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Edith Kaphuka - Ngwale Village, Malawi - Nyanja (Global Lives Project, 2007) ~15:46:34 - 16:01:35

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But maybe at the river. You'll get a knock on the head! Bring the "thobwa" [traditional drink]. Simeon, what did you say? No, I'm just joking. Let's go and play hide and seek. Should we only seek one person? No! You have to find everyone and then the first person found is the loser. -It should be the first person. -Yes, not the last. Come on, let's go play. Yeah, let's go. Maybe we should play the square game... -Yeah, let's play the square game. -Hide and seek! No, let's play the square game! No, one game at a time. What are you saying? In the square game you just need to count. Stack the bricks and count. The camera guys will be giving you away. You just need to run very fast! I'll do the running. Yankho has my back. Yeah, he's got your back covered. He'll run behind you. Yeah, that's better. We should do it like that. No, the other one was better. -Let's play hide and seek! -What? No! Not hide and seek. Let's just stop then. Are we going to keep playing the same game? -This isn't the same? -It's different. Square. Move! Let me push the bricks. You'll break them. Just do it! Whose turn is it? There, on the corner. Are you leaving? Hey Edith! Edith! Let's go tell her to come back. Come back, Edith. You've been seen! Ooh, the cameraman can run... Come on Edith, let's run! Into the bush! The last person will be the loser! Last one? Yes, first person... why the last person? Let's play tag. The way they're running, they're going to get us caught. Ah, tag is better. Let's play tag! Yes, tag is better. Are you going to be coming soon? -If someone jumps it's their turn. -Let's play! Can I have some? They're starting. -Excuse me! -Excuse me for a bit. Here... let's play around here. -Let's just go around the house like that. No, let's play up to where that tree is, just as it was during hide and seek. If you reach that side, the playing field boundary is near the stall and near the house. Not that far! The playing field boundaries are the stall and our house. No! Not that far! Can I have some please? Just one. -Charles, give him some! -Just one, Edith... Edith, let's go! That one! The one you're about to put in your mouth! Let's go, Edith! Wait! Excuse me! Now I'm ready! Hold on! Wait! Okay, I'm in again. Come out here where we can see you. Edith, they're searching for you. Starting with one! Edith, run! Don't go that far. Edith? Edith? Edith, someone's calling you. Don't run out of sight Edith, they keep searching for you. We'll eat together. Someone here was looking all over for her. Now you want to get on Pajero's nerves. This will get on Pajero's nerves. I wouldn't mess with Pajero. Hey, this is the boundary! The boundary is over there. There's no taking breaks. Everyone keeps calling for a break! No more breaks unless you fall! You caught me before I said I'm back in the game. I didn't say I was back in the game. I'm back in the game. They can't find Edith. Now it's Edith! Yeah it's her! Don't just keep going after me! You didn't get me. Edith's only looking for one person! It's your turn now! Hey Fraser, Fraser! Fraser, it's your turn now. The ball got you. Freeze. They're coming, they're coming! Whose turn is it now? Hey, run! Go round this way! Charles is it! Who? I hit Charles, but he's cheating! I don't know about that. You didn't catch me! I told you, that's your problem now. Memory, Memory, come on. You aren't counting. Yeah, we're going to find it. -Are we going to kick the ball? -No! I don't think so. They're going to catch you from where you're going. Here! He's here! Hey Edith! Hey, get away from there! You're stuck with it! Edith! Freeze! Freeze! Freeze! Freeze! The little one fell! -Who's in now? -Hey, Freeze! There! There! He's coming there! Freeze! Freeze! Freeze! Where is he? Freeze! Freeze! Freeze! I was hiding! But I still saw you! Who's it now? It's Fraser. Come here you idiot! Where has she run off to? I came out from the house. -Edith, there she is! -Where is she?

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Duration: 15 minutes and 2 seconds
Country: Malawi
Director: Jason Price
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Posted by: glm_administrator on Jun 25, 2008


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