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The reason why we are discussing how they originated Why do we have to know? Let's just get the whole of the names and let's make use of it Let's say where we can make use of it? That is not sufficient Because knowledge is the connection you must know everything there is to know to the degree that you can understand everything that there is possible to be able to have knowledge of these 72 names will further increase the intensity of the channel So we have 3 psukim Va Isa Va Yavo Va et These three psukim which will begin verses which will begin with the Vav obviously the first one will be right column in other words these 72 letters in the first verse verse 19 is connected with the right column says the Zohar Va Yavo second verse, verse 20 is connected with the left column and the third verse, verse 21 manifests the central column, the middle column, Va Et We know that the Bet was the letter by which the entire world was created Everything, right? That's why the Torah begins with the letter Bet Because Bet over all other letters was chosen as the letter by which the entire world all of the galaxies, everything that we can ever see anywhere was created by the Bet And the Zohar says - why the Bet? One of the reasons, it has 3 vav's, right? As three columns that's where 3 columns system comes from Three makes up a system a total system There must be a ratzon lekabel, there must be a desire to receive There must be a desire to share and there must also be a desire to restrict Those three systems So therefor, each of these three psukim begin with a Vav Therefor the Bet was chosen because it could be the channel by which all intelligences of the human being to rule and control everything in the cosmos everything in the cosmos because everything was created with what? with the seed of the 3 column system The Bet represents these 3 systems that is the super-force that is the channel by which the whole force of the Lord becomes manifested These 72 names are its expression Therefor, Moshe first demonstrated that mind can be over matter if you have the proper channels

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