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Law Abiding Citizen

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[doorbell] (woman) Honey! (man) Yeah? (woman) Can you get that? [doorbell rings twice quickly] Go wash up for dinner, pumpkinhead. We gotta get outta here. What are you doing? Come on. (man) The Shelton case - where are we? (2nd man) Let's make the deal. They killed a little girl, Nick. Some justice is better than no justice at all. You need to tell the husband. I don't understand. (district attorney) With Darby's testimony, Ames will go to death row. What? The jury's going to believe me. The deal is done - I'm sorry. This is just how the justice system works. (female reporter) What was supposed to be a painless execution has turned into something out of a horror film. The machine was corrupted Who could have done this? (Clyde) I killed your friend Ames in prison, but I wanted to keep you all for myself. Your heart is just beating so fast. Me too. (Nick) Did you murder Clarence Darby? He killed my wife and child. (Nick) I guess we're done here. Counselor! You might want to cancel your 12:30 lunch with Judge Roberts. [cell phone rings] Hello? [explosion] (Nick) You, and whoever else you have helping you, are going to pay. Now, your the one who always deals with murders. So I've come to make mine. Release me. Or what? Or I kill everyone. (woman) We have him locked up and he's still killing people? I found a couple of contract payments from the department of defense. (man #1) Tell us what we're dealing with. A spy? (man #2) Spies are a dime a dozen... Clyde is a brain, and he was the best. If Clyde wants you dead, you're dead. (woman) We'vegot to lock this city down. Put an armed cop on every corner. (man) He's in jail, because he wants to be in jail. (Clyde) I'm going to bring the whole system down on your head. (Clyde, whispering) It's gonna be biblical. (distric attorney) You will end this. I'm just getting warmed up. [captions by]

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Posted by: ccwebguy on Feb 18, 2010

Law Abiding Citizen - Captioned Trailer

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