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Suddenly I found my hands grab the mobile And I open Yemeksepeti; a food delivery application And I order food at 3:00 am The delivery guy called me, that he is downstairs I was in such a hurry, grabbed my phone and went to him and my credit card to pay, and ran to him to have my food when I left I put a shoe at the door, so it won't close because I didn't take my keys, & I will come quickly As I walked towards the elevator, I heard the door being closed! I looked, the shoe moved away I looked back, the door was shut! I was like "Ooooh! But first let me get the food!" I went, met the delivery man and paid I came back home, obviously I will not be able to open it It is 3:00 am, I can't go to anyone nor will anyone pick up their phones! I opened the food in front of the door steps, It was 4:00 am! So Yeah, I ate and then I slept for an hour in front of the doors I didn't mind, what was important is that I fulfilled my desire to eat! My niece : what is this uncle? uncle uncle this's the true story of Mohamed Shalaby The obese boy, Mohamed Shalaby Goodbey. 17 years in Saudi, it's not the perfect country for a child to grow up especially in the is age The child wants to be exposed to different type of experiences and his personality is formed accordingly But me in Saudi I didn't have this much opportunity to experience different things When I grew up a little, I got a car I started driving There's not any space for me to do a physical activity From home to uni, At home I order food delivery At uni I eat from fast food restaurants I entered a closed circle And actually the only thing that you can experience The only type of unique experiences that you can have in Saudi is Food You try ressturants "Oh, where're we going out today?" The answer depends on which new restaurant are we actually going to try How I was looking at myself? My leg hurts and I need to rest after almost 10 years of coming to Saudi, I was in 6th grade No one was advising me that I need to watch my diet I was a child, I didn't know that I need to do sport At the end of the day I was happy just eating and my family didn't want to deprive me from anything My cousin: The desperate city and the desperate boy The sleepy boy And when the rumours are spread you talk with your licentious tongues Prophet of love I fnished high school I entered engineering school in Saudi For two years in engineering, my obesity was still affecting me I started to think about my future. Saudi isn't my country, I am not gonna be here in Saudi after five years. Definitely I will go somewhere else I didn't want to be the same person Go and show us the penguin jump Jump jump like this Go, 1, 2 ,3 Jump you retarded My first impressions of Al-baraa I remember very well that he's a very sarcastic guy And at the same time he works in Film and this's something I am doing And we both are obese So for me he represented what I want to become when I am 30 years old He had great skill in telling beautiful stories And he had some jokes about being obese they were great! One that I remember was about a shirt brand that produces suitable shirts for obese people the shirts were really nice but also they would have a very weird design touch For example, one shirt would've a spiral shape coming out of the belly button area The shirt looks really good but still it keeps reminding you that you're fat because of the design Also another good shirt but it has a pocket here, when you open it, it opens directly to the skin So is this for breastfeeding or what? I remember Baraa when we first met he told me an advice He told me : "Look shalaby .. if there's anything I would advice you .. it would that don't stay fat for the rest of your life.." I was putting myself in the mind set that I am going to try again Yes I tried before and failed but now there's somthing that's pushing me to try one more time Also, I had this idea that I am going to look at it as a new experience it might succeed and at the same time I don't look at like if it failed then I failed and this's the last time I will try No, there's a new experience but at the same time it may not be the last one There's a chance that even if I tripped, I will stand and try again My health is improving And again it wasn't that easy and I faced problems I may fail a day or two, I don't follow my daily routine No problem the third day I will recover and I get back on track "you owe a duty to your body.." My name is Mohamed Shalaby I lost 51 Kilo of my weight Why 51 not 50? Because one Kilo means one week of my life means one week of small choices and battles I enter every day Every time I see a bar of chocolate or bag of chips Every time I get hungry in the middle of the day and I want to order delivery or eat in a fast food restaurant Every time I come home late and I am lazy and I say it's not important to workout today I am Mohamed Shalaby and I lost 51 kilos of my weight

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