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Grundeinkommen Trailer

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That human beings can fly was for thousands of years a Utopia. That this is not possible was proved by those who tried it. Today, we take the technology for granted In essence, the universal basic income creates greater freedom in society That is the main objective. One is no longer dependent on a salary and leads to personal autonomy Universal basic income is available unconditionally for everyone if we only understand why. And instead, we now complain That there are no jobs And no one tells us "But, dammit, we have worked so hard for the last 100 years so that we no longer have to slave away. Not one political party is telling us this and this annoys me immeasurably Our social systems are outdated They swallow funds like a black hole 41% of the German population has remunerated employment Everybody else lives on transferred income Income that is not directly connected with work Economic growth no longer means that more jobs are created It is rationalisation that brings success We ask, in the face of this success story: "What work would you do, if your income was unconditionally secured?" Universal basic income will definitely come - not from above and not on top of everything else but rather it will grow into the present income The only ones who would have more money would be those who have less today But the universal basic income would raise everyone to a similar level Much would change in entrepreneurial culture in families in the job market The creation of unremunerated values would increase with a basic income and with it also the dynamics of the economy for everyone! And now along come these young people who no longer have any discipline at all and they should now receive money as well? Now if that isn't scandalous!! It is this argument, I believe that underlies the objections to the basic income The old subsistence mentality has been retained in people's view of income. In the division of labour I work for others. They receive the results of my labour. And in this change of paradigm it is surely unacceptable that I berate the one who does his work for me so that he has to crawl in the dust in order to survive. The task of the economy is to free people from having to work But to free them from the need to work also means to free them so that they can work. "Freedom in place of free time." How high would the return on investment be if there were a basic income? I believe it would be very high. For me, the basic income also makes democracy a general reality You can no longer coerce people as readily if they are materially independent Well, I am sceptical Extremely skeptical. What if one would go to work any longer? Does a universal basic income undermine production? Would a basic income bring people closer together? Or would it cause our Society, based on two classes to drift even further apart? The universal basic income is not charity. It is not just an assistance. It is, as you said, a civil right. Every new period in time realises that which was only thought of in the past Is the basic income just phantasy? Or reason? I believe it is rational and economically viable And its financing is also rational This is how taxes on work are hidden in the price of a product- The consumer pays the tax It would look like this if the consumer were taxed directly and like this if the basic income is directly transferred from the consumer tax. With the latte-macchiato in front of the consumer on the table the price looks like this Cost of labour is much lower But not the income of the workers Today: less tax Then: with basic income added. And with a universal basic income paid out to all - as income before taxation - the consumer tax would become progressive. Only those who spend double the amount of the basic income would really have to pay tax One could begin by paying out a basic income to every child, for example from the year 2000 onwards And with these children it would gradually become part of society. But one can also begin with one's own income just by thinking about it in a different way.

Video Details

Duration: 6 minutes and 17 seconds
Country: Germany
Language: German
Director: Daniel Häni und Enno Schmidt
Views: 6,460
Posted by: unternehmen on Jan 5, 2009

Der erste Film zu dem Zukunftsthema, das keinen kalt lässt: Ein bedingungsloses Grundeinkommen für alle.

Das löst Emotionen aus und Fragen: Mehr Möglichkeiten zur eigenen Initiative? Oder der Untergang der Leistungsgesellschaft? Und wie soll es bezahlt werden? Der Film mischt Festgefahrenes auf, zeigt Überraschendes, lässt mit- und weiterdenken. Nehmen wir das Ganze einmal persönlich.
Das bedingungslose Grundeinkommen bringt neue Energien in alle gesellschaftlichen Bereiche. Und überraschend wird es gerade da, wo man Trockenheit erwartet: Tabuthemen sind nicht ausgespart.

Dauer: 6 Minuten

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