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Jacque Fresco | The Venus Project | 2009 London Lecture 5/6

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Not to be polite, and to question the hell out of everything I say. And if there's things you don't understand, you have to let me know. Now, how many of you know there are metals today with a memory? It's called "shape memory alloys". How many of you saw it in our films? Ok. There are metals today with a memory. (?) to me "Who invented it?" Some swedish guy, a metallurgist, was mixing different metals together. And he mixed nickel and titanium together and he bent it, and left it on a table near a heat lamp and it straightened out again. And he's (scratches his head). He didn't sit down and invent it. He discovered it. Nobody ever invented anything. They tell you in school that somebody invented the wheel, and that was the beginning of the technical age. A tree fell over another tree and people pulled it and it rolled. Nobody ever sat down and invented the wheel. When that log, when that log rolled, if there was one stone in the way it stopped the log from turning. So they shaved the bark off, just took a long knife in the middle... so that the mid section was thinner and the wheels were on the outer section. So nobody sat down and invented the wheel or invented anything for that matter. Now, I said...they invited me to speak at Princeton university, and the name of the subject "Man can't think or reason". That made everybody angry in the university, 'cos they all knew that man could think and reason. So a guy from the optics department said; "I don't agree with you!" Before I even said a word. I said; "Well, what is it that you don't agree with?" He said; "Man can think and reason." I says; "Give me one example". He says; "Well there was not a camara at one time and somebody had to think about it." Now in China a thousand years ago, they...if you were in a dark building, there was a little hole in it, you saw people walking upside down on the wall. If you've been in a barn which is very dark, and there's a knot hole in it, you'll see cows walking on the wall upside down. If the sun's out and the barn is dark. That's where the pinhole camara came from. Nobody sat down and says "Gotta make a camara, click". See? "And what about the negatives? Somebody had to make a negative." The american indians used to take berry juice and squeeze it on mats they made for the floor of the wigwam. They'd squeeze blueberry juice, cherries, and so they'd get patterns. But if a leaf fell on the berry juice, you picked it off, there was a print of the leaf. That's where the print came from. And people walking barefoot in sand suggested the mold. You understand, when you make a mold and you put something in it? Nobody can sit down and invent anything. The first guy that tried to fly died, probably the first hundred guys that tried to fly died. So if you do medical research and you work for three years on cancer and he finds out what doesn't work. I read his book and two years later I come up with a little bit of an approach to cancer, I get a Nobel prize, he gets nothing. There's thousands of people, just as sincere, that work on problems that don't come up with the answer. You should never give a Nobel prize to one person. All these people are hard working trying to find the answers. So when you start giving out medals or jobs in a beauty contest, a girl gets an award. Did she make her face, out of soft material, mold it into extreme beauty? Then you give her some kind of medal. But if she's born that way, what the hell's that about? So the world you live in is as funny shaped as a Christmas turkey And you're not about to talk to people and turn them around, you have to demonstrate it. The shape memory metals that I was talking about, is made of nickel and titanium. It's a wire. And if you took that wire and bent it in form so it spelled out Jesus Christ, put it on a table, put a hot lamp over it, straighten it out, put it on a table and go like that, and it'll go back to Jesus Christ. You can build a following, with shape memory alloys if you want to. Now most people don't know where the earth came from, they don't know where life came from. And so they invented a god who made a man and a woman, then he kicked 'em out of that beautiful garden. How did he do that? Snakes used to walk upright, and the snake said; "Eat of the fruit of knowledge". Who made the snake? God. But he loves you. Notice that. And then he says "Screw around with your best friends wife." That's what a tempter was. So the snake was being so bad, that God got angry at what he created. And said; "From now on, you have to crawl on your belly." Huh. So there, that's another thing they have about horses. The reason a horse sleeps standing up is 'cos some holy man once asked this horse to take him across the river. And the horse said "No". "You'll have to sleep standing up." So, here you have all the stupidity. Galileo found sea shells on the mountain top. He took it to the catholic church. And he said; "maybe the mountain was once under the water and was pushed up." And the church said; "no, the Devil put that stuff there to confuse you." Now, anybody that believes in God, you must think... that the kind of god man make's more like themselves. The guy that gets angry, creates floods, disease. That isn't God. And if you don't follow the bible according to Gods' teachings, or your religion, you'll burn eternally. That sounds more like a psychopath, not God. So, if you belive in...I asked Einstein once; "Do you believe in God?" He said; "Which one?" I said; "Well the...he knew that the jewish god says; "If a man takes your sons eye out, you take his sons eye out." An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. The christian god says; "When a man strikes you, turn the other cheek." That's what he means by which one. All these gods are jerks that man makes, they're more like themselves. They get angry, create floods, disease, all kinds of things. And you say; "Why did the bubonic plague kill half of the earths population?" And the church would say; "We shall suffer for the sins of our parents." Scientists, when the bubonic plague began to wipe out people, they said; "We don't know why that happens." That's very good. "I don't know." So they found that fleas that live on rats infected people with the plague. And they began to kill the rat population and wiped out the plague. So, I don't say science is perfect, but it's closer to our problems than any other system. So when man makes laws, it means they don't know how to solve problems. All man made laws are B.S, bad science. All man made laws don't deal with problems, They make a law. What you really need is a...says... Drive safely on the highway, slippery when wet. So you put abrasive in the highway so it's not slippery when wet, and take away that sign. It also says, drive carefully, school children crossing. I'm sure you've seen that. We design a highway that looks like one comb intersecting another comb. And when a kid presses a button, the highway turns up like that, so no car can hit a kid. Do you understand that? That's what you really want. You don't want the sign out there. These dummies that are politicians are not technical. Now, you're gonna have to take my word for it, 'cos most of you don't look old enough; When I was a kid, trolley cars had a platform along the side. And if people were late for work, they got on that platform. And they were hit by cars. So the conductor said; "Get in the car or off the platform." He had a small rubber tube, not very hard to hurt you, but "Get in the car or get off the platform." So, people are late for work, they still remaind on the platform. A lot of people were killed in 10 years. Finally they took that problem to an engineering firm, and the engineers said, "What do you want?" "We don't want people on the platform." So they retracted the platform. When you got in the car, it turned up. That was the end of the problem. People really don't know what to do, so they put up a sign; Thou shalt not steal, don't steal, don't be dishonest. That doesn't change people. You can go to Sing Sing prison, you'll see guys with a cross around their neck. And I remember during world war 2, how the minister of my church at that time, he blessed the war tanks, and he blessed the soldiers. He was catholic. And in Italy, they were blessing the war tanks there. Same priest. Same religion. Religious people are...

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Jacque Fresco | The Venus Project | 2009 London Lecture 5/6

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