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Giant Sandwich

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Tony starts building the ultimate cheese-steak by laying nearly three pounds of beef onto the grill. We got 100% aged rib-eye here. You want it good, flavorful, tender piece of meat which rib-eye is. When the steak is almost done, it's time to smother it with more than a pound of cheese. To lessen the gooey assault, forgive me Philly, I forgo the traditional Cheez Whiz for the much less dense American cheese. O.K. So each one of these beefy cheesy islands normally is one standard-issue cheese-steak. All of this together let's combine into the ultimate. There we go. Tony piles the cheese-laden mounds of meat onto the massive 20-inch roll. Oh, my gosh. It's getting bigger. And tops the whole thing off with a half-pound of fried onions. This is insane. I'm basically eating for entire neighborhoods in Philadelphia today. Yes, you are. Normally when I do these challenges, I like to know the odds. But, because this is a new challenge, no odds. You are the first. But I'm afraid to do it alone, so I ask you, as its creator, will you join me? Will you please do this challenge with me today, Tony? Please! All right, I'll tell you what. I'll do it, but I want Cheez Whiz. You can do it any way you want. Two champions: a boy from Brooklyn・・・ Man verse meat! Tony prepares his ultimate cheese-steak, covering it with over pound of gooey Cheez Whiz. There it is: the gooey godness. Liquid gold right here.Liquid gold. And when it's all done, what stands before us are two of the biggest sandwiches I have ever seen.

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Producer: National Geographic
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Posted by: greenbo on Mar 29, 2010

Do Americans like food too much?

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