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Science in Seconds - Invisibility Cloaks

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Science in Seconds Know Everything RAVES – Invisibility Cloaks Torah Kachur: Invisibility cloaks make bank robbers, peeping toms, and other undesirables pretty darn happy. Fabulous! Invisibility cloaks are finally here to disappear. Well, tiny versions of them are, at least. The coolest one uses nano‑metamaterials that can bend light around the wearer, because it has a negative refraction index. These wee little gold or silver tubes, bend light in the opposite way you would expect, which effectively loses the light around the cloak, like water running past a rock in a stream. So far, they've made cloaks that are 10 times thinner than a sheet of paper. Also, a typical type of mineral called calcite has invisibility properties, because it has something called natural birefringence, or double refraction. These materials can direct light in a predictable path, and can be manipulated with small metal rods inserted in them, to direct light around the object instead of directly at it. Except, you won't be truly invisible, but instead you'll look like a creepy outline of a liquid moving around. The last one isn't really all that applicable to humans, since it requires that the cloak be heated to at least 80 degrees Celsius to mimic the effect of a mirage. The sharp temperature difference causes light to bend away from the direction of the temperature gradient. So far, it works best under water, possibly eventually for submarines. Pretty soon, we won't see invisibility cloaks on the market, and creepy, gross characters are rejoicing. Courtesy of Science in Seconds – All rights reserved No profit or advertisement use allowed. (Translators are invited to put their name here)

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Posted by: tradottiinitaliano on Jun 30, 2012

Just try to find one, just one, useful purpose of invisibility cloaks.....that isn't illegal.

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