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Сугарески - Наскоро ќе се потпише анекс на договорот за ексресниот пат Прилеп – Градско

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-Last year, we have had very low progress of activities on this road we have inherited many problems including the ones related to the design of the tunnel, expropriation and archaeological sites. Nevertheless, by continuously working with the director we have overcome all issues and at this moment the construction of this road has been significantly accelerated. I would also like to emphasize that folowing the re-design is being done at the moment and is also in the final stage, so we expect to sign the addendum of the contract as soon as possible all with the purpose of acceleration of programme of works in the following period. I would also like to emphasize that at the same time, a third section from Prilep to Leniski bridge will be constructed as well as the section from village Belovodnica to the quarry in length of approximately 7.5 km. We consider that this will solve this problem to a great extent and in accordance with the deadline which is approximately 2 years, the finalization and reconstruction of this extremely important express road will be complete which is very important not only for Prilep but for the Pelagonia region in general. Emphasizing this, I would like to mention another project that is connected to this express road, and that is the design or tender for design which will be announced in the Public Enterprise. That is the solution for a highway which is being prepared for the route from Prilep to Bitola, as well as express road from Bitola to Medzitlija, i.e. border crossing with Greece. With all of this, we consider that for this Pelagonia region with approximately 300,000 inhabitants, we will make important, safe and fast roads that will represent an important benefit for the citizens of this region. -Three archaeological sites have appeared, while there is continuous work on the site, and as you know, when this happens, the works are being stopped. There were also some unsolved expropriations, but we solved them in collaboration with the Municipality of Kavadarci, and they were related to structures on the road tself so there was no possibility to perform the works. However, there were also other issues related to works on 11 double bridges, so to say. What does it mean, double? This part of the road can be considered as some kind of highway relating to the bridges, and the rest of it is an express road. At a given moment, if the need arises, it can easily be converted to a highway. But there was no geomechanical testing performed for these bridges, so when we realized that this was necessary and needs to be done last spring, the PE for State Roads organized the performance of new geomechanical testings in order to perform the construction works correctly. More than 80 geomechanical testings have been done, as well as re-design of the part of the route because some of the works were unnecessary, and there is an ongoing revision by the Faculty of Civil Engineering expected to be finished next week, so the construction of this road could continue at maximum speed. This road represents a part of a whole which we have started. Three months ago we have started with the road Gradsko-Drenovo, meaning all the way from Corridor X, Gradsko-Drenovo, all the way to Prilep and the third phase, mentioned by the Minister, and we will not stop there, we will continue through Pelagonia. The tender for Bitola Ring-road expressway is ongoing, also the one for expressway to Medzitlija and we are finishing the bill of quantities and this fall we will publish a tender for highway Prilep-Bitola. along with Resen Ring-road, so this whole region will be better connected. Modern roads are being constructed so that the frequency in this part of the state could be safer. We are witnessing how many traffic accidents there are on this route and how big of a problem that has been in the past. -There were subjective and objective reasons causing the tempo of the works to be as it is. Three archaeological sites have appeared on the site during the performance of works, and they were not included in design documentation nor documentation for the performance of works. They encompassed a big part of the route. Two of them are solved and one archaeological site remained, where presently the Conservation Center from Skopje is present on site doing excavations. This site is located near us. In addition, there were some structures for expropriation which were solved so the Contractor has accelerated the pace and the works are being performed a little bit faster.

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Сугарески - Наскоро ќе се потпише анекс на договорот за ексресниот пат Прилеп – Градско

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