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The Science of Nutrition: Sleep

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For many of us, when we become busy, sleep ends up on the back burner of our packed schedules. But lack of sleep could be exactly what's getting in the way of your weight management goals. Numerous scientific studies link short sleep duration with obesity, likely because sleep deprivation creates a hormonal environment conducive to fat storage and overeating. Sleep is also the time when your body repairs itself and refreshes your immune system, so it's no wonder people often get sick after periods of stress when they don't sleep well. To better your health and your sleep, try some of these tips Develop a pre-bedtime wind-down routine that you complete every night to prepare yourself for sleep. It's not just for kids. Make your room as dark as possible. This will optimize your body's melatonin production, the natural hormone that regulates your sleep patterns. Special blackout curtains can help with this. Distance yourself from electronic and Wi-Fi devices that emit light and other electromagnetic currents that can disrupt sleep. Make the temperature in your home as comfortable as possible as you prepare to go to sleep. Most people turn the thermostat down a few degrees. After you've implemented these steps, it's time to get personal with your sleep. Dedicate a weekend to determining how much sleep you need. On a relaxed Friday night, set yourself up for a good night's sleep by following the steps we've covered. Don't set your alarm for Saturday morning. Just let your body wake on its own. Do the same thing Sunday morning and record when you go to sleep and when you wake up naturally. The amount of sleep you get with no interruptions will be a good reflection of how much sleep your body needs each night. Armed with this information, do your best to sleep the same number of hours each night. Even if you're unable to get the amount of sleep you'd like, you can still utilize these steps to improve the quality of your sleep, which is also important. If you travel a lot and suffer from jet lag or periodically have commitments that disrupt your sleep routine, try USANA's Pure Rest to tip the sleep balance in your favor. And remember the acronym BED: bedtime routine, electronics, dark. Here's to a good night's sleep. These statement have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease.

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