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The Losers (2010)

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(passenger) I sure hope he doesn't see us in this bright yellow banana. (driver) Are you saying you're embarrassed to be seen in an American classic? (driver) Go wide. (passenger) Targeting his watch now. (driver, narrating) CIA? NSA? Special Forces?.... Hit it! [electronic beep] [laughing] (narrator)...we're not them. We're the Losers. Ladies... (narrator) But event the government's best... We're in. >>And the crowd goes wild. (police) Freeze! (unknown voice) Alright, we have a situation here. (narrator)...get betrayed. This is Max. Change of plans - the Losers know too much. Kill them. Good times [laughs] (narrator) We're not soldiers anymore...we're fugitives. Want your life back? You're going to have to steal it. Who are you? (woman) I have a business proposition for you, Clare. I can help you find Max. (Clare) What's the catch, lady? It's pretty much a suicide mission. That's not, like, foreboding at all. Welcome back to the land of the living. >> You know that if we do this, we are waging a war against the Central Intelligence Agency. >> They started it. That's a bad-ass chick. She's volatile. Oh my god! I'm the black MacGyver. Blagyver. [elevator music] I need an exit! Open fire - do it now! (woman) Are you sure you've done this before? Okay, right now - not the time. Momma didn't raise no foo'. Pow.....Boom. Thank you. Outstanding! I'm sorry I hit you in the face. I'm sorry I threatened to cut your head off. Don't you two feel so much better? (both) No. [Captions by]

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Posted by: ccwebguy on Mar 30, 2010

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