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RUN FROM THE CURE - The Rick Simpson Story 2/7

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Larry Bjarnason - Phoenix Tears Research - "When we began, Rick asked me to find out if there was any detrimental effects to the hemp oil As we searched, we couldn't find any. And research kept coming back with all the good aspects of the medicine and as we kept looking and we ran into Dr. Guzman in Spain, who has done research since 1999 on hemp oil. The International Cannabinoid Research Society has been researching it for 17 years, They have research papers, and various researchers and research organizations including "Health Canada" Within our research we haven't been able to find anything that appears detrimental everything is beneficial from the oil. Cannabis and Hemp, traditionally have been used to treat alcoholics and recovering drug addicts and it hasn't changed over the years,they are still using it today in some cases, but most medical facilities don't recognise it. I believe they don't recognize the product because of the disinformation they've been handed over the years; it's touted as an illicit drug, rather than a medecine In the research that we have, the most amazing part of the product is the medicinal value to it, HEMP HAS BEEN USED IN MEDICINE FOR NEARLY 5000 YEARS! Especially in the Eastern Countries yet, mainstream medicine refuses to recognize the validity of it. To anyone that would say that I'm nothing but a high class drug dealer, to that I would just have to laugh. Drug dealers, they sell it for a big price and they make the money. I've been giving it away since 2003. I'd have to be the stupidest drug dealer in history to give it away wouldn't I? How are you making any money if you give any of the stuff away? I'm just trying to help people, I mean that's all what this is about. I want people to know how to heal themselves. "I want people to know how to heal themselves." - Rick Simpson In 1975, I was listening to CKDH Radio, when the announcer came on with a report of THC from the Marijuana and/or Hemp plant, killing cancer cells. Three years previously, in 1972, I had watched my 25 year old cousin (David Leslie Simpson) dye a horrible death from cancer. So when I heard this report it certainly caught my attention. The time goes by and I never heard anymore reports so I assumed that the report I had heard could not be true or the system would be using THC to cure cancer. In 1997 I received a serious head injury at work. The doctors put me on prescription drugs but these drugs did nothing to alleviate my condition. And many of the drugs had horrible side-effects. In late 1998, I watched an episode of the "Nature of things" entitled "Reefer Madness II" Dr. David Suzuki interviewed many people with serious medical conditions who had been using Hemp as a treatment. The results were amazing. After seeing this program I purchased some hemp, and tried it. Just smoking hemp did more for my medical condition then all those pills that doctors were giving me. And I told them so, I asked many doctors for a prescription for hemp, but was refused. All that doctors would do was to tell me that hemp was bad for the lungs and to stay away from hemp. It's still under study. HOW MANY YEARS DOES IT TAKE TO STUDY A PLANT? Even my family doctor said it was bad for the lungs. So I asked him what he thought about me taking the essential oil from the hemp plant and ingesting orally as a medication. The doctor agreed that this would be a much more medicinal way to use this drug, but would still, not give me a prescription, so I could aquire this drug legally . In 2001, my family doctor informed me that there was nothing more they could do. They had nothing left to try on me. So I was on my own. I continued producing and taking hemp oil as my only medication. Slowly, my thinking process has cleared from the effects of all those chemical drugs the doctors had given me, and everyone around me saw the improvement in my condition. The oil had worked wonders for me. In late 2002, my family doctor examined three areas on my skin, which he presumed to be skin cancer. One was close to my right eye, another on my left cheek, and another on my chest. In January 2003, the cancer close to my right eye, was surgically removed, and they were going to schedule me to have the other two cancers removed at a later day. About a week after the surgery by my eye the area was infected and very angry looking. I was examining what the surgery had been done, when the report I have heard on the radio in 1975 popped back into my mind. I knew the oil I produced had concentrated THC in it so I put some oil on two bandages and applied them to the other two areas of skin cancer. In four days, both cancers were gone. Needless to say, I was very excited about the hemp oil curing my skin cancer, so I went to my doctors office for a copy of my pathology report. Which stated that I had basal cell carcinoma. I informed the receptionist that the cancer had returned and that I cured it and the other two cancers with hemp oil. The reaction of the receptionist mystified me. She went rigid saying "The doctor will not go there!" "The doctor will not prescribe this!" I was standing in my doctors office telling them that I cured my cancer with hemp oil and they didn't want to hear it? Foolishly, at the time, I thought the system wanted the cure for cancer. Seeing the receptionist reaction to the hemp oil left me feeling very uneasy. It felt like the twilight zone. In April 2003, I contacted the "Pain Management Center" in Halifax. I had been told by a friend that the Center might be able to provide me with a licence to posess hemp. All I got was a recorded message stating that there was a 21 month waiting period. and that you must be referred by your physician. Now where did that lead me? My family doctor wouldn't even talk about hemp medicine. ...a controversy is brewing in a small town over this! Is it a cure or contraband? ...from this someone dying from cancer, they're not dying anymore... Here's something of this or something else, well they're cured... And this is what? Hemp! But in a small Nova Scotia town, one man is trying to get the word out about what he says are the healing properties of Hemp Oil. Gus Lord explains where he is spreading the word has created a major headache with no cure in sight. In McKenna - Nova Scotia, this oil is gaining a reputation as a miracle drug. That's the cure right there! Oil extracted from Marijuana plants. Rick Simpson has been making it and giving it to friends and neighbors. He calls it "Hemp oil", Others know it as weed oil. In small doses he says it makes you well without getting you high. Hemp oil, containing THC, has been touted as an effective treatment for many diseases, including cancer. But distributing THC, the psycho-active ingredient in Marijuana is illegal, that has some Nova Scotia users worry their supply of medicinal hemp oil will disappear. Global's Ray Bradshaw has the story. I'm used to it. Hemp oil has been used by some people in the McKenna area of Nova Scotia to help them in treatment of cancer. Now they're worried their hemp oil will be taken away. People are being very scared of RCMP coming in their home and taking their medicine from them and the whole community itself is living in fear down here including my family. That’s because the hemp oil Rick Simpson is making contains THC : an illegal substance he says there is medical proof that THC kills cancer cells. Rick Dwyer says Simpson’s hemp oil cured his father's cancer and other diseases. It took the fluid off his lungs, it repaired the prostate, it did so many things for him, he doesn't even take his insulin now for his diabetes because it controls his diabetes. Amherst RCMP told us they won’t likely track down people who use Hemp oil for medicinal purposes but the RCMP say it is illegal to provide people with hemp oil containing THC whether or not the supplier is paid. Simpson grew marijuana on his property and made hemp oil from it. this fall RCMP confiscated the plants but didn't arrest or charge him. They took it here so what's to stop them from going house to house? Simpson’s says without marijuana to make hemp oil he's been unable to supply people. he’s hoping the attitude toward the drug will soon turn around. People are dying for no damn reason. I’d like to see the most medicinal plant in the world get the recognition it deserves. For global news in Macan this is Ray Bradshaw reporting. WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOU DISCOVERED THE CURE FOR CANCER?

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A Film By Christian Laurette - After a serious head injury in 1997, Rick Simpson sought relief from his medical condition through the use of medicinal hemp oil. When Rick discovered that the hemp oil (with its high concentration of T.H.C.) cured cancers and other illnesses, he tried to share it with as many people as he could free of charge - curing and controlling literally hundreds of people's illnesses... but when the story went public, the long arm of the law snatched the medicine - leaving potentially thousands of people without their cancer treatments - and leaving Rick with unconstitutional charges of possessing and trafficking marijuana!

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