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... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Many of them immediately recieved rehabilitation in 1956 and most of them left and those who were rehabilitated would also received a right to leave. And they went to any places they wanted to. There people who would just leave immediately but there were also who didn't want to leave, those who got used to it or had already families, or they had a job they liked, because many of them would work as drivers and worked on that road. The salary there was quite high at that time. Some would work in the mines, some would become geologists, at that time the resourse development was fully on. There were many companies then, like Nezhdaninskoe Zoloto, and others. That's why people decided for themselves to stay or leave, and those who remained they remained willingly. Those who didn't want to stay they left... There were people with no right to move out? Well, with no right to mover out... there were not many of them and they lived in Djibariki Khaya and Topolinoe, and not in Khandyga. In Khadyga all the people were free. And when Khanduga was open many new people came in and even those who were released from the camps they would try to get their relative to come to live in Khandyga. I told you about... for example... in Khandyga there was a family, the Dubasovs, and Tatiana Dubasova she studied in our school and then after graduatiing she worked as a teacher of Chemistry and Biology in our school and she once mentioned that they came there with their parents on the invitation of someone who we call, was Kirov's personal driver and he invited all her family to live there and they came and her farther started working as a driver and her mother was a tailoress. So, they started living in Khandyga. When they got retired they left and now they live in Ukrain. In Kremenchuk or something like that. I think they live there now. So, many people left, those who wanted to leave, and they left later. It was in the 70s, 80s, especially during Perestroyka. Many of the left then. Their relatives that remained there would also leave later. Some still live there. Population of Khandyga has changed since. There are more native population. Before there were people from other regions of Russia and there were many people from Moscow, during Dalstroy period. Those road constructors were mainly from Moscow. The managers and even Karpov used to live in Moscow. He wrote his letters from Moscow when Kandyga was growing. He wrote that letter in 1966 from Moscow. So, that's why if we speake about employees, they were from the Centre. If we take criminals or those who were sent to the camps well, they were of different background. There were Russians and foreigners and there were representatives from different Soviet Republics and others. So, population was quite divers. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Nowadays the village got smaller. There were times when a lot of people lived in Khandyga. More than 1000 students studied in the schools of Khandyga. Especially in the 60s, 70s, and 80s Khandyga was overpopulated. Then during Perestroyka a lot of people left and the population has changed. Now there are mainly people come from smaller villagers to live in Khandyga rather than from other regions of the country. So, mainly people from smaller villagers move to Khandyga. Now there are more Yakut people and Even people there. Before there were people from other regions and countries. There were Ukrainians, Belorussians, Russians, Jews. As I told you there were other nationalities like Germans, Polish, Latvians, Lithuanians, Estonians and others. So, the population has changed. Many geologists left. Particularly during the 90s when the geological institutions started collapsing, and there were no developing works any more. Before all that was funded really well and there were big geological works then. That's why there were many geologists here and there were many people in Khandyga and they used to comprise the part of population that was called intelligentzia. They were well educated and they also would aquaint their children with sciences and studies. That's why the children were after education. There were many of those who finished school with honors like golden medal. So what does it say? It says that that a lot depends on parents and their level of eductaion including the level of a place where they live. If we speak about Khandyga now then of course there are not that many educated people there. But at that time yes, there were many and even people with academic degrees, especially geologists. Khandyga used to be a centre of geology and a centre of road constructors. That's why there were road geologists. engineers and geologic engineers. Among them there were people with academic degrees. They were highly educated. They had degrees from Universities in Moscow, Kiev and others. And of course they had a great impact. For exmaple when I was growing up and studying at school, my classmates were very talented and they were after education. They were quite ambitious.

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