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Snc Scott interview

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Tair : Alrighty, were on location at the Lansdowne "Canada line" Station with, your name sir? Scott : Scott Erve Tair : Scott. So Scott has agreed to help us out with this interview. Were just gonna ask you a few questions here. Scott : Yeah, no worries. Tair : Scott how often do you use the "Canada Line" ? Scott : Ugh, probably like once a week. Tair : Once a week, okay, and then when you're on board this "Canada Line" How much does safety concern you? Tair : For example: on a scale of 1-10 being one being 'Not at all, to ten being potential harm or death Scott : I think the "Canada Line", the line's probably one of the safest train. Tair : One of the safest? Scott : Yeah. Tair : Okay. So I don't know if you know this but the "Canada line" as well as the "Evergreen line" they were built and they're maintained by SNC-Lavalin. Scott : Yeah Tair : Have you ever heard of this corporation? Scott : Yeah, I used to contact with them. Tair : Oh, you used to contract with them, Do you have any 'inside' that we potentially can use? Scott : No, no haha, Tair : Alrighty, that's okay, Tair : So, I don't know if you know this but a, In 2012 WorkSafeBC issued 42 orders of safety violations during 16 inspections on the tunnel portions of the "Evergreen Line" Tair : David Britton, a former employee of their's was fired when he brought up these safe issues. And then WorkSafeBC revealed that Tair : SNC had actually lied about these Issues Scott : Okay Tair : And their claim, when they had fired him. Tair : What kind of picture does that paint on this corporation? Scott : On SNC? Probably not a very good one, not a very great, responsible leadership, I think that's what went on in that project Scott : and it could just very well be project specific, um that happens on projects right? where ya get people that are under stress Scott : to deliver on time, and they end up pushing stuff under the rug instead of dealing with the issues. I had it happen on another project I was involved with SNC Scott: and ugh, the ugh staff that were responsible for that ended up losing their jobs and getting replaced with people that had a little more responsible view. Scott : So SNC as a corporation, I dont think that ugh, I dont think that reflects on them as a whole but might reflect on the project, and the project team. Scott : Cause everything I've seen involving, when I've been involved with them, when they get wind of that, they "clean house" so yeah Scott: They'll usually replace, well always replace with responsible staff. yeah. Tair : So on the "Evergreen Line", there are reports that the temporary foreign workers that they brought up from South America were: Tair : paid less, they were given worse accomedations, their meals weren't paid for and everything, and then just recently the Government of Canada gave them a Tair : punishment reduction, from 10 years to 8 years on Government contracts. How does that make you feel again? Scott : well obviously they were able to- the management team were able to explain something about perhaps about the project leadership and that it was them and not really, and that they really were not informed Scott : as, as upper level managers of what was going on? which is pretty typical in projects, where people take on too much responsibility and predict as for help, from the vice preseident of the company or whatever Scott : and they think they own it, and they take on too much responsibility, and they end up, end up digging themselves a deeper hole. so yeah. Tair : Alrighty, we wanna say a big thank you to Scott, He's help us out tremendously, and we'll get back to you guys. Thank you so much Scott. Scott : Awesome, Thanks *Manly Handshake Scott: 42 violations ? Tair : Yeah. Scott: Ill have to look that up.

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