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Muttu Kumar - Hampi, India - Kannada (Global Lives Project, 2009) ~06:29:06 - 06:44:10

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This looks a bit scary. When you see from down. This part is more dangerous, looks like it. This is a small canal. This canal supplies to the banana plantation and all... the sugarcane. All these things. There is a way to come for this hill -- three paths. One is this way. One in front of the mountain. One behind the hill. So totally three ways to come and this is for old people the easiest way, big stairs, very comfortable this is the way to come. Uhh.. people..younger people they come through this way. And some people, they don't know the stairs.. They don't take anyone's help. So it's a little difficult. In the olden days if they want to make temples or anything if they want to break stone they make these kind of holes from the holes.. olden days... not like fire bomb or like this.. they just make the holes they put salt, very very cold water. These are... these stone are White Granite are going to be... crack.. like... immediately... so when it crack Satya- Immediately? Mutthu-Yeah. When olden days.But now not. Now they make holes, they put bomb and they fire it and they make blast. Old is different, at 15th century you know. So there was many stones here. Sathya- Big rocks? Mutthu- Big rocks and they break the stones and they built in the temple. This is the hill that was Shiva's made meditation place. This one. So that's why they've called Matunga Hill here. This one built at 14th century. This temple. That one. And here, see that tower is there on top of the hill... That is royal part no, that is the place the Queen also resting place From that watch tower one of the soldiers, he look after the Royal part. And sacred part also, it both side. And one stone next to the tower. When you see left side. Little little left side looks similar to Sri Lankan map the natural stone. Just here in front of us. Not that tower when you come back between these two... the mountain, the middle one. Single one.Can you see bit of dark? Sathya- Oh yes... It's bit bit dark. Mutthu- One single, little similar. When you were from down there its looks exactly Sri Lankan map. Because we are at the top it looks different. Sathya- So that is? Muthu-Any information? Sathya- Which one this one? Muthu- This is also temple called Krishna Temple. I told you already three markets, this is the fourth market. Front of this temple there is a market, Weekly once -- it is called 'Krishna Bazaar' now -- weekly once they sell vegetables in the market. And the market left side there is also, tank is there one more tank is there. When you come through. You can see from the building behind. That's the tank there. This is coloumns you can see.. this is the market as well. This 565 meters far. This market. From there to here until end here. The archeologists, they are now still rebuilding, they are making excavations. They are getting the old route. After the war it's been covered by mud and everything. There, you can see in front of the temple, like box-box? They're making excavations, they're finding the old road. Many. In front of this temple also, it's same, what they're making... So where is the way? That's the way That temple, to go to, the way.. we have to go from the temple, the market, at the top we have to go by the gate, first gate. When we come top, to the main, where you can turn both sides -- one on the right side, one on the left. When we turn on the left side that's the temple 'Krishna Temple'. Russian people. They don't speak English. So if you'd like to take some pictures. But the sun needs to come. I think there'll be a beautiful sunrise today. This bird...I don't know Looks nice. But in the beginning, this bird's white in colour. Now it's old, it's getting darker. No. He's gone to the river because he can eat the fish. When he stays outside in the plantations he can't eat much... It's a baby monkey. I think...4 days ago... 4 days? Yeah, it was born 4 days ago. Very cute. But you can't touch it. If you touch, it will bite you. Covering it's children. It's gone back, scared. One by one. Today many people came. This is first.. Before Vijayanagar empire, this is first Kishkinda. See the hill there? The monkey was born there. So that's why they call it Kishkinda. There is a cave, Vali and Sugriva, they fought also. Hampi also is all part of Ramayana. So when we go to Hazari Rama Temple There is an old bridge also. In the olden days they used to go across on it. But they made a second bridge, new bridge last.. I think..1 month ago. You know the London bridge? It's exactly like what they were making - the same. But in the middle there is no pillar balanced. They stopped after...12 years after, they stopped. Because of the UNESCO government. Because Hampi is an old heritage place. And part of these temples, monuments belong to UNESCO government. So that' why they've been stopped. Because the Indian government, they didn't ask, and they built it. And were stopped in the middle. And they got permission from the UNESCO government to start building. The bridge fell down and a lot of people died also. I think in the end of the trip, today, you're going to see. Monkeys fighting. One monkey wants all the food for himself. Fighting, eh? Stealing banana from the bag. But these people, they come on package tours. They rent taxi, from company. Just for 3-4 hours, that's it. They just show the main temples. After sunrise they go to the big temple, Ganesh, Narasimha, The Ruins, Elephant Stables They go back to Vittala, then to Hospet, hotel, then go back. 3 on good. C'mon, Sun! Where are you? What's the time? Now it' see... 6:45 But it still didn't come. Clouds, maybe. Yeah. Clouds, I think. I can hold it. Monkey will steal it. They're just playing. Yeah but they'll play and they won't give us back. They'll throw it down and how can we find it then? When it's good light after the sunrise, these rocks will look amazing. The colour will change once the sun comes up. Here, Satya. Oh, beautiful sunrise!

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Posted by: globallivesindia on May 29, 2009

Muttu continues to narrate various facts about Hampi, the people, the village etc.
Satya gets ready to take some shots of the sunrise.

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