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Inner Growth in a Hectic Life - DD Interview Part 4/10

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You earlier spoke, Sadhguru, of "Reality" and you also talked in a lot of your discourses about perception. Which is more important? Reality or Perception? Even if reality is, if you don't perceive it, it's not real for you. So, in your experience, in human experience, perception is of utmost importance because reality is not your making. It's already there. Perception is your making. Whether you allow it or not. When I say perception, I am not...generally, today, socially the word "Perception" is used in terms of opinion. I am not talking about opinion. The way you perceive life You must perceive life the way it is, not the way you want it. So, today because...once human beings get identified either with their nationality, with their race, with their religion, with their caste and creed, and whatever else, with their gender, and everything else. Their perception is distorted, because everything that you perceive in your mind is processed according to your identities, as it's suitable for your identity. Once you are identified with something, it's a prejudiced mind. It cannot perceive anything properly. That perception is good enough for survival process, not for "knowing", as such. So, if you want to perceive reality, just the way it is, the most significant aspect is, and the most fundamental aspect is, that you must be able to keep all the identifications that you have taken on in your life, aside.To rest them at least. That you are able to look at life just the way it is, not the way you think it should be. So, if somebody wants to start on this process of, you know, putting aside the identities he or she has put on over a period of time, from birth to whatever. Where does one start? See, any amount of teaching can only take you that far. Because you are only conscious of a few things. A large part of the human being is unconscious, actually. Most people wouldn't want to admit this. Most people are unaware of it. They are even unconscious that they are unconscious. That's real unconsciousness. Yes. So, to make one conscious of these things, we need a method, we need a process because the basic form of identities have entered us. The two ways in which we take on identity is through our mind, and through our body. Through our body, we get gender identified. Then, we get race identified, nation identified. Caste, creed, everything will come on that. Through our mind also, similarly we go according to our class, caste, creed, education, economy. All these things are in the mind on many different levels. These are only two things. So, essentially a hardcore spiritual process is only towards this. Whatever we teach, whatever methods we teach, is essentially this. If you sit here, what you call as "Myself" is here. Your body is here. Your mind is somewhere else. What you call as myself is aside. So, once you have a distance between you and your body, between you and your mind, because both these things are things that you gathered over a period of time. Your body is an accumulation. Your mind is an accumulation. So, what you are not, if you are able to keep it aside, if you create a little distance. All your identities will just evaporate. Once you are in such a context within yourself, then you don't bother about it. Your perception will be crystal clear. Ok It is your own body, your own mind, which is blocking your perception. Without these two tools, without these two aspects of body and mind you cannot survive. They are survival tools. But to employ them as survival tools and keep them aside. That freedom, that level of awareness is something that we have failed to cultivate in the society. And you also believe that, a normal person who is leading a busy life can build this into his or her life, and then evolve further. See, when you say a normal person what you are saying is that I am abnormal. Average person...ok I could say "Average", then you could say you are "Above Average", yes. No. The important thing is no human being thinks he is average person. Every human being thinks he is the most important person in the planet. Maybe not with reference to somebody else. But within his experience, he is. Isn't it? So, I won't want to treat anybody as an average person. Every human being is a unique human being in his own way. And, is it possible for him to integrate spiritual processes if he is going to office 9 to 5, and if he is doing this kind of business, if he is in politics, in this, very much possible. Because, spiritual process in an inward movement. What you do in the world is just a question of what's available to you. See, if you were here 100 years ago, you wouldn't be here anchoring a TV Show True For sure, you will be doing something else, not this, because there was no television 100 years ago. That doesn't mean that you are a different person You are still the same person. Today, because the opportunity is this way, you are doing this. If it was another way, you would be doing another way. So, what happens in the outside is subject to external realities. Spiritual process is about the inner reality. And today, the kind of spiritual process you do, you could have done it 100 years ago, you can do it 1000 years later. Because, who you are as a being, as a life, that has not changed. Only our social realities, how we relate to it, how we act upon it, only that is changing. So, the spiritual process itself is always relevant, irrespective of where you are, what you are doing, because this is an inward process. It has got nothing to do whether you are in the Himalayan Cave or in New Delhi It makes no difference, because you are still the same person. Doesn't it, you know, not wanting to say it's cumulative, but over the years and over the centuries, doesn't it somewhere become that you take it to the next level, or do you always start from scratch? When we say "scratch", you can only start from where you are, You can't start from somewhere else. See, this is a serious. The question that you are asking is far more significant than the way you are asking it. You are asking it in terms of social realities Should we start from scratch, should I start from this or that. No. Beyond that. See, anybody can start a journey. If you are serious about making a journey, you can only start your journey from the seat in which you are sitting. If you try to start from there, you will only hallucinate, you will never make the journey. From this seat, what is the next step, and the next step, and the next step. This is the only way, you can go somewhere. But this is a serious problem with humanity. Everybody wants to start from where Krishna was, where Rama was, where Buddha was, or where somebody else was. But they don't want to start from where they are. So, it is not about scratch or high or low. You can start your journey only from your experiential dimension. Where you are right now, what's the next step, and the next step, and the next step. This is the only way anybody can go anywhere. You cannot start somewhere else.

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 16, 2010 Sadhguru was interviewed by Gouran Dhawan Lal on DD National TV just prior to receiving the Indira Gandhi Award. This is a 10 part interview, addressing various topics from Gurus and Spirituality to Population and War.

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