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Sharing a toy leads to fun! (CC)

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Good Morning, everybody. [Good Morning, Pastor] How is everybody today? I've brought one of my toys this morning for us. And, who would like to look in The Purple Bag to see what wonderful toy Pastor brought for all of us to look at? Brendon? You wanna go for this? You're gonna love it. It's just like the coolest thing ever. It's just like the coolest thing ever. [Brendon takes The Purple Bag] [Brendon pulls out the toy.] Oh there, isn't that fun? That was just the greatest thing ever, wasn't it? Brendon, isn't that fun? There's nothin' else in there, Brendon. This is it. No, there's nothin in there. Wasn't that fun? This is the best toy ever. Right? Brendon, did you love it? [Brendon shaking The Purple Bag throws it down.] Why not? Didn't Pastor do it right? Well, it's probably for a littler kid. Sophia, you wanna try it? OH! That was fun, wasn't it? That's the best toy ever! Did you like it? Pastor could sit for hours just looking at it and doing that. You guys like it? Ariel? Ariel didn't like it? You wanna try? 'Cuz it's really fun. Jaydon, do you wanna try? Mommie can help you, if you can't figure it out. There you go. Go ahead. That's it. Go ahead. That's it. See, it's fun. See, it's fun. [Jaydon turning handle with his mother's help] It plays "Old McDonald"! He had a farm. [Big gasp] See! Jaydon loves it. It made him smile and everything. Jaydon, can I have it now? [Laughter] 'Cuz I know how to put it back. So one of the things that helps with this lovely little toy ... Go ahead, Sophia, your turn. We'll let you do the whole thing. Go ahead. Oh, you play McDonald fast. [Sophia turns handle] [All eyes are on Sophia] [All eyes are on Sophia] [Top of toy pops open] [Laughter] Cuz that's the fun part, isn't it? The fun part is when the cow pops out with a pig on it's back. [Children enjoy a laugh] You have to finish what you start. And you have to keep working because if we only did this part, it's like [Pastor starts singing, "Old McDonald"] and then stops ... nobody has any fun. Jaydon doesn't smile, Brendon thinks this is not the greatest toy ever, but if you go all the way through and keep going and keep going, for a long time it seems like, then all of a sudden, there is the cow and the pig! And everybody's happy! And sometimes, that's what being a Christian is all about. We have to keep going. We have to keep telling other people what Jesus did for us. Because that's where our joy is. That's where we get fun from telling people what Jesus did. And that's what's the big surprise for other people who'd maybe never heard about Jesus. It makes them happy. It brings them joy because then they know that Jesus died for their sins. That Jesus is their Lord and Savior. That when they die, they're going to go to heaven to be with Jesus. So we remind ourselves sometimes we have to just keep going, and we have to keep doing the work that the Lord has asked of us. Do you guys have any questions this morning? Yes, Sophia. [Inaudible] [Inaudible] Maybe later you can tell me when I can hear it and then we can talk about it later. Okay? After church maybe? All right. You guys can go back to your moms and dads and we'll join together in our Hymn-of-the-Day.

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Posted by: hischild on Apr 30, 2012

The children learn the value of perseverance when they find a toy in The Purple Bag. Contact Pastor Dave through

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