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Meet a Girl with Guts- Melissa Collier

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Hi! My name is Melissa Collier. I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease in August 2003 and I currently live in San Antonio, Texas. I found out about Girls With Guts because I think I was stalking Karis at the beginning, before her and Jackie and everyone had the big Butt summit in Chicago. And I kinda just followed along until they made the big announcement that it was going to be Girls With Guts. So that's how I found them. Um, I definitely have made a lot of personal connections through the community. Not only with Karis and Jackie but with the girls at the great bowel movement with Sarah. I've met um, Allison and Amber and Susan and Sandy. And lots of other people who have Crohn's Disease, Ulcerative Colitis also have ostomies which was the main reason I started seeking out information in the first place. Um, what advice or what would I say to the community? I would say to continue to do what we're doing. Which is spreading awareness and talking about our disease because the more we talk about it the more people will know what it is and we won't have such a stigma hopefully, in just a few years. My goal is that the generation that is my children will not have to deal with the ostracism that I feel like we deal with a lot today. Where do I see Girls With Guts in the future? The sky is the limit. I am-, I see it being something awesome. I see it um, developing into something as big as the Oprah empire and I know that with Jackie and Karis at the helm it will be something like that. So, always find your silver lining and stay awesome.

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Meet a Girl with Guts- Melissa Collier-SD

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