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Zhanna Dosmailova - Vannovka, Kazakhstan - Kazakh (Global Lives Project, 2009) ~16:46:01 - 17:01:01

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Ilyas, jump. ― OK, from the beginning? ― Dream on. One. Two. We're still playing. ― We're playing a different game, right? ― Let me show you a move. Walk like this, woah! Ilyas, I... you. Roma. Roma. Let me be... Move? ― You're so... ― Let's go, Jasha. ― Let's go homies. Hey, I was doing a flip here. No you won't. I built this, not you. Come on. I'm a horse and you sit on me. Hey! Move, I am going to... Ooh! I'm bored of your flips. Hey, Roma, don't touch. Your two horses? No, Roma. Go away! I'm here. Hold on, kinder. Kinder. Zhanna, hold on tight! ― But, you will run away. ― Hey. Zhanna, why did you fall? You can't do that, you've got to hold on. Haha! And now, we are friends. No! Go away. We were playing this game first! Go do summersaults over there. He is not playing anyway. Roma. ― Go and summersault over there. ― I don't want to. You don't want to, then what do you wanna do? Quiet. Play all together. That's a girl! Now me! ― Hey. You won't be able to hold me. ― Yes, I will. ― All OK? ― Yes. Hi! Or I will fall off. Oops. The horsey fell over. Oh, Zhanna. Come on, get up already. Say “Hee–ee-ee”! No, get up like this. Oh! I killed you, Vasya! Swap. You sit on Ilyas. ― Yes. Zhanna, swap. You sit on me. ― Zhanna can sit on you. Ready? I'm heavy. Wow! What a good horse! Go horse go! Look at my horse. Oh, I won. Careful. I fell. And again. ― Horse. ― Go! ― Go! Go! Go! ― Ouch! Why are you hitting me? Horses don't jump like that. Horses don't do that. Horses do this. Where are you going? What are you doing? Are you crazy? What do you want to play? Let's play something different. I'm playing with Zhanna, because Zhanna's my sister. ― I'm your sister? ― Yes! ― What, I'm bigger than you? ― Yes! No. The other way around. You are bigger. Let's play with these again. They're cool. Jasha. Want to? ― Zhanna, you will have soon… How old will you turn? ― I'll be six. Roma, when's your birthday? In the winter, right? ― And mine is in the summer. ― When there will be snow? ― I don't know. ― And mine's in the summer. ― I know. ― Both of yours are in the summer, right? ― Yes. ― No. Mine is. ― Mine's in autumn. ― Autumn? ― No, not autumn. There's snow in autumn, right? If there is snow, there is snow. We'll see what happens, right? ― Ilyas, in spring! ― What? ― In spring. In March. ― Winter? ― Yours is in March. ― Right, in March. ― And when's mine? ― Spring. Then you won't... There will be winter too. The birthday will be after winter passes. Oh, good! Will turn 17. ― Years. ― Who? ― Years. ― You? ― Years. ― No. Andrey. ― He'll turn 17. ― 17? ― Yes. Jasha! Let's play this game too? It's cool! I don't want to. Exactly! Can we set it to two players? Vasya, give me the music. Vasya! Vasya! Va-a-a-a-sya! ― Give me the music. ― What? ― Let me listen to the music. Oh, I have a controller and so do you. Who did that? Vasya, where's the battery? Here, take it! Where did you hide it? ― It's tangled. ― Hold on. Hold on. Hold on. Here. Thanks Ilyas. Hey, I'm playing too! I've only got a battery here. It's set to two. On the net. Oh, bye bye net. Oh! Vasya, you killed me! Killed me. Press the A button. Oh! He is going to knock me out now! It's already a knock out. You want to play now? Come here. No, I am not going to. One. Oh. I won. Not you. Here, I left one. Vasja, can you set it to two? Wait. I would have... Vasya like this! I want to kiss her. Who? ― Her. ― Zhanna? Yeah! Zhanna? Ask. Elya! Kiss Elya. You shut up too. This is a girl. This girl is easy to kill. Hey, why isn't it hitting? It's not working. You knocked me out. Why aren't you hitting? Is it set for two? One. ― Zhanna! ― There. He is up. Hit! ― Did you show the guinea pig? Hit! ― Hit! ― I don't know. Which hits? Which hits. I am not going to kill with anything. Vasja, can we? The one who get's knocked out the most, wins. OK Vasja? ― Yes! ― OK Vasja? OK Vasya? What? The one who gets knocked out the fastest... Stop distracting me. Why isn't it hitting? Vasya killed me. ― Knocked me out very fast. ― No... Getting up. Vasya, set it for two. I will in a second. I'm next, after Roma. Zhanna, why don't we play something different? I didn't... It was Roma. Well, me and Roma will play. Something. Why do you want to play this game? Dad said for you not to play this game. He doesn't want us to play it, right? Yes! He wants you to play something else. The whole week? No. Today. Because you are being filmed. You can't have a lot of the same thing, you need to have variety. Ah! Two. ― That's not a girl. ― Roma, are you ready? ― Yes! ― Let's go. Come on. Good job! It's not hitting at all. Oh! The table. ― Three. Four. Five. Six. ― Can you fix it? ― Seven. Eight. It's really annoying! It's moving back and forth. I tried like that too. ― Oh, I understand! ― You understand how to put them on now? Vasya, what are you doing? Your guy is unbeatable. Two. Three. Four. Five. Five. Seven. Roma, pay attention. Roma! I told you to pay attention. ― Two. Three. Four. Five. ― Why are you sitting, Zhanna? ― Six. ― Ah. After Roma. ― Seven. Well, Roma, it's time to say goodbye. Take that! One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Vasya, I am going to kill you now! Go on, go on, be brave! Zhanna! Get up. I'm next, after Zhanna. Jasha is after me. Go on, Zhanna. Zhanna is difficult to kill. Oh! For me it's not difficult. ― Who has the... ― Back and forth. ― Vasya has it. ― I have it. Vasya is from Russia. Yes. Don't touch. Careful. ― Ilyas, who are you rooting for? ― For you, of course. And I am rooting for Zhanna. By the way, I am rooting for Vasya. ― Who is that? ― Me. Take that! ― That's it Zhanna. You lost. ― It's not hitting at all. It's not hitting the legs. Time to kick. ― My turn. ― Ilyas now. Ilyas. ― Me after Ilyas. ― Yeah, you after Ilyas. ― Uh, its stupid. ― I think the battery died. Come on, go feed the guinea pig and pour it some water. ― Zhanna, will you feed it? ― Zhanna. Because they are sitting there without any water. Come out.

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Duration: 15 minutes
Country: Kazakhstan
Language: Kazakh
Producer: Simone Goldsmith
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Posted by: glpkazakhstan on Nov 11, 2009

Zhanna Dosmailova - Kazakhstan - 16:45-17:00 (Global Lives Project, 2009)

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