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Asteroid Apophis and Blue Origin - SpacePod 11.11.21

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I thought SG1 killed Apophis! This is your SpacePod for November 21st, 2011. A couple of weeks ago we did a SpacePod on Asteoid 2005 yu55 and where you could see it. It sure would be a pity if we didn't actually show you this little space rock. This 28 frame movie was captured by nasa's goldstone solar system radar. YU55 is rotating faster than real time, which would have been once every 18 hours. Remember that this asteroid came closer to earth than our own moon! Now, speaking of asteroids coming close to earth, Youtuber SexyToshi asked, "Can you please do a topic on 99942 Apophis". Well it is still a wee bit early to talk about Apophis, but it has actually already started to make the news. Back in December 2004 there were predictions that Apophis has a 2.9% chance of hitting earth in the year 2029. Now, since then we have refined projections for Apophis and it won't be impacting the earth or our moon in 2029. However there was a possibility that Apophis would pass through a gravitational keyhole which would then re-align it for impact with earth in 2036. As more time passes we gather more and more data and of October 2009 the probability that Apophis would hit that keyhole was down to 1 in 250,000. That is not to say that asteroids don't pose a real and serious threat to the survival of humanity. In reality our best chance for survival is to become a multi-planetary species so if something does happen to one planet, we don't all go down with it. Hey, we do it with hard drives and personal data, why not do it with our species as well? Now one way we will be able to travel to those other stars is via next generation rockets. Many companies are working to make this happen, but one company you don't hear a lot from is amazon founder Jeff Bezos' project Blue Origin. Now what you're watching is blue origins vertical takeoff, vertical landing rocket. This particular rocket is their second test vehicle and while they just released the video of this flight, it actually took to the air a few months ago. The craft has no capsule as that is being designed separately and this is only capable of sub-orbital flight. But much with how we first landed humans on the moon, you have to take baby steps before you can learn to walk in space. It may be nearing the thanksgiving holiday here in the US, but space waits for no one! Here is a list of upcoming flights. Alas, we're still working on the Spacevidcast live channel where you can go to chat with fellow space geeks and watch all of these launches in one place. Until then hit up the launch providers webcast, but remember that our chat room is still open. And if you're watching us on youtube, don't forget to subscribe. We have awesome SpacePods released weekly and hopefully some time soon will be able to start up our live channel again. And as an added surprise we were able to attend the LA Space Salon and captured all of Will Pomerantz's amazing session there. Look for that on our channel soon!

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Posted by: spacevidcast on Mar 24, 2012

Isn't Apophis dead yet? This is your SpacePod for November 21st, 2011.

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