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170328 더쇼 GOT7 MISSION 60 by플로라

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GOT7: Come and get it GOT7. Hello, we are GOT7. M: Let's go Time limit: 60 seconds 3 types of mission (In order to proceed smoothly, choose a director) For each mission, choose 2 players Once mission ends, choose the best and worst players If all three rounds of mission success, they will receive chicken! M: I remember it (GOT7 who are bad at games) GOT7 VS Mission 60 Who will be better A fierce battle will now begin! For a smooth progression, choose a director This body, appears JY: Let's do rock, paper, scissors. This body, retreats Those who want to be director, choose rock. Those who does not want to be, choose scissors. Why do you need to play rock, paper, scissors for this... JB choose rock alone Seems like it was planned, director chosen You want to be a director so much? What Jaebum wants to do, do all... Today's 1 day director JB, please look after him Maknae line: Bambam and Yugyeom 1 round: Picking up of coins using gloves Bambam and Yugyeom wearing gloves In 60 seconds, pick up all 70 coins YJ: 5 6 7 8 BB & YG: EASY JY: How will you pick the coins up? BB: Me? I will do this. (In order to succeed, strong confidence) Bambam tension UP! UP! JB: Are you guys ready? Start! To succeed, two persons burning competitiveness Hyungs that are watching are having fun BB: I like money~~~~~~ BB: (singing BTS - Blood Sweat Tears) Half picking up, half throwing Yugyeom's cat hand can't help with anything Can't see Bambam's hand To pick up all 7000 won, Bambam's passion It has already past half time M: 30 seconds! YG: You can do it, you can do it. JB: Yugyeom is not doing anything BB: Young and Rich! (I will do it all friend!) M: Faster! Currently has picked up 0 won... JB: How many seconds left? x2 JY: 10 seconds? Although I can't do it, Bambam you can do it (Just like this, success?!) Not much coins left Finish collecting coins! Success since 1ROUND...? 51 seconds. GOT7 who can't play games finally success! Great work Bambam Young and Rich, Bambam fanclub started GOT7 who has found victory again JB: Bambam money is good! First mission success! Vocal line: JB and Young Jae Tissue box BOUNCE Place the tissue box around waist, Shake your waist to get all the balls out Within 60 seconds, in relay, get all 7 balls out to success Already hates it... Like that like that Bamgu and Gyeomgu Like this like this Nyeongu will do it too BB: This is fun JB: Oh! This is good. Mission player JB will demonstrate JB: So you shake like this (BB: OMG YG: Awesome) Am I perhaps good in game? Staffs surprised! GOT7: SO EASY~~~~ During the start, GOT7 with overflowing confidence YJ: Chicken is ours! So unfamiliar, why are we so good in game? M: Why are we so good in game suddenly? YG: Ready BB: Start! Fill with confidence, 2ROUND start! JY: Faster start!! Unique bounce, Young Jae (Surprised) This is ... not it? M: Jump up! JY: Yes, good! JY: Come here Young Jae success! Now, that person is moving LOL! BB: It's so easy BB: We won! YG: End end end Succeed in 4 seconds JB's talent is found GOT7: EASY! Easy Party has started again Current score: 1,2 ROUND all success (It's not win but success ;;;) JY: Yugyeom show your dance YG: Ah it's so easy~ (Maknae Yugyeom self ceremony) 1ROUND Young and Rich. Due to BamBam activeness, success! 2ROUND Due to JB's different BOUNCE, success! This time, Mission 60 finally success?! JB: We are left with the last game now JB/BB: So nervous! JY: Yugyeom ah, nervous dance x2 (Expressing nervousness with dance) Director Mode ON Whether they will pass or fail depends on this last mission! M: I will work hard! JB: Show us the third game! (Power nervous) Visual line: Mark and Jin Young BB: Elephant dance~ A have to turn 10 rounds while doing elephant nose, and B will piggy back A In that state, A will help B to put on lipstick. B must hear "You're pretty" B will then turn 10 rounds while doing elephant nose, and kiss on the transparent sheet inside the heart JB: So who will be piggy backed and who will carry? M: I will do it, carry LA gangster appearred Mark is so manly YJ: Hyunggggg From now on, it is Mark broadcast Visual line, are you ready~ JB: Lastly, this is the third game If mission clear in 60 seconds, GOT7 can eat chicken! JB/M: Start! Jin Young who is spinning quickly YJ: He's like a machine kkk (Hoot, elephant nose is nothing) Jin Young who jumped lightly JB: Mark I love you Onto the next part! Heartwarming visuals Audience going crazy YJ: They look like they are going to kiss

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Posted by: liyeeex3 on Mar 29, 2017

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