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Hawaii Cruises & South Pacific Cruises on Princess Cruises

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Paradise in the pacific - Hawaii & Tahiti (music) Far from the routine of everyday life, there's a lush paradise. Shimmering emerald islands in the sapphire Pacific. And there's a stretch of beach beneath swaying coconut palms with your name on it. It's but one of many magical sights you'll encounter. Sail to Hawaii and Tahiti with princess, and your tropical fantasy is a dream come true. It's one of these destinations which has something for everybody. you've got there some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. If you want history, well, the whole place is steeped in history. And they really do welcome you with flowers and the beads. It really is quite spectacular. In Hawaii, the spirit of aloha infuses every wonderful moment. Once you've arrived, you'll call the most popular islands, like fabulous Oahu, Lush Kauai, Magical Maui, and the beautiful Big lsland. (Music) And then there's Tahiti and French Polynesia, a stunning archipelago of island gems, like majestic Moorea, with it vibrant native culture; and breathtaking Bora Bora, with its towering peaks and shimmering waters. Once you're in the island, there's nothing to do but unwind and let the felling of relaxing rejuvenation wash over you... Unless of course you'd rather take part in thrilling shore excursion, snorkeling among rainbow fish in a pristine reef, sweeping along the Nepali coast in a helicopter, exploring the depths of the rain forest, or golfing in paradise on a world- class course. (music) When it comes to truly get away from the bustle of the modern world, head for the slow pace and gorgeous scenery of the Hawaiian Islands and Tahiti on a tropical vacation with Princess. Princess Cruises. escape completely.

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Hawaii Cruises & South Pacific Cruises on Princess Cruises

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