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Touchscreen Basics - AARP

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[RealPad] [Real Possibilities - AARP] [Touchscreen Basics] [female narrator] In this video, you'll learn some basic techniques of using the touchscreen on the AARP RealPad. The RealPad is an Android tablet made with technology newcomers in mind as well as experienced users. Press the upper button on the right side of the RealPad to wake it up. Press this button again to put the RealPad to sleep. It's best to put the RealPad asleep when you're not using it to preserve the battery. This is the home screen. Each icon on the home screen represents an app, short for application. Each app has a specific purpose. For instance, if you want to check your schedule, you tap the calendar app with your fingertip. And if you want to check your email, you tap the email app. Now let's look at how to open and exit an app. To open an app, tap the app icon with your fingertip. The black bar at the bottom of the screen is the navigation bar. There are three icons in the middle of the navigation bar. The middle icon is the home icon. Tap the home icon to exit an app and return to the home screen. Some of the app icons on the home screen have a black circle behind them. These are folders. Folders are groups of apps. Tap a folder to open it and see the apps. Tap an app within a folder to open the app. The arrow on the left side of the navigation bar is the RealPad toolbar icon. Tap the RealPad toolbar icon to open the RealPad toolbar. The RealPad toolbar is a special feature of the AARP RealPad tablet. It provides quick access to some of the most important and commonly used features of the RealPad. To close the RealPad toolbar, tap the RealPad toolbar icon. We hope you enjoy using the AARP RealPad.

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Posted by: aarp on Sep 10, 2014

Introduction to basic techniques of using the touchscreen on RealPad, including waking your device, locking and unlocking, opening and closing apps, and getting back to the home screen.

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