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Now if you're diagnosed with a thyroid problem, you're confronted with what kind of thyroid medication to take? The conventional way to treat thyroid medication is to use Levothyroxine Sodium Synthroid and Levothroid at that T4 on the slide. However, many people need more than just T4 to get their thyroid to work correctly. Dessicated thyroid is what I use in my practice on a lot of patients, and that's a natural porcine derived thyroid. It has T4, but it also has other thyroid hormone like T3, T2 and T1. It has Calcitonin, Selenium. It has a diuretic effect. And most importantly, for many patients who are nutritionally depleted, or have been suffering for a long time, they need the dessicated thyroid over the Levothyroxine Sodium products. Now, there's other thyroid hormone choices. The dessicated thyroid choices include Nature Thyroid and Westhroid. These are corn-free dessicated thyroid hormone from natural sources. There's compounded dessicated thyroid hormone where you don't have any fillers, and you can adjust the dosages very tightly. Compunded T3, there's many different choices out there for patients suffering from thyroid problems. And a doctor skilled in diagnosing and treating thryoid problems can help you navigate these pathways. When I start with thyroid treatment, I start low. For adults, I'll start at half a glean of dessicated thyroid hormone and titrate the dose depending on their symptoms and their lab tests, and seeing them back. For those who are elderly or heart disease history, I'll start smaller and go slower. But all the while, I monitor patient's basal temperatures, lab work, physical exams signs and symptoms. That's a holistic way to treat someone for a problem that can affect every single cell in the body. Now, I'd like to show you some pictures of some patients, and their response to thyroid treatment. First picture I'll show you is Carol. Carol was 30 years old here. She was a school teacher, working full time, was playing tennis five to seven days a week, working out, in good shape, feeling good, became pregnant And around three to four weeks of pregnancy, started to not feel well, and gained a lot of weight. By her fifth month of pregnancy, she was put on bed rest due to abnormal weight gain, and her blood pressure was going up. Carol gained 100 lbs during her pregnancy. And this picture was a picture of Carol six months after she delivered. At this point, Carol was unable to take care of her newborn baby. Her husband Todd was having to stay home and take care of the baby with her. She didn't feel good. She couldn't go back to work. She was tired all the time. Carol was eating a good diet. Carol was taking nutritional supplements. And when she came to me, I was struck by her appearance on how hypothyroid she looked. What I was looking at was, her eyes were almost swollen shut because she had so much fluid in her face, and she lost her hair on the front part of her forehead. Carol had normal thyroid blood test. She had a basal body temperature that was 2 degrees below normal, and Carol met every sign and symptom to make the diagnosis of low thyroid. She was tired. She was cold. She was constipated. Her hair was falling out. She had dry skin, and many other symptoms. I elected to give Carol a therapeutic trial of thyroid hormone. And here's a picture of Carol six months later. Now, you can certainly see she lost a weight in her face. And she... her hair became back to life. More importantly, she began to feel better, was able to take care of the baby, went back to playing tennis five to seven days a week, and was feeling her normal self. And these are... some... This is one response of a patient who had normal thyroid blood test. So, in Carol's case, clearly, the thyroid blood test did not pick up what was wrong with her. Wow! Those before and after photos of Carol are dramatic and shocking, aren't they? Carol gained so much weight, and had so many classic signs and symptoms of hypothyroid even though her lab tests showed her that her thyroid was normal. This is a great example of how those medical tests can be flat out wrong. Just imagine, how many people could lose weight if they just knew more about their thyroid. Your thyroid is such a crucial health issue today, truly an epidemic. That's why we want to get these materials into your hands right away, the full length DVD, Dr. Brownstein's book, Overcoming Thyroid Disorders. And another gift I'll be telling you about shortly, all can be yours at no charge. So, watch for that big orange button to get yours. Now, let's get back to Dr. Brownstein as he shares with you how your thyroid can contribute to common problems like brain fog, and fatigue. Plus, if you have children or grandchildren, you'll really want to see this. Here's another patient. His name is Aleck. This was Aleck before I saw him, and I asked mom to bring this picture of Aleck to me. And clearly from this picture, you can see that he's swollen under his eyes, and he's puffy here. And Aleck is about six months old in this picture. And this was Aleck when I first saw him in the office. And when I walked in to see Aleck in the office, I had a chart in one hand, and I had my hand on the doorknob. And as I opened the door and saw him there, I paused at the opening. I didn't introduce myself to the parents because I was struck by his appearance. And I blurted out, He's myxedemic. That was the first words that I said to the parents. And the mother said, "What does that mean?" And I said, "He's severely hypothyroid." And she said, "No, he's not." She's flipping through papers. And she gave me a thyroid blood test, and said, "We just had his thyroid levels checked. They were normal." What I was struck with was that Aleck was sitting in that wheelchair. His face was all puffy, and swollen under his eyes. And his tongue was big and swollen, and hanging out of his mouth to the side, and he was drooling. Aleck also had puffiness on his wrist. Well, when I checked Aleck out, he had very slow reflexes. He was constipated. He was cold. His skin was dry. Aleck was also having seizure disorders from being a cerebral palsy baby, and he was on 3-seizure medications at high doses. Aleck had normal thyroid blood test. He had low basal body temperatures. He had many signs and symptoms to meet the diagnosis of low thyroid, and I'd like to do give him a therapy to trial thyroid hormone. And here's a picture of Aleck's three months later. In three months later, you can see that he loses the swelling under his eyes, his tongue receded back into his mouth, his hair came to life, and these are the responses that I see in my patients on a daily basis. Another important factor that happened with Aleck was, that his seizures went down markably. He went from 3-seizure medications at high dose to 1-seizure medication at half dose. He went from having 20 to 30 seizures a week at full dose, to having one to three mild seizures a week at the small dose of medications. And this is a picture of Aleck before and after. This is a picture of Aleck now. So, again, here's another case of a patient with normal thyroid blood test who clearly could meet every clinical sign to make the diagnosis of hypothyroidism. These are more than just TSH patients. This is Dawson. I was taking care of Dowson's mom for thyroid problems, and she wrote me this email, and I'd like to read it to you. I thought you'd like to see Dawson's latest report card and comments. He used to be reserved, and did not want to interact socially. He's been on Armour Thyroid for six weeks now, and the teachers noticed that he has changed in personality and attentiveness. Maybe all the kids being diagnosed ADD and ADHD are really hypothyroid. I'm so thankful that you had help available to him. My mom commented on Easter that my kids were like two different children. I agree. Dawson could not sit at his chaired meal time. He was up and down, up and down, and drove us crazy. Now, he sits through the entire meal and eats. I've not heard that his stomach hurts which used to be every night since the first week he was on thyroid meds. I no longer worry about my babies. They're doing so well. Now, Dawson was doing fine and his thyroid hormone until I got another email from his mother saying, "All his symptoms were back." And in the email she said, "He didn't do well on a spelling test, and she knew he knew the words beforehand and she emailed the spelling test to me. And here's Dawson's spelling test. And you can see that... Well, he may have a doctor's handwriting, but it's all over the place He's got some alien drawings down here, and he's missed a bunch of the words. Well, the mother said that he was up and down, and up and down again. And his basal temperature had fallen again. And she didn't... She thought he'd reversed his symptoms. I asked her, "Is he in a growth spurt?" And the mother said, "Yes, his pants were short on him, and he was in the middle of a growth spurt." So, we upped his thyroid medication a little bit by a quart of a grain. The mother had asked the teacher 10 days later to repeat the spelling test because Dawson was doing much better, and all symptoms were better controlled. And here's what happens when you get the thyroid hormone correct. Spelling test, 10 days later, was out preparing with his mother for this, looked like this. And you can see his handwriting improved, there was no alien drawings. He got most of the words correct at that time. And this just shows the brain dysfunction that can occur when thyroid hormone is not normal. And for those of you suffering with thyroid function, I was to tell you that you're feeling brain fog, and fatigue, and you can't think clearly. But again, there is a cure for this, and it's getting the thyroid going correctly. This is the report card from Dawson's teacher saying how much better he was doing. So, why do blood tests miss it in many patients? Well, this is the chapter... These chapters I covered in my book, "Thyroid Hormone Resistance And Poor T4 Converters". And here's the pathway again. The thyroid gland releases T4. T4 should convert to T3. and T3 should get into the cells, and have the effects on the body. However, if there's a block between T3 and getting into the cells of the body, patients can have normal thyroid blood test, yet feel terrible. And that's why the blood test can miss it. And that's what I see in the vast majority of my patients. This has been reported literature since 1967. It can occur with adequate production of thyroid hormone. I say it's analogous to adult onset diabetes where many of these patients produce enough insulin or sometimes, too much insulin, yet they still have diabetes. In either case, the laboratory tests are inaccurate for thyroid problem just as the laboratory tests check for insulin levels are inaccurate for diagnosing diabetes. Again, this is the pathway that we want to emphasize and to normalize. When I'm to lecturing to physicians, I'm showing this pathway over and over in my lecture saying, "This is what you want to focus on." Or you can also have a T4 conversion block. So, in this pathway, you can see the thyroid produces enough T4, yet some, most, or all of of T4 is not converted into T3, and most importantly, patients don't feel well. They have symptoms of hypothyroidism. In this case, the TSH will be normal, yet they will have symptoms of hypothyroidism. This has been reported in the medical literature, and here's one study of lower T3 levels in the elderly associated with lowered attention, depression, increased mortality, and lowered ability to perform activities of daily living. Again, in this study, they had normal TSH levels. Now, thyroid hormone levels and cardiac tissue, and iodine deficiency were looked at. Iodine deficiency in rats resulted in a sub-clinical hypothyroid picture, a slightly elevated TSH, but normal T4 and T3. And despite normal T3 levels, cardiac tissue was found to be deficient in T3. T4 therapy, that's Synthroid and Levothroid was unable to correct the cardiac deficiency in the presence of iodine deficiency. What the authors are saying is, It's not just thyroid hormone that needs to be treated in hypothyroidism in many patients. You need to treat the underlying cause of this, which in many cases, is iodine deficiency. My book, "Iodine, Why You Need it, Why You Can't Live Without It", goes into this and much more detail. This problem about the block in the conversion of T4 to T3 is something Dr. Brownstein will tell you more about in the full length DVD. It's really important as you grow older since this issue can result in depression, inability to perform common activities of daily living, even an increased risk of death for those of us over 55. Also, you just saw how iodine deficiency can contribute to problem such as heart disease. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Speaking of iodine, Dr. Brownstein showed us his book, "Iodine, Why You Need It and Why You Can't Live Without It." The topic of iodine is such a critical piece of the thyroid puzzle. We're not going to give one free book, but two. We're going to throw in a copy of Dr. Brownstein's book, "Iodine, Why You Need It And Why You Can't Live Without It," free along with your free gifts including Dr. Brownstein's full length, uncut video documentary presentation on the Unknown Shocking Epidemic of Thyroid Disease, His best selling book "Overcoming Thyroid Disorders, plus a free three months trial to Dr. Brownstein's Natural Way To Health. These four gifts add up to a wapping value of $63.45. So don't be left out. Now, you're just about to see why soy is not a health food, and could even be hazardous to your thyroid. There's a lot more coming up. So, let's get back down to the studio, and rejoin Dr. Brownstein. So, when treating someone with hypothyroidism, it's important to take into account other things like iodine deficiency, and toxicity like nitrate toxicity, and to really use a holistic approach. That's the best way to improve a condition that can affect every single cell in the body. Now, there other things that can inhibit T4 to T3 conversion. Now, soy can cause many thyroid problems. And in regard to soy protein soy as the flavones, they reduce T4 absorption. They block the conversion of T4 to T3. And they can cause autoimmune thyroid disorders. Soy should be avoided by all infants. There should be no soy formula fed to boys or girls And in fact, unfermented soy should be avoided by all of us It's not true that soy is a health food. Soy is a dangerous food for the body. It causes thyroid problems. It causes autoimmune thyroid problems, and it causes mineral and vitamin deficiencies. I diagnose vitamin A deficiency in a vast majority of my patients. And vitamin A modulates thyroid gland metabolism, peripheral metabolism of thyroid hormone, and the production of THS by the pituitary. The sources of vitamin A are in liver, eggs, and dairy products. They are the most bio available source. Plant-based carotenoids provide a poor source of vitamin A. So, if you're just going to eat a vegetarian diet, they are not the great sources of vitamin A. Now, vitamin A deficiency is a leading cause of worldwide childhood blindness. It can cause severe and minor infections and thyroid disorders. hyperthyroidism, autoimmune thyroid disease, and possibly thyroid cancer. Worldwide, there are over 127 million pre-school children, 7.2 million pregnant women who are vitamin A deficient. Part of any holistic work option include vitamin A levels. Now, iodine deficiency can also cause a decreased T4 to T3 conversion. And I cover that more in my Iodine book. But anyone with a thyroid problem deserves her iodiine status fully evaluated. Dr. Brownstein will wrap up his presentation in just a few seconds. So don't go away. In just a short time, the big orange button will pop up and you can claim all your free gifts worth $63.45. Here is exactly what you'll get. Dr. Brownstein's full length, uncut video documentary on The Unknown Shocking Epidemic of Thyroid Disease, his best selling book, "Overcoming Thyroid Disorders," plus, a second book from Dr. Brownstein, "Iodine, Why You Need It and Why You Can't Live Without It." And to top it all off, a free three-month trial subscription to Dr. Brownstein's "Natural Way to Health." This is a hefty package of stuff. And I hope it doesn't hurt your mail carrier's back. So, just make sure you click that big orange button as soon as it comes up. Now, can we... Can we just... I'll tell you what. Donna, can we just go ahead and get that button up real quick for our viewers? We can? Really? Okay, great! In just a few seconds, we'll have that button up for you. And while we're waiting on that, here's a couple of more things to keep in mind. This professionally produced DVD presentation is suitable for sharing with your own doctor, if necessary, especially if you suspect you could have a thyroid issue. And especially if you've had a TSH test come back marked normal. It's been a fascinating presentation, hasn't it? I'm so glad that you could join us. Now, let's get back to Dr. Brownstein in the studio as he wraps it all up for you. Hang on, just a second. It's ready? It's there? All right, great! Folks, it's on. Go ahead, and click the big orange button that you see there, and get your free gifts right now. Your full length DVD, both of Dr. Brownstein's top notch books, "Overcoming Thyroid Disorders," and "Iodine, Why You Need It and Why You Can't Live Without It." Plus, your three-month trial subscription to Dr. Brownstein's "Natural Way to Health." Don't worry, you can come back right here, and finish watching Dr. Brownstein's presentation afterwards. So, I'd like to leave you with a quote from Linus Pauling. He said, "Never put your trust in anything but your own intellect. Always think for yourself." I hope I've left you with the ability to think for yourself, and to not be considered just a TSH test. Now, you are armed with the knowledge that you can go to your doctor, and help him make the right diagnosis for you, and the right treatment for you. Don't give up if you're not feeling well. There are treatments available for you. Thank you for listening. Thank you so much for joining us. That was really a jam-packed half hour, wasn't it? Please don't miss out on your opportunity to claim your own free full length DVD of this presentation containing about 20 minutes more of proven research, and additional practical tips to give you, and your loved ones a healthier thyroid and a happier life. And be sure to grab your two free books, "Overcoming Thyroid Disorders," and "Iodinie, Why You Need It and Why You Can't Live Without It." Plus, your free three months trial to Dr. Brownstein's natural Way to Health." Here's what you need to do. Click that big orange button below right now. And remember, we have 6 million Newsmax readers, and only 2,000 books and DVDs in stock. I'm sorry, but when they're gone, they're gone. Donna, how long is that button going to be up? All right. My producer is telling me they're not sure how long it will be up. So, folks don't wait until your gifts are gone. Thanks for watching. I'm Phil Georgeson for Newsmax Health, and we'll see you next time.

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