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Terry De Nicolò:

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Who was Gian Paolo Tarantini? A man... a very successful entrepreneur Everyone saw him as a myth, as one who had achieved success, who had managed to reach the apex. gosh, it is not by everybody. now all those who trample him, who condemn him, it is because they are actually envious. They have never been able to live and according to me they will never live even one day of how Tarantini has lived. Why? How was a day by Tarantini? A day as a lion. Instead others live 100 years as a sheep. That is the difference! Everything is moved by envy. Everything is moved by envy even towards Berlusconi because they are characters loved...loved and hated Would you go back to parties at Grazioli Palace? Of course, if he invited me, for sure. Why not? but even you go in street and ask to a woman if she would like go to Silvio she goes on foot even running Then if you are also a pretty woman and you want to sell yourself you have to be able to do it because even the beauty instead, most of all, as Sgarbi says, the beauty has a value if you are a dog and disgusting, you must stay at home because the beauty has a value that not everybody have and it's paid as the skill of a physician, of.. it's so! It's so! Then who don't understand that "uh, the role of woman come minimized" eh, ok, then stay at home but don't [CENSORED] According to Attorney's Office, these parties and these women served to convince Berlusconi to allow entrepreneurs enter into large contracts Finmeccanica and so on Then we can say woman is seen a bit as a bribe, if we want.. I say this definition of woman as bribe is wrong because it's...however since the world was the world ..I mean Tarantini didn't reinvent the wheel. This system has existed for many years Even since First Republic [until 1994] And if this thing damages the entrepreneur that doesn't use woman-bribe? well, pardon, he doesn't use woman-bribe, he will use backhanders. What means?! Namely, according to you, doesn't exist a honest entrepreneur? When you are honest, you cannot have a big business you remain a small one..according to me no? Unfortunately it's so. If you want to increase the numbers have to risk and you have to risk your ass It's the truth. It's the law of the market higher you want to go and more you have to walk on corpses It's so and it's right that it's so. but here it's not understood because there is a Catholic idea, there is a moral idea that makes me angry! the moralistic idea of left parties that everyone has to earn 2000€ a month that everyone has to have right No! No! No! Here the law is of who is stronger, of who is lion If you are sheep, stay home with 2000€ a month Instead if you want 20.000€ a month you have to field and you have to sell your mother. It's so, I'm sorry but I think so. the method of exchange, parties, women and then connection and contracts has it been used even by left side? Of course! At left side it's worse, because they are disgusting and don't pay. At right side... At least they are more trendy Left side is a pain in neck with the story that he pays He doesn't pay anything It's people that belt...from every place well, he give a reimbursement OK, but who am I?! Excuse me, I buy a dress like this.... What should I do? Should I go with a 100 € rag? Namely, where I go? At least a suit of Prada by 1000€/1200€ Uh, wait that many women had vests by 2000, 5000€ some, emeralds you go there, in front of the emperor what do you do? do you go there wearing a Dodo's string? You go wearing important stuff he appreciates because he is a aesthete What do you do? If you go to Frisullo's, take Chinese necklace.

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Posted by: sgurx on Sep 20, 2011

Interview to Terry De Nicolò, a prostitute involved in a corruption trial.

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