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Why Suffering? Sadhguru

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…Sadhguru, you said the suffering is of mind …and we have the freedom to get rid of it. …However, there are people who don’t even have food to eat, what about their suffering? People have...don’t have food to eat, not because there’s no food in the world because, people who are capable, have grabbed everything. There are people without food like situations we have in Africa, Ethiopia and even in India. You’re telling me. Unfortunately, we have left a large population of the world, human population in physical pain. Pains of hunger, pains of disease, pains of injury, various types of physical pains we are creating. The way we are treating half the humanity on the planet, looks like we are hells angels We are not human beings. We are not really human beings if you look at the world. Cause half the population of the world, we really kept them in hell. But still, if you don't know this, people who are in comfort and well being, their level of suffering is much deeper than those people who are not eating properly. Even today... that’s the reality. So suffering is not necessarily always in proportion to ones physical deprivation. People who have everything, they suffer much more deeply than people who don’t have anything And, just that you have too much and somebody is suffering from too little, That itself will cause you immense suffering. You might not be aware of it. It may take, it may take time for a lot of people to realize that in some way every morsel of food that you eat and every hungry stomach in the world is ... connected whether you like it or you don’t like it I’m not trying to make a situation where you can’t enjoy your dinner or your breakfast that's not the idea, but, it is connected whether you like it or you don’t like it. I think it’s good.. before you…everyday… you sit in front of your food Take a minute’s break before you eat and think of all the people who are not eating today. And still eat well... understand... still eat well knowing full well that... there is something that you can do by eating well by not eating well you will not do anything but by eating well you can do something then this food will not go waste on you then something will happen out of this because if you make this one... aware of what it wants this one... which you call as human can’t keep quiet it has to do something by somehow insulating yourself thinking that’s not your business that it's god’s work right now he ask, this..., is creator's mistake... that so many people are suffering? By doing this... you are trying to insulate yourself against other peoples suffering. Because... there is something in you, which is connected to everything in existence. If you make that active in whichever way possible that something in you... won’t let you keep quiet. I would say, if just one person of the population stands up a committed way to elevate human suffering. At least the physical suffering in existence could be just wiped out. ...You know? The whole one hundred percent (100%) need not stand up Just one percent (1%) … if they stand up it can be done

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 19, 2010 If all the world is God's creation, and if God loves us then why is there so much suffering around? Is it karma? is it fate? Is it a mandatory purification? Sadhguru answers these age-old questions to a brand new audience.

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