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6 How To Write A Quote Post

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Alright so we jump over to my computer and let's take a look at this post here called 20 marketing insights that inspired us in 2013. This is from unbounce and all they've done here is created a quote post where they went out and they quoted a bunch of people that they think worthy of quoting. So you wanna find people that are experts in your industry and then just quote them and they went the extra mile here by adding some nice pictures here but you know all they did was find an interesting quote around this certain topic and then pulled it all together into one article. You don't even need to get permission to do that. You're just quoting somebody as long as you're not misquoting them, you're fine. So find cool quotes or interesting or inspirational or educational type quotes. Pull them together into a single article. Add images if you want, you don't have to do that, alright? Another way to do the quote post is the way I did it over here, a crazy way where we created this infographic. This is called the art of the sales letter infographic. So what I did here was I just found interesting educational quote about writing sales letters from some of the best in the world. So these guys, a lot of these guys are from the early 20th century so like Leo Burnett, Claude Hopkins, Robert Collier David Ogilvy. These are the best of the best sales letter experts in the world and so I went and I found quotes from them on these topics and then I just sent it over to a designer and had them create me an infographic for this but I could've easily just put this in text or just put it in a video where I spoke it out loud and just say here's which Robert Collier said about writing sales letters and so the quote post is a great way to pull together really really high quality content very quickly.

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