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Michael C. Ruppert Comments On Zeitgeist: Moving Forward

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From a night club at the end of the world, I'm Michael C. Ruppert and welcome back to The Lifeboat Hour. It's Sunday, January 16th (2011). Last night I went to the world premiere of the newest Zeitgeist movie from Peter Joseph and The Venus Project; it's called Moving Forward. It's an incredible piece of filmmaking by the head of The Venus Project, Peter Joseph, who I've had some dealings with. I find him to be both a very, very smart and a very honourable guy. Everyone who understands that the current human paradigm is collapsing, that infinite growth is not possible on a finite planet and that the current monetary economic system is functioning inversely to human interest, needs to see this movie. I'm in it, so are a few other faces, most of us will recognise. There were many things that really impressed me overall. First I watched the largest independent film release in human history take place simultaneously in 60 countries and 30 languages. That says almost as much about the movie as the movie itself does. I mean what an organization. I wish I could see effective projection of will and presence throughout the rest of our movement, maybe we'll get there. In LA there was a sold out house of about 800 to 1000 people and I sat next to Peter Joseph in the very back row and we watched the film together. And I wish the whole Lifeboat sustainability movement could really organise in that way. What's becoming clear to me is that there's a global separation taking place into two camps of people. Those who believe in and serve the infinite growth monetary monster (you know) the zombies, and those who understand that a radical shift in human thinking and action must take place, like immediately if any of us are to survive. So I would put myself on collapsenet, transition US, transition Europe and world, The Venus Project and the members of running on empty discussion groups with more than 7000 active participants and a long historical record on the same side of that line together. The same would apply to the many, many thousands of students who have been through any of Tom brown's Wilderness Schools. I'm going to be taking Tom's basic course in February and after that Tom and I are in discussion to start doing weekend seminars around the country. I think thats going to be a really useful package for a lot of people who want to bring in some other great lights too. So if I saw things that I disagreed with or saw as falling short of being a complete realistic strategy in Zeitgeist Moving Forward, I can say the same thing about the transition movement or Tom's training or any of what we do at collapsenet and everything else. The point is is that we all understand the situation and we're all looking for our way through it. That should make us natural allies. I've never seen any group that has so well understood how the current economic paradigm actually functions and what it's doing to us and the planet and what the inevitable end result of this monetary paradigm is going to be its going to be killing everything on the planet for the sake of profit. Just for the education one gets on that, the film is totally worth it. Zeitgeist gets that the single and only obstacle to human kind ending up in a sustainable future is the way money works - thats what has to be changed. Whereas I have been saying, as most of you know, for a decade until you change the way money works you change nothing. The Venus Project--they've put an exceptional amount of thought, and research also, into a functioning and interconnected world originating from a Resource Based Economy, but thats kind of after the dust settles. You know, they've done thinking that others haven't and I kind of wish I could see some transition influence in there but theres great, great stuff that I think everyone needs to see and would pick from. I saw a few holes and I point them out not to be critical of Peter Joseph or a really incredible piece of film making, but to show where all people and all groups in the philosophies on our side of this line can help teach and share experience with each other. What we need is a rounded philosophy that can help us meet immediate challenges realistically. We cannot pretend there isn't going to be civil unrest. We cannot pretend that just having a garden is all we need. We cannot pretend that being a skilled wilderness and survival expert is all we need. There's a reason Native Americans lived in tribes. We cannot pretend we will not have to forge some sacred principles. Oh, there's that buzzword. Zeitgeist: Moving Forward did some brilliant statistical analysis on the very high correlation between inequality and violence and I really want to take a second to talk about this. I mean, it was great statistical research. The correlations are just breathtaking. The more inequality there exists in a nation or a culture, the more violence there is. It's like an inescapable correlation. It's unbelievable. It goes back historically and it's true anywhere in the world. And what do we see happening right now? The rich "one-percent" is gobbling up all the wealth in the world, and the disparity is creating a situation that, according to this research, can only lead to violence. Brilliant research! And I use the word "sacred" specifically and for a reason. Forget about religion and ritual. That's an old paradigm thought-trap that tries to keep you from seeing the truth. Think of what you might say if you came across a murder scene like, for example, Tucson last week. You might see the carnage and a dead child, and you might say to yourself: Is nothing sacred? In this case, all "sacred" means is like a core, "uncompromisable" starting or anchor point. Some things are starting to become sacred as our understanding grows in this "lifeboat sustainability." Whatever we call this movement--everybody on this side of the line. A resource-based economy is sacred. A cessation of environmental destruction is sacred. Dismantling of "infinite growth" is sacred. These things have to be sacred, or else nothing can be... will be there for our descendants. And if there isn't something that's sacred, then nothing is sacred. And that's the kind of world we don't want to go into. Let's just take those three for now. We'll find out more as we go along. We can revise these, but we have to have some core operating principles on this side of the line. Everybody I mentioned is on the same side. We have to respect and work with each other because this change of consciousness that is taking place very rapidly, must have a seat at a global table where discussions are. We need a foot in the door to help start influencing and shaping decisions around us. We cannot just go into this as if we're riding a kayak... ...over a category five rapids, without a paddle. We need to know how to paddle. We have to respect and work with each other, because this change of consciousness is so important. We will sooner or later have a seat at the table because events are waking the world up for us. They're driving the world. All we have to do is collect this stuff now because it's so clear that we've been correct about what's wrong with the world. But whether the old paradigm likes it or not, we are like the billions of blades of grass growing up through the cement of monetary tyranny--and we're growing much stronger. And we're going to start moving the sidewalks as soon as we have to. Where Zeitgeist fails in my opinion, is in its envisioning of how we get from here to a different world and what will happen in transition. I heard a Zeitgeist member in last nights Q&A ridiculously suggest, still--I don't know how this can happen-- that hydrogen can provide enough energy for a happy self-sustaining world. Boy, that's tough. The ignorance, though, instilled by corporate media and advertising liars out there is insidious, to say the least. And certainly no large movement... What The Venus Project's demonstrated effectiveness will be without infiltrators and people trying to plant some bad seeds in there. It's just part of the game. That's not the point. While Peter Joseph was amazingly prescient in seeing that the monetary paradigm is our only enemy, he left me short when he envisioned a global revolution of thought prompting people to suddenly withdraw all their currency from circulation and their cash from the bank. He didn't say how everybody was going to eat that night after it was done. These are things we all need to work out. Nobody is supposed to have the answers. We can't hold any one person for that. We are making great progress toward finding them. The infinite-growth disease is not going to let go without a fight. If I was frustrated with Moving Forward, it was because it almost closed the circle for me which is what I really want, but not quite, and I don't blame them for that. I suspect that it will take all of us on the same side of the line to find a way to close that circuit together. I'm going to have Peter Joseph as a guest on the Lifeboat Hour soon. Next week my guest is a really old and dear friend who I know occupies a warm spot in everybody's heart, former six-term Congresswoman, and 2008 Green Party presidential nominee: Cynthia McKinney. Yeah, she'll be joining us. She's going to have some straight talk and we'll probably both end up going to jail that night, so you won't want to miss it. We've been planning on going to the same camp together for about a decade now so maybe we can be room mates or something. What a decade it's been. Tonight's return guest is Bob Waldrop. I asked Bob to come back because recently he had a run-in with "John Law" with some really heinous criminal offenses--we're going to talk about those tonight. As one of the most senior activists on peak oil and peak oil preparedness we all want to know what happens to Bob and each other, and how he'd dealing with it and what he's learned. But I'm also really glad that he's here tonight, because it's just been a hell of a week, and I'd like to get over it like two old farts sittin', drinkin' a beer at the end of the day... [Bob Waldrop laughs in the background] We... I hear him laughing out there. We need to talk about what happened in Tucson and how it's being dealt with because it's becoming clear that Bob and I are and have been like scouts. We've been moving through uncharted territory for years, and finding ways to do things... and just as important, it's becoming clearer by the second how important it is to have really good intelligence and "weather reports" as we sail into rough seas that are coming at our lifeboats. That scouting is what CollapseNet is all about, so here's the commercial: The important work that we do at CollapseNet is to make sense of all of what's going on everywhere for you, by looking at all the crises of our time: Economic collapse, sustainability, peak oil, geopolitical and military events, resource depletion, environmental collapse... and what is obviously unfolding as the end of the world as we know it. We deal with it, we research it, we analyze it we illuminate it, we hook people up in some really cool ways. We find people like Bob Waldrop, like Zeitgeist, we bring them to your attention and we try to facilitate the movement of energy and knowledge throughout our side of the line. Perhaps most importantly, we clearly see and acknowledge what's happening in the world around us. We provide a free Lighthouse directory of information, now with over 850 very uniquely useful goods and services, thanks to Suzy Gruber who's been assembling that for us for many months now. And we have services and training focused specifically on how to prepare for and survive the collapse of human industrial civilization, and to make this transition. What's proven to be of the utmost usefulness right now is our World News Desk. Testimonials from our members, who are often decision and policy makers prove over and over that CollapseNet's World News Desk is the best single-stop, daily news and commentary on the planet, at any price. Thank you all very much for that. And we're only about 27 cents a day, or a hundred a year. Any active member of one of the 77 Transition Initiatives throughout the United States is qualified for a 50-percent discount on our membership. Just go to your monthly newsletter, copy and paste the coupon code when you sign up. So far we've awarded 20 barter memberships for people who didn't have money. We're willing to trade a little research work for it. And it looks like we're over 30 member blogs now. It's amazing. We're getting the small regional blogs, we're getting input from all over the world. That's exactly what we want. That's what our hub--our social networking does. It enables people to really start finding ways to share information more quickly. And just before the show tonight CollapseNet broke 3,000 members... in 57 countries. We're growing fast and we're ready to grow as fast as you need us and I want to thank all the amazing CollapseNet staff and volunteers-- everybody has been working so hard. Your dedication's paid off. The only real security lies in relationships. Before I go to Bob, there's some lines from a Jackson Browne song... Jackson Browne, I think, is the poet laureate of American music and he's had more influence on me musically than probably anybody else except for Neil Diamond, Don Henley, and Stephen Stills. But I just love the man and I love his wisdom, and these lines have been running through my head ever since Tucson: "And who are the ones we call our friends? These governments killing their own. "Til the people just can't take anymore, and they pick up a gun, "or a brick, or a stone, and there are lives in the balance." And that's really the weight I think that sits on all of us tonight, so I'm really happy to have a guy who I consider to have great wisdom. (Michael C. Ruppert) -Bob, are you there now that I'm finally done talking? Hi Bob. (Bob Waldron) -Oh I'm here, and I've been enjoying listening to you, (BW) -it's been very fascinating. The whole Zeitgeist thing... (BW) -I'm gonna look up when I'm done, and... (MCR) -Yeah, you should. (BW) -I'm always glad to find new stuff. (MCR) -They have done some amazing work. I have nothing but respect for the organization and I really want to see all of us sitting down and having a summit somewhere that may be a bridge too far, but I'm kind of moving in that direction...

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Michael C. Ruppert comments on the Zeitgeist: Moving Forward film.

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