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Mingmar Lama - Tsum Valley, Nepal - Nepali (Global Lives Project, 2013) 05:00:00 - 05:29:59

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What are you doing? My back is getting cold. I think I should sit in the sun. This is its sword. Why did you bring this? —This is its sword! Let's put this watch. There's no hand so leave it like that. Looks like a person from back! Boring, no harvesting today! This is looking great! Why did you make it off the position? He will fix it back. Hey! Don't mess. I am feeling sleepy. You wake up early. That's why. Kid, You want to play cards? Can you bring it?—Where shall we play? Here. Bring a mattress. Any kind of mattress. Put it here. The three of us can play together. Come. You also come. Who? It's just for the cards. Don't sit here. Will this get wet?—It will. OK. Come. Why to you need that stone? Give me those two logs. You are blocking the camera! You can also bring the other log for you.—It's ok. Nine times three is 18...its 27. Lets play "Kitti". Hey kid, Do you know me? I'm ready. Are you guys ready? Who dealt? Lets start. I will win this one. Really? You'll win. I've pairs of 10.— I've pairs of ace! Are you playing pairs?—Huh. You only get pairs. Ok, your turn.—It's not my turn. It's his turn. Your turn. Show your cards. Are you cheating?—No! I'll win all hands. I always get kings on hand! Kumar, Did you deal?—Yes. Who'll start? Do you have same color? What do you have Kumar? What's you last hand? It's kitti! OK. Start! Kumar, it's your turn. Coz he dealt. Keep your cards low. What is this? What do you have?—Straights.—You won. Cheater!—But you won! Wait, I am not ready. Kumer, you start.—I dealt. So it's your turn. Hey! Pick it up. It will be a tie! What is your last hand?—Ace!— I also have an ace. Pairs of five will win.—It's a tie. 10 is the highest card i have. Who tied it?—He did. I did with pairs of five! Are you ready?—Wait.— Don't step there.—Doesn't matter. Lets start.—Wait. Who dealt? Wait! Kumar the cheater is written here —Where?— Here. Lets begin. Lets begin! Your turn. I have ace! I won this. You have ace with same color? I won. Look, this is my last hand. You won. I should have arranged in different way. Give me those cards. I haven't washed my face. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9....,23,24,25,26,27. Damn it! ****. Lets start. I dealt it. Lets start. It's your turn. Did you win? Kumar, did you win?—Yes. What is your second hand?—I have color with eight. He beat me. Damn it. He won. I even have ace in my last hand. I have pairs of sixes! He won't win.— You didn't win either. I had weak cards but I still beat you guys. This jacket will get wet. Are we returning back home today?— No use of staying here. Getting bored now. You have to get the horses first, right?—Yes. I think people might be playing cards at Bajyo.— Must be. Lets start. You are taking so long to arrange six cards. Whos turn is it to deal? I dealt it earlier. Is it my turn to deal? Don't arrange your cards once you are ready. Did I win?—Yes. What is your last hand?— I have pairs. Which pairs? I have pairs of sixes. It's a tie. Deal the cards. He has straights. Who tied?— He did. We have to stay half an hour more. Lets go inside to wash face. Shall I heat water?— We haven't fetched water. About Rs forty thousand have gone in loss. Oh no, His cap fell off! What is this bald head doing? He is showing his bald head. Ok, Lets start. I was the one who dealt. You have three of a kind? Damn it, my straights are useless. Throw nicely! I have ace with same color. Again he won. What's your last hands? Pairs of threes. It's over. If he wins then he wins the game.—Yes. He won because he peeked my cards. What else could you have arranged then? It might also snow today.—I guess so.— It's gonna be so cold. Are you quiting?— No way! He is taking nine hours to arrange the cards! Wow! Again he is going to arrange. Lets see if you can win! I am sure it's gonna tie. If he wins the last hand then he will win. He won! How come it's tie? I have pairs of Kings. Oh, he has pairs of twos only! That's lowland's style. — You are dealing in wrong direction. Don't deal in wrong direction. It's a curse. Can you guys beat me? Don't look there. You'll get beaten if you peek. (SINGING) Lets start.—I dealt. It's his turn. I see your cards from your sunglass.! What do you have? Threes, Fours... You can see your grand father in the cards! You have straights? —Huh. It was so close. Lets see if you can beat my last hand! Here is my last hand! I too have good hands. Here! Sorry! It's a tie now. I won.—You can't win! He had the first and second hands. Really? All of us had good hands! I wish for two...i get useless cards. Lets start! It says Kumar is don! Kid! Start the game.— Didn't i dealt the card? Tell me, are you ready or not?—I'm ready. If you had dealt then it's my turn. I have three of a kind. Oh no! Show your next hand. You won. This is my last hand. This might be enough to beat you. You have won! Why are you looking at the cards? (SINGING) What's the date today?— I don't know. Its's Sunday. Oh! What is this? If i get five then the game is over! If i had king then? You never get good cards. I'll make this game a tie. OK. Lets start! I dealt the cards. Did you deal? really? Lets start...

Video Details

Duration: 30 minutes and 1 second
Country: Nepal
Language: Nepali
Producer: Rinzin Lama
Views: 79
Posted by: globallives on Nov 7, 2013

Mingmar enjoys the morning sunshine while playing cards with his cousin and Kumar.

This is part of a 24-hour recording of a day in the life of Mingmar Lama.

This video was produced by Rinzin Lama, Andrew Mahlstedt, Dawa Yakpa, Yog Shakya, Tenzin Norbu, Ravi Shrestha, Karma Ghale, Santa Bahadur Tamang, Arjun Magar, Tenzin Norbu, Thepe Tamang, Maila Tamang, Santosh, Jit Bahadur Gurung, and Kancha Tamang.

This video is part of the Global Lives Project, a video library of life experience.

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