online training. The first issue is what is a purposed manager. That would be call the "What?" What are we doing on this lesson and the first thing we're doing is showing what is a purposed manager. A purposed manager as we define it is Knows their own strengths. Identifies their team's strengths and uses this knowledge to strategically manage in order for their organization to achieve their mission. So what is mission? That is a very critical question. And that's what we'll be doing as far as the application goes. But first, what results do we want to have from this Purposed Manager training? There are 3 areas and this identifies each course that we have... First, it's important that you know how to manager yourself and others. And then second, it's important that you communicate effectively. And third, is that you think strategically. These are the 3 areas and the 3 courses that we're going to discuss over the next few months to become and help develop you into a purposed manager. So what does it mean to be a purposed manager? Anyone can say I've got a purpose and I'm a manager, so therefore I'm a "purposed manager" But for us, we seek one critical factor: in how you manage yourself and others, how you communicate effectively, and how you think strategically. This is extremely important to understand that there are going to be times that you're to be a leader and there are the times you are to be a purposed manager. And in what we call (the overall program) the NextGen Global Leaders. The NextGen Global Leader understands the difference...when they should be a leader and when they should be a purposed manager. And so we have developed a chart to give you the situation and to see certain subjects and how a leader thinks and how a purposed manager thinks. To give you an example from this chart... The Personality, the Leader thinks about Change The Purposed Manager looks at Stability For Strategy, the Leader thinks Long-Term. The Manager, Short-Term The Approach, how you look at the project, the approach of the project The Leader set the direction. The Manager plans the details. And then finally, a very important one is the Truth A Leader seeks truth. And the Purposed Manager establishes truth. And this is a critical factor in your development in becoming a Purposed Manager. See, for me, I've had to learn this over the last 6 years of leading Sun Consulting into the global market. And for the last 15 years, I have been studying management so the development as a purposed manager has come over years of study and experience. But leadership is a different thing. Leadership is something that is not necessarily studied. It is formed. And some people say that leadership is from birth Some people say leadership is developed through experiences and circumstances. Whatever that may be, the thing is that leaders are different than managers But most of the time we have to understand that there are times when we're a leader, And there's a time when we're a purposed manager. And for you in developing into the purposed manager, as you look into the global market and internationally, it is critical to know when you need to be a leader to your team and when you need to be a purposed manager to your team. So as we go forward, we start looking at the applications. "Now What?" Now what do we do with the information we've provided to you. In the next couple of sections of this lesson, we will discuss two things. The first is a Case Study. The Case Study is on Acer's growth in the global market. Specifically on Acer's founder's Stan Shih's growth as a leader and a purposed manager. After you finish this, we will start looking at you. Each lesson, you will develop an action plan that will help you in becoming a Purposed Manager. In this action plan, you are to write down your ideas, your thoughts, the areas you feel you need to grow in. And then in the individual coaching sessions, we will talk and discuss these issues and help you put together a plan that you can implement into your job.

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