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School Organization Tips

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Hey guys! What’s up? Long time no see! Today I’m going to share some back to school organization tips with you to help you get more prepared and ready for school! Let’s start! Prepare your schoolbag every night before you go to bed. Make sure you have put everything you need in there, like school supplies, water bottle, pocket money, and everything else. If you don’t prepare your things the night before, chances are you are going to rush the next morning and end up forgetting to bring a lot of things because you don’t really have much time to spare in the morning before heading off to school. Don’t forget to prepare your uniform or your outfits as well. You don’t want to be stuck choosing what outfit to wear for school in the morning, so be sure to pick out your outfits the night before. Use a pencil case to keep your stationeries in place. It will be easier to search for your pens and pencils inside your pencil case instead of your bag. You might end up losing your stationeries among your other school stuffs and end up wasting a lot of time trying to find something to write with. Use a planner to keep track on what assignments need to be done and what quizzes you are going to have. With all the heavy workload we get in school, it’s easy to forget about our tasks if we don’t write them down in our planner. Be sure to mark when your assignments are due and also mark the days of your tests. You can also write down any upcoming events, appointments, and other things you need to attend. Make sure to use a planner which is small enough to be carried inside your school bag. Get a studying spot at home. If you choose your desk, make sure to organize it first before you begin studying because no one will want to study at a messy desk. Same thing if you choose to study on your bed. Make sure to get rid of things that will hinder you from studying. Clean out your pencil-case every once in a while. Empty your pencil-case onto your desk and sort out your things Take out your pens and mechanical pencils that are not working anymore and replace them with new ones. Only bring what you need to school. You don’t want to be weighing down your backpack because of your unnecessary stationeries. Also, clean up your backpack. Take out all the small trashes you might be keeping in there because they can get in the way and make your bag seem cramped and dirty. Have a place to store your papers for each class. Don't just stuff them in your backpack because it will be harder to search for your papers later on when you need them. I like to use a plastic file organizer because it keeps the papers from being crumpled and it’s easy to carry around with you

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Posted by: raffee on Apr 12, 2015

Here are some Back to School Organization Tips which you can use to make your school life more organized and well-planned!

Sorry I haven't been around much, guys! I've been very busy looking for jobs since I'm out of college now. Hopefully I'll be able to upload more frequently starting from now on!

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