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Maybe what's thrown me a little bit... I can tell you that I've never recorded with baffels - or a wall like that that close. - OK. I'm not against it, it's probably what's giving me... This changes the sound quite a bit in here. It's... I'm a pretty adjustable guy. I can get used to anything. It's really different. The feel of the drum kit when I'm sitting playing it, than what I've been doing for the last year, and what we've been doing on previous records. - It feels really dull. - Closed in. Yeah, kind of where I'm sitting. You can get rid of the ones on the side, and just have a couple behind you. We could just put a wall behind you. We can flip them so that the hard side is facing in. I wouldn't leave them that close if I did that. If you're used to a more open feel from where you're sitting, let's open it up, see what we get. Are we not listening to any ambience whatsoever? That's just the kicks solo there, but I can give you some ambience. The thing that says "kit and room". You need to change the ambience. This is a closer room there and this is a further away room. It's roomy, but it's close to the kick. It won't get out of control. - So that's still on? - That's still on, yes. So I can go stomp in the kick drum. Ready? - Wow, it's fucking dead. - The snare or you? I'm pretty much always dead, but there's just a lack of air. Let me hear it one more time. Stick with the old one. - If you want me to... - What do you think? I like the old one. It has more body, more depth in the low end. If we're playing a song where you're ripping fast, it's probably going to be too much. But it's easy to get rid of it, not easy to find it on the other hand. But I think either the kicks have come up a little bit, the tuning, or I can tweak the cues a little bit differently to make it kind of like...

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Posted by: brynarth on Jul 16, 2008

Metallica Music Video

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