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Pajamas Vlog V1.0: Tidy your room

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Pajamas Vlog: Watch, Think, Respond. V1.0: How to change the World without dying trying Hi and welcome back to my Pajamas Vlog, this is the first series called "How to change the World without dying trying", this is the first chapter called "Tidying your room" and we are gonna try to define what does "changing the World" really means Now, I just want to remind you that this is just my perspective, what is really important is for you to think about it and then respond For some ideas of how to do this please refer to my introductory video afterwards Now, when you hear "changing the World", what comes up to your mind? Maybe you can recall some of the brands and companies that have changed the way we live... ...or maybe you think about religions and their fights and struggles, and the way they have created wars and stuff Definitively, I'm sure you're gonna think of people, people that have changed the world, or have made a difference Well, talking about this, I prefer to think about two little guys that I, I believe that represent this concept very well and these are Pinky and the Brain Pinky is all the time dreaming with cheese and happiness for everyone and Brain is trying to take over the world through mass domination This leads us to our first thought about changing the world, which is: It can be changed for the good or it can be changed for the bad Yeah, some of the people we talked about, when I showed you the faces But, here, for simplicity purposes, we are going to assume that each time we refer to "changing the World" it's changing it for the good. Now, second thought: why do we need to change the World? Isn't it ok the way it is right now? Mmm, I don't think so I think that everyone needs to accept that the World has issues, and as long as the World has issues, there's something to change for the good Now, to further explain what do I mean by the word "issues" I need to introduce my first scientifically fancy word here, and it is: en - tro - py Yeah, this is the part when everyone says: "what?!", and I repeat: I said: En - tro - py Technically, Entropy refers to the level of disorder found on any dynamic process But, in English, this only means that if you don't put enough effort into something to order it, it will just naturally tend to disorder itself For instance, that spoiled kid of your neighbor's? The one who's always whining and having tantrums? That kid has a high level of entropy because their parents have not put enough discipline energy into him to put him in order Still not clear?, Well, I'll give you a very simple example: see my room? I just cleaned it today, you see? But let's see what happens if I don't clean it for a few days... You see, my room started with a low level of entropy, and now it has a high level of entropy, to turn those levels down again, I need to put some ordering efforts into it, just like this: So, my premise is that the Worlds issues are nothing but the natural tendency of our human hearts for higher levels of disorder or entropy, And that "changing the World for the good" really means to put some positive energy into these levels of entropy, Now, when we think of the people that have changed the World for good, like the ones we saw a while ago, whe can say that they made this isolated efforts to make a difference in this World. They didn't plan it strategically, they didn't think "I'm gonna change the World" and then they suddenly did it Some of them even did it unconsciously I think, I believe that changing the World, to really change the World, to really set a mechanism for entropy fighting We need to go a little further, not just let ourselves go with the flow of our destinies Remember Pinky and the Brain? (or Brain and Pinky?), Well, whatever Pinky is good, but he's kind of stupid, and Brain is bad, but he's strategic and focused I believe that, yes, we need to act to change the World following Pinky's spirit But we also need to think a little bit with Brain's brain Just think about it, how much time will it take until the flow of destiny will naturally lead us to the abolition of entropy It's not possible! because the definition of entropy its the natural tendency of our human hearts to corrupt! So, we need to put strategic and focused efforts into reversing this entropy process That's why, I finally define "changing the World" as establishing a world-wide mechanism of entropy reversion in this World. If our human hearts, are reversed in their process of entropy, then this World is really changing for the good Now, this is what I think, but what do YOU think?

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Duration: 8 minutes and 56 seconds
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Producer: Cocuyo Produktions
Director: Omar Viazcan
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Posted by: oviazcan on Jul 1, 2008

Pajamas Vlog V1.0
Watch. Think. Respond.

This is the first chapter of the first series of my Pajamas Vlog (How to change the world without dying trying, yes there's a typo on the video). This is a new kind of vlog that intends to help you think about deep, life-changing topics, in a very day-to-day language and everything in my Pajamas!

Please remember to reply through a video response showing yourself in your pajamas.

Thanks to Cocuyo Produktions for the awsome post-production.


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