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Does the Future Seem Very Hopeful to You? Sadhguru

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Prediction What's going to happen in the future. See a..... If a...... If my whole thing was to make a prediction Then why would we do all this work It doesn't matter how bleak the situation looks like now. But don't ever underestimate what is in a human heart What people really want. Don't underestimate that In ten years time the whole may just be changed into a complete different possibility You Know? It is just that people need sufficient poking to get them going But when they get going, you don't know what they can do They can do something that's never happened on the planet till now Isn't it? Isn't it so? So.. Don't try to predict future See what kind of future do you want to create Why are we always trying to predict future I want you to set a goal before I die, I want to leave the world at least this much better Couldn't that be better? Instead of predicting future Why don't you set a goal for yourself Before I leave this world, I will make it at least this good If all of us set a goal like that Definitely there is a wonderful future ahead Isn't it? We are hoping from the stars some guidance will come Stars are dumb inanimate rocks OK? You are supposed to have brains and intelligence They don't have all that They are just following But they are just dumb unintelligent rocks Isn't it so? Yes or no? Just because they are following we don't have to attach such importance to them They are not guiding our lives Human destiny is in human hands How we handle it, that's what it will become If you handle it sensibly, definitely there is a wonderful tomorrow If you handle it foolishly definitely there is going to be terrible tomorrow Isn't it? So don't predict. Predictions means an insult to humanity All predictions are terrible insult to humanity Isn't it? Isn't it so? That means there is no value for what a human being is All this nonsense is happening simply because you have not realized the immensity of being human How big it is to be a human being Is not being realized The very wonderful stories in India. You must have heard In India there are stories like this If Gods have any problems They get into trouble They will come down to meet the sages and saints For advice and consultancy You know that? This is just to tell you A human being can raise himself to such a stage That even the Gods will have to seek advice from him Just to tell you, the immensity of being human What it means So.. If you realize the immensity of being a human being Then you won't predict, you will create You just have to create, not predict

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 11, 2010 A seeker questions Sadhguru about the future and if it seems hopeful to him. Sadhguru replies no matter how bleak the situation looks right now don't ever under estimate what is in the human heart. (SaO1)

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