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History of Man Overview - Dimensional Beings in the Physical

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HISTORY OF MAN OVERVIEW - DIMENSIONAL BEINGS INFUSED IN THE PHYSICAL History of man overview -- where the Dimensional beings were infused into the physical This is obviously a fascinating point Because The prove of that Is every human being Because The dimension is the mind While the physical body is a physical body So every human being Is prove of it because in The dimension you have no "time" Just like you have in your mind No time You can jump time You can do all kinds off Wonderful and crazy Things! Which drugs help to emphasize and in fact If one study Reality What remains Even after death Is just the mind Many would ??? it the universal mind and we would still do interviews on when we met The universal mind which is Fascinating stuff The important point about The Infusion of The dimensions into the physical was The creation of The mind and the mind consciousness system It was then Created and infused through the Relationships that was predesigned Which eventually Not immediately in the beginning But eventually became The soul construct and the soul construct then Man that you could in your mind Create all kinds of types of personalities and then in the Life overview They can take one personality out and that continue as the soul in becomes the soul body and you Delete the others and you leave the information that is irrelevant In the Akarsia record So the next Life So at least you have some form of "Timeline" to "walk" Which was still in the beginning That was quite relevant because There was a conflict Between the various creator gods In terms of how much Authenticity and Authority should be give to This new creation The Merging of heaven and earth So in a way The whole bible story was like a Form of a ???? where They will give you some truth and some bullshit and Manipulate The information to such an extent That You would not realize That the relationship between the mind Or the dimensions in the physical Must be one and "Equal" otherwise You will create In fact A conflict between heaven and earth and A conflict in heaven Would manifest There is a war in heaven Which is All kinds of Psychological problems that That's existed in the mind like Depression and Psychotic breakdowns All kinds of stuff That's in fact war in heaven Where you are Fighting To be god and you are fighting with All your creations your children Which is all your personalities To see which one will be dominant! and the dominant one That could even Even Take it out of you, had your Point of death and Play around with these things it's Amazing stuff that was actually happening and possible Some of it being experienced when they Use various drugs What you "actually" use ???? to you Any of those kind of things you will End up Experiencing Your creation and the "combined" creation Of consciousness Within the context of you are plugging into it So you will have a view That you can access to a degree Of it Or so they are having any form of Beings coming through Yeah so, we are continuing here with About person's ???? The ???? ???? to hallucinate We will have when Each one will have Many different experiences you will For instance I have four or five People that's on DMT or on some Hallucinate- Drug But they will not be in each other's minds Or have the same beings In their minds They will have their own stories Because they plugged in a different places in that Consciousness In the energetic framework Of the mind That was heaven, heaven- Did not exist Until it was created It's a construct It was a design Before that It was -- "The heaven" It wasn't the heaven Like you understand it now Between heaven and earth Heaven and earth Is connected where you would go so That was a complete energetic creation Have a design Which in essence was the mind and it was fueled To "plugging the being" into the physical Where the being in the physical would then Through an organization The organs Draw energy from the planet and that Energy will then Be Send to heaven Or harvested by heaven Because the It's standing What they say in the bible all the Is that the corn or whatever Is standing right on the fields Somewhere in the bible Talk about that Ready for harvest So that they harvest the energy and with that they would Expand! Heaven The point was simplistically that some Wanted to be god and not that they were god before They just Saw the opportunity They didn't find god anywhere so They decided They were not satisfied with The other Beings, brothers As their equals They were not equal there was Great discrepancy Much abuse and Decided wanted to be god So they designed the system ???? they will be god Which was the energy system and the vein The wine Where you would become Overwhelmed! With The energy You will see some other beings They will say: Oh! Now I will tell you the truth and they have completely super conscious Believe that they know the answer and they are god and all of that Which is the vine It's di-vined It is a Intoxication that happens Through energy When you are not living Here as the physical and you can't go completely into The mind and you have an overloaded of energy, you have Too much energy Do you supplies like Drinking too much alcohol and It takes over completely and you get like alcohol Poisoning in a way You are completely poisoned and therefore You become the only god Everything else is a poison and it's a fascinating thing That happens Anyway So This infusion As Had obviously another side effect It's side effect being That some of that Designs that would be created Within the mind Would end up as physical things you know Bad machines All kinds of stuff ??? they Initially existed In the, dimensions and you even had A races that is specifically worked With particular things like The Syrians That's more into the mechanics The robotics For instance so that From "that" Dimensional part of those things Ended up being created here on earth Within space time which is pretty cool So You continue with An overview of Various aspects Of the process as far in further interviews

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