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La Violencia engendra más violencia ¿no?

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Violence creates more violence doesn´t it? This is what happens when there are citizens fighting peacefully for the rights in their supposed democratic country and with the full right to express themselves freely young persons adults seniors families they call us "indignants" but we are just sick of an injust world governed only by money and not by commun sense and we have said ENOUGH against corruption the speculation the two party system the cutting of public services the abuses of the banking the sequestration of democracy in the hands of financial powers and the permissiveness of the governments for expressing non-conformance through a civic way for being united for saying the truth for being right through being organised through wanting to sensitize through "being contagious" through having awakened through taking the squares through being insistent they manipulate the medias they say that we are violent that we are manipulated that we only make mess that we don´t know what we want that we are radicals that we are just a few that we are getting exhausted in order that we don´t make noise in order that no one hears us in order that we don´t awake in order that they come and ally and keep having the control for going on stealing going on lying going on speculating going on malversating going on oppressing going on drilling going on enslaving but this is only provocations we know they would go to worse their object is maintaining their power and they will do what is necessary infiltrated police men for provoking without identification number in order that we leave the flowers and use whatever it is as a weapon because they know that even the most obedient dog sick of being beaten won´t take long to bite its master and they will have the perfect excuse in order to say that it is dangerous and to be able to sacrifice it bad dog Attention!unleashed dogs but don´t worry we have the solution a strong hand extreme surveillance suppression of rights in order that it won´t happen again but they forget something they are not dealing with dogs we are human beings who don´t let themselves manipulate WE WON`T GO WE ARE NOT AFRAID

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Duration: 5 minutes and 12 seconds
Country: Spain
Language: Spanish (Spain)
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Posted by: domger on Aug 29, 2011

Music video about the grassroot movements in Spain this summer.

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