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The Fundamental Thesis Of The Network Society - David Orban (720p_30fps_H264-192kbit_AAC)

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So the next speaker is, David Orban and he will talk to us about what the network society actually is in present technological trends and future implications I want that our conversation keep going after I am done talking and please reach out, connect on facebook, twitter or any other platform both with me as well as with our projects what I wanted to talk to you about is the nature of socioeconomic evolution we have seen in the past 50 years, what is the power of exponential technologies the best example of which is more slob, that is really what changed our societies my point is that, society is not formed for the moral aspirations of its constituency it achieves its form because of the technological basis that expresses that particular form if you ask an Egyptian slave if his situation was just obviously, the answer would have been, no. But if you ask the same slave, is a society without slaves possible ? The same slave would have answered, obviously it is not possible. And, that was the same in Roman times, or in Greek times but then, as technology changed, our societies could afford to aspire, to achieve more. Our societies could afford to think, is the accium of slavery something that can be eliminated for our assumptions of how to build a society and the answer was yes and we went further even if, just about a 100, a 150 years ago we started asking ourselves other things about societies and how it should be is it right for children to start working at the age of 7, 8, 9, 10 ? Or to work in mines at the age of 10 or 12 ? And we were able to answer that it is not right. Not because we became better people but because technology allowed us to produce the raw materials the energy needs, the buildings, the food that did not require child labor and today we are in a globally connected incredibly complex and ambitious society and we should ask ourselves the same questions the assumptions that we followed when we were born and we were told how society works are these assumptions still correct or should we have the ambition and the courage of starting a conversation around, what are the dogmatic acciums that can be eliminated from our social contract as clearly as slavery has been eliminated finally a few hundred years ago one of the things that we are more and more clear about is that a lot of ways in which society works is unsustainable and it's once again not that sustainability was not in the air as a concept as an ambition a few decades ago is that we could pretend that unsustainable practices could go on forever we now realize that unsustainability is unsustainable because we are hitting a brick wall and we are lazy, I am lazy, I know I don't know about you, but I am lazy I only do things when they are necessary we don't have further continents to desploy we went to America, we went to Australia, we went to every possible continent and we run out, maybe Mars, we'll see what we can do in Mars but for the moment, this is what we have and the fact that we are caring about what we have is a consequence of having to create our limits now what is important also in our message is that this is an extremely rational approach we can not afford to retract into mystical or metaphysical considerations really the only difference between the dinosaurs and us is that they didn't have telescopes we have to use our tools of reason, we have to use the tools of science of theory experimentation, application in a cycle of virtuous evolution because technology is not a zero sum game our 10 thousands years history of technological civilization proved it we went from being a few million apes in the Savannah to being over 7 billion people who are changing the planet and we are exploring how our adaptations continually can give more opportunities to build resilient societies Of course, meeting with really the constrains and the cages of old time thinking that we have to overcome we have to break out of those cages so given this premise, that on one hand the social evolution is a function of the technological availability and the fact that after the technological availability is there social evolution is unstoppable the network society concept is based on observing what kind of technologies are becoming available today and how they compare with those that govern our enterprises, our cities, our countries for the past few hundred years where centralized and hierarchichal organizations could do a lot the fact that we built entire countries of not only tens but hundreds of millions of people a few of our countries are actually more than a billion people now and the function is incredible it is a huge achievement but we can ask ourselves and we have to ask ourselves is there a better way ? And we think there is and it is the way of organizing decentralized and distributed organizations rather than centralizing hierarchichal ones so to summarize this is the theses: widespread ed economic change can only happen when technological foundations make it sustainable but we are looking at the emerging of various technologies that are all unified, by having a distributed and centralized nature and these are better, they are going to produce more resilient, more flexible, more thriving organizations with the enterprises cities, states or the lives of single families or individuals and other topics of the organizations and as a consequence there will be huge disruptions and there will be an increasing tension between the existent incumbent types of organizations and the new ones and as we go through these radical changes the final stage of this transformation is what we call a network society so, very concretely and rapidly, I want to go through the eight pillars that we have identified for the network society what are the examples of these transformations that the technologies I am talking about and there could be others of course but we concentrate on these and in the back of the room, on those tables you can see these examples that I am going to mention right there and this is important in energy we have solar photovoltaic that allows anybody to take a decision whether they want to use it, and once they do it is not a question of the billion dollar investman over 20 to 30 year old the investment of the impacting the environment of the lives of tens or hundreds or thousands of people but every individual can grow and make the decision, or corporation on their own and then connect in new types of energy supply 3D printing, in manufacturing hydroponics, vertical gardens even 3D printing of meat in food personalized health through censors and mobile phones that have really catalyzed personalized medicine that puts responsibility on the individual of keeping him or herself healthy the ability to learn anything and even better to start teaching anything meeting with peers who will appreciate that specific level of understanding and join the opportunity to go and forge finance which is itself a fundamental technology that we love to blame for various crises whether the last one or the previous one and we love to pinpoint and identify as escape goals banking system at a financial system but if it was not for the evolution of finance we would not have the kind of worldwide global trade that is so important for what we need to do and um the latest evolution of finance represented here symbolically by Bitcoin but more fundamentally enabled by the invention of the block chain which we will hear about it later today are giving us the glimpse of incredible changes that are going to happen in this area as well trust networks are being built that are enabling people to build societies that are inclusive and anticipating for the individual are much better than the violence based oppressive methodology and we thought that it is the only one available and of course, one of the biggest challenges of governors and policy how do we identify, debate, implement measure and update the rules that we work with ? With our locally or globally each of these can be targeted as a fact and it loves to do that but if we look at these trans together we can very easily recognize that they constitute a widen deep wave of unstoppable change and if this is true, then the question is easy either you can try to ignore it and be swept aside by the wave or will try to understand what is going on and maximize your chances of correctly aligning your strategies in order to be able to apply tool boxes of smart solutions and tactics better for your individual lives, your corporation enterprises or your nation and the opportunity is huge there are billions of people who are now with a smart phone can be part of this global conversation we can really give opportunity to uncounted brains to join a challenge of finding solutions to our really big problems through getting their hands dirty with applications that have no barrier and spreading their knowledge to create dignity for those who are labeled and identified as unimportant members that can be discarded from society but building communities that can't find new roots and that can give hope and then give aspirations to people who can and otherwise should be desperate and still want to find a purpose in their lives we have to realize that there are things that will never change we are in the 31st floor and if someone decided to drop an object from here it could fall all the time even if we did it a billion times but there are other things that are not like that they are not a natural law and we have to have the courage of understanding that what we are doing is a result and we can do better and the fact that this is already happening is demonstrated by how it resists change how they apply things like consumer laws to slow down the type of change to hide their state of panic really and how as an immune system ready to tell you: well you want a nut ? I'd rather kill you than let you have the nut there are now things like the island of Hawaii prohibiting the insulation of solar photovoltaics because their laws require these to be interconnected the state utility electric company can not take anymore power generated by solar penals solution: no more solar penals or like the food and drug administration that is ready to say like the Vatican and declare war on knowledge because just like Martin Luther translated the Bible so that anybody can access it into German but it was necessary to have priesthood to interprate it for you and a big war wrapped it as a consequence now we are in the middle of a war for knowledge we believe that knowledge should be available to the individual that we do not need an intermediary to read the sacred test of our DNA or like the New York state federal regulator decided that implemented so called bit license that imposes higher compliance costs for a Bitcoin's products that are not a bank and as a consequence bitcoin's products are leaving the state of New York in loads, not only that, they are saying welcome, please log in by the way if you are from the state of New York I can not even deal with you and these are very interesting consequences because the future is only what we want to build so these are examples of organizations that are not ready to be part of the future we want to build we have to tell them not to panic exactly because of the unstoppability of this and if they realize that if they understand that if it is clear to them as it is clear to us that these can be acted upon so rapidly there is really no difference between having an idea today and testing it out, whether it is truth smart phone development or rapid prototyping and google X the development of the first prototype of google glass a very innovative product that matches with high level of resistance and marketed option that is now being spun off in different areas of applications for an emercive augmented reality that could be worn everyday to 1 day and a half from concept to first working prototype that is the power of our imagination and the technology today and we can spread this knowledge to acquire increasing degrees of freedom increasing amount of choice and to achieve really unbounding opportunities for everybody together so the question is only will you and all the people around you want to be part in this future together ? Thank you.

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The Fundamental Thesis Of The Network Society - David Orban (720p_30fps_H264-192kbit_AAC)

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