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Peter Joseph Interviewed on 'The Marker' - Tel Aviv TV

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Shalom. ... Peter Joseph idea is to get a little other fridays chimica dennis in the political clearly is about ten days the last forty multiple independent living permanently Hi Peter. Hello So if you could just introduce yourself and The Zeitgeist Movement My name is Peter Joseph, the founder of social sustainability organization called The Zeitgeist Movement which in form has about thousand chapters across seventy countries and basically we're all working together try to bridge some differences about economic problems that are working its way across the world the world: social destabilization, unemployment, debt crisis, environmental destabilization in this community is attempting to bring new sustainable ideas to the forefront to basically revolutionize economy as we know it hence revolutionize human values as we know it so we can try to create a new way of life, you know, it's a grassroots movement with that basic premise. Now, the first "Zeitgeist"-movie was uh... was released in 2007 by you as a performance piece, you are a musician and an artist. What leads you as an musician as an artist to take up such a call to dig up such a call n_c_o_ are using the global systems or whatever i my initial intention with the first film wasn't to create a movement percent it was certainly uh... intention to revolutionize the intention of the train of thought to be different than what the current zeitgeist does is to find dictates in the modern world uh... but it really wasn't of the second film that the pressure of the community that's all these films came to me and i start to feel the need for my own purposes and because everyone else asked for it as well to figure out what we could do as a community whether it was a grassroots movement whether it was they action of some kind but it was a protest so to speak the last two films are really representation of need trying to figure out in my own world of what solutions may be for many the global problems out there and from that point is when the movement com the common materialized itself i can't say i started anything percent i would say i was initiated something that resonated with the general community and indeed burst into what we have today york timing was excellent i mean too lucky coincidence or perhaps the spirit of the time that the first movie was released as before the stars of the global financial crisis and then each movie was released you know prior or following an escalation in the crisis true mistress twenty point that out there think used a lot of things as being an insider of the system as though i would know these things that other people should know but if you take a calculation perspective if you look at sitting global debt process and money credit debt interest charged upon it as depicted in the first film as expands expressed excuse me expanded upon the second film very easy to see that we're gonna have to many different failures through government through corporations do individual decreases didn't take a lot of ingenuity figure that out but uniquely within at least three months after the release of the second film in two thousand and uh... nine askew two thousand eight we had that massive first drop off in the u_s_ and western economies which was idly poetic but it was great to see uh... uh... certain sense these causal elements could be pointed out that removed a lot of the mystery for the general public as to why surrounded them bowen the politicians rather than blame the traditional notions of boredom that we see it began to the systemic people said well what's wrong with the system and that's my big point is the system is failing the system is the problem not any political ipl organization or general ideology that with something i'm liking the movies were uh... sounding like saying that uh... a international bankers have taken hold of the economic and social system of the world u_s_ claiming it's not the band concerts systemic a systemic fall the breakers are consequence the bankers of air the financial interests are at the helm what i call the ownership investment class they are natural outgrowth of the basic premise of what the market economy basically it's and they are in control they are there but we have to remember that it's not move a as a causal point it's not various some manifestation that comes out of nowhere that suddenly like my god or aliens there suddenly in the whole of everything now they are products of the system victims of the courtroom that's been created by the model of economics that we have so if you want to change the vein we don't pose blame upon them per se we lookit what supports their values and we figure out that yes the system has to go before we can pose any form of blame on the individual stars like this is not going to be made on any individual for any reason because we're all victimization syndrome victim consequences of the culture were born into now the claims of that investment in effect if things are extremely called extraneous propagandist and other kind of claims will you have to say about explains well it doesn't seem to be asking what doesn't surprise me if you look at the history of any political or economic activism uh... or any type of philosophical activism because against the status quo the knee-jerk reactions of the general public not to mention those that are pulled the true power of meaning the politicians of the new major news agencies uh... very often those of their first reactions so your subversive humor conspiracy theorist your through whatever people want to pick up my view by david had some creeks go on sale at support a terrorist concept which is even more unbelievable but it doesn't surprise me and as the movement gains traction hot as the global weakening continues a lot of this rhetoric will continue in portland so i've just come my vinton a good patients with it and just keep promoting the positive ideas and none of the fourth one of the future of continuing to occupy movement and has all the protest movements around the world houck when he feels going with the system handing me feel sending in the direction in info in a positive change in tears heading towards a catastrophe it's a mix of depends on what level you're looking at uh... a c unfortunately with the debt crisis to unemployment crisis in the pending energy crisis established energy crisis i see a lot of upheaval and problems in disarray periodic forms of what you call collapse and of course insurrection syndicate by movement of people who didn't surprise me at all in fact i foreshadowed in a little bit in the end of my third film about five or six months before they occupy move-in emerged today had this depiction of this global awareness against the financial system so i with all those negative things that are occurring there's always the pressure to figure out what the solution so simultaneously of all these wonderful organizations you know the second snowmen aside all these other amazing organizations and concepts and green revolutions even happen in certain corporate stylish minted notes far as i'm concerned income remotely close to necessary but there is something happening where people begin to think more outside the box and as with any societal problem you end up with people that see it they experience it and they want to change it so there's a bias social pressure that we call it and all we can hope is that instead of seen even more suffering collapsed into another group subculture of people that are willing to kind of step up and really push for absolutely new ground for changes that can stop this before it gets to that point you know to me so there's two factors happening which was negative ones positive at the condo intended we really don't changes human beings until the kind of course too as history shows yeah i think you know not the thank you

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February 6, 2012 Interview from Tel Aviv - Peter Joseph gives a brief overview of - Original-Upload on TZMOfficial - This is the working-location for all translations. Completed translations can be found here:

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