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Now we do the telling the story is the time, when abandoned people, those strong in body, had no spiritual nourishment, they were slaves, they had nothing, they worked and came home, and had there whatever it was, and that was the way they lived their lives, they had no thought, no motivation, no... anything as we do today, and they had what we call a slave mentality, and that's why this night is considered a miracle, it's because the Creator himself actually had to draw the energy for the people to remove them, to remove them, from their slavery, you know that because only after, they were listen that the bonds were untied, where they starting to become a nation, but before that, think about it, and think about the story for a moment, because there are many of us that... go to the work and come home and do the same things... go to work and come home, and somehow don't even touch the roots of why they were put here in the first place, the ideia of the story and the idea of the reading the magid as they say... listen to the entire story is simply to awaken within ourselves, that life is not created to live, reproduce and die... that it's created to draw light and bring back, and to bring that light eventually back home to the Creator, that the Creator has made a world to us to live in, so that we should make a home so the Creator should to be able to live with us and that's the whole idea and the whole seed, why we read the story of Pessach every year, all the time... it's to remind us... ...that if we were slaves then, we should not be slaves today, and oftentimes, by the repetition of what we do with our life, we sometimes find ourselves in that same treadmill, doing day by day, step by step, the thing that which we had became costumed to, in our spiritual awakening we learn, that everything that we do was important, but the most important thing is that, we can look inch by inch to see how I drawn, and how I feel more satisfied and fullfiled with myself, and all that I do. Magid.

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