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Stray Dog Center UAQ Mathrubhumi news channel

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There is an orphanage for stray dogs in Umm Al Quwain When in our place (Kerala) stray dogs are a problem and make headlines , in UAQ there is a group of people are companions for the stray dogs There are Malayalees also in this group of people giving companionship Following is a report on the UAQ Stray Dog Shelter which rehabilitates stray dogs .. .. .. .. .. .. There are lot of stray dogs in Umm Al Quwain The dogs are troubled by many people Some throw stones at these dogs As a result a lady originally from New Zealand by name Amira started taking care of them Other nationalities and like minded friends also joined .. As the number of dogs increased, Amira's neighbours started complaining .. Though cornered, she refused to give up on the dogs .. So, along with like minded people she approached the Umm Al Quwain ruler . The UAQ ruler and Supreme Council member Sheikh Saud bin Rashid Al Mualla, granted some land for this purpose . . The original name was SOS for Emirates Dogs Then in the midst of the desert in Al Surrah a home was created for stray dogs . There are now 153 dogs at the shelter These are mostly stray and abandoned dogs from UAQ and Ajman . . Surprisingly, there is no dog at the shelter who does not know Andrews who has been in UAE for over 15 years .. .. .. .. . . . . . . . . . . . . Today, all these dogs have names Age and health record certificates are also there It is now called 'Stray Dog Center UAQ' The stray dogs were moved to this place in 2013 In addition to this more than 1000 animals have been cared for and treated and given new lives . Not only dogs, even camels and donkeys are taken care of It is due to the good and positive thinking of the people from all nationalities which is helping the Stray Dog Center to function Without any financial support from Govt or related agencies the Stray Dog Center works as a non profit organisation . A trade licence to function for a long period has been given to this organisation whose monthly expenses is AED 20,000 .. .. . . . . . . . . . . Even tourists like to come and participate in this welfare activity . People come here to take care of the dogs feed them, take them for walks Many people like to spend their whole day in these activities at the Center It is appreciable that there are many Malayalees also participating . Gireesh, a volunteer mentions that he gets a different feeling who comes to the Center with his children whenever possible .. . The feeling is incomparable. The love and affection given by the dogs cannot be quantified or the extent of it imagined Much more than what we can expect Weekends I come with the children This way their passion and affection for animals is also generated We should not say 'animals' but fellow creatures The children learn how we should care and have concern for the fellow creatures Initially, had a fear as there are so many dogs here As we mingled with them we found that all are so friendly without any exception . None of the dogs arouse any fear. Time spent with them is gives a lot of pleasure . Many have been coming here for years. People who are busy in office and business also find a day in the week to spend time here . . Not only spending time with dogs, the center also arranges for someone to be a sponsor or foster or adopt dogs . Adoption is available for puppies older than 3 months Dogs picked up from the streets are given thorough health check up and only after their health is restored, they are allowed to join the others. They are quarantined till then Donations from public and animal lovers is facilitating the running of the Center A lot of attention is paid to the cleanliness and other routine aspects . . . . . . . . . . . . The Stray Dog Center gives an opportunity to children to closely mingle with the dogs and to take them outside for walks . Called Dog Walk, it is through Facebook and Whatsapp that programmes are announced . . I was born here and grew up here but never...... . . . . . . . . . . One can only come here with and through people who have already come here . . As any publicity about the location can result in people abandoning dogs at the Center's doorstep . . . . . . . . One has to contact the lead volunteer as posted on FB and Whatsapp to be able to come here and participate in any volunteering activity . . This Stray Dog Center is a place of goodness and welfare

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