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Considering Avenues

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There are many reasons why a student would want to come to Avenues [Gardner P. Dunnan - Academic Dean, Avenues] and why a family might want their child to come to this school. First and foremost, it will be a distinctively global school in terms of the kinds of education we offer. It will have a variety of outstanding teachers and a talented student body. There will be a powerful curriculum that will include the world course, it will include a life skills program, and it will include the Avenues mastery program. These are just three of the distinctive elements that would attract any student or any parents looking for a great education for their children. Parents were really interested in being able to enter a school at nursery school, [Alan Greenberg - President, Avenues] have the continuity of their child going through the nursery school program, the pre-K, the lower school, the middle school, and the high school in one place. That's why we start in nursery school, continue all the way through. [Benno Schmidt - Chairman, Avenues] Families don't have to worry about applying over and over again to schools. Students don't have to worry about getting comfortable in a new school. They have a continuous program from age 3 right until they're ready for college. One of the outcomes that will be most important to parents [Chris Whittle - Chief Executive Officer, Avenues] is, "Is my son or daughter going to get into a fine college and university?" And we take that very seriously. We're going to work hard with families and with students to find best possibilities for them. Sometimes that's Princeton and sometimes that's Pratt. It depends on what the child wants to do. And we'll work hard to do that.

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Posted by: open on Jun 1, 2011

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