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DIY Balloon Rocket Car

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Balloon rocket car You´ll need a scrap of cardboard A paper plate, some scissors, five straws some tape, two barbeque skewers, a balloon and a marker First, take your paper plate and fold it like this Making sure that the distance from here to here is shorter than one straw Then tape it here... and here Next, you´ll need your scrap of cardboard You want to pop your tape out of it dispenser and use it as a form to trace your four wheels this will get them nice and round using your scissors, cut them out Be careful and accurate, you want your wheels to run smooth now, mark the dead center on each wheel this part is important again just right because your wheels will wobble if the center is off take your barbeque skewers these are going to be your axles you can use the sharp end to puncture the center of your wheels using a scrap of cardboard underneath poke it through once it´s through just a bit and with the skewer pointed up away from your eyes and hands press it through carefully now do the same for the other three wheels now to build your first axle push the barbeque skewer through one of the wheels, then feed the straw over your skewer this´ll be your hub then feed the blunt end of the skewer through your second wheel now your first axle is complete do the same again and now you get two axles and four wheels To attach them, Flip over your paper plate one will go near the front, one near the back space them however you like make sure the hub of your axle is balanced and even you dont want this crooky when it´s all even tape it down here and here tape some more on the front axle reinforce that maybe reinforce the back too it can´t be too sturdy Adjust your wheels, get them straight. All right, this is a nice car Now, for your tail pipe Take your three straws and with the three straws cut out the bendy parts and put them together like this then tape around the end as tight as you can tape the other end the same way now, to assemble your propulsion system cut the end of your balloon and feed your tail pipe inside it and insert it deep fold the balloon and tight around the tail pipe and tape it super-tight keep taping to make and air-tape connection now, look right here air from the baloon can leak out of this little gap between the straws and the tape you´ll need to tape down into that crack Press it in with your thumb nail and do the same working it around to the two other cracks pressing the tape down tightly to close that air gap your balloon rocket car won´t go fast unless these parts are air-tight test it by blowing it up if you hear air leaking, keep taping now, insert your propulsion system into your car body and tape down the tail pipe here Awesome ! You´re done! To race it, just blow it up, pinch off the tail pipe Set it down on an open runway and let go -onomatopoeic sound of fast car running- If it is not riding straight, adjust the axles.

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Posted by: angelicasaenz on May 29, 2013

This is a tuorial on how tomake a toy car that moves forwards propelled by the air in the balloon.

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