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Girls With Guts- Butt Buddies Training-SD

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We have a program that we rely on which is called our Butt Buddies program. Which is an IBD support group for people who hate support groups. Um, and the reason why we call it that is because the support group has a really negative connotation the same way caregiver does. And we wanted it to be something that was uh, had the same feel and attitude that Girls With Guts does. And also is something that people want to go to. There's a couple thing that we're gonna talk to you about right now about like starting a group and what it takes and what, what we will require of you to do that. You will get 100 people that are like, "I totally want a support group", Two will show up. Like, every time. So it's one of things that if you wanna do it you have to really stick with it and put in some time. And not time like, you know groundwork, but I mean like it might take six months before you get 5 people at your meeting. And once you get people coming they will continue to come. You will get regulars that are excited to be there and if you're not there, they're bummed out. If you wanna start a group we're asking that you find your co-leader. And you guys don't have to go to every meeting together but there needs to at least be one person there. And even you're there by yourself for 30 minutes before you decide to leave like, there has to always be someone there to greet potential new people. So you wanna get contact information so that way you-. I also, I send out a reminder the week before. Ours are on Tuesday's so I send out a reminder on Tuesday saying, "Hey, don't forget next week", cause they will forget. Everybody will forget every month it never fails. And then I send out a reminder the Monday before that just says, "Just again, another reminder. If anybody has any topics they wanna talk about." And then in that email I will also ask them, "Shoot me an email back and let me know if you're coming." Um, the other thing like I said is find a location. And um, the location can be anywhere that is basically free. So, it could be at a public library. It could be at a museum that has an open space or it could be at, it could be at a church. That might be kind of a weird thing cause people feel weird about churches sometimes. But, people feel weird about hospitals too so basically look for places. Look for locations that will give you um, that will be able to give you a regular time slot every month. Like that's what we need to know so that way we can provide you with fliers for, specifically for your group. And additionally um, we'll give you that kind of stuff that you need. Like if you need proof that we are a non profit, we can give you that. You know just like basic logistical stuff. And then in addition to it it'll be again, the expectations that we have of you as a group leader and probably like, without sounding negative, but, consequences. Like if you're not filling out you know, the things we're asking you to do and things like that because we're working really hard over the next 6 months to really solidify Girls With Guts as um, like a really professional entity. Not that we're not professional. But like, we wanna make sure our programs are solid. And part of that means reporting and accountability so um- That's also how we make sure that we're meeting the needs of our community. Exactly. Men and women are both welcome Our group is no teenagers. Like, no, we don't want like the younger ones. But your group, if you want teenagers invite them. Like, you're more than welcome to say like, "This is what I want my group to be. I want loved ones to come. I want kids come.". Like, your group can be what you wan it to be. I would recommend coming to every meeting with like three topic ideas of things to promote conversation in case you get very quiet people. The other thing is your groups are welcome do other things. Like, if you wanna like invite somebody who is a yoga instructor for one week, invite them in. Have that be your Butt Buddies you know, for the week. Um, the other thing is something that we will expect from you is to report to us. Which will probably be a Google form because I love them. Um, which is basically just like date, location, who you are, how many people showed up, what you talked about. So a very quick, noting in-depth. But that way we can keep metrics and know like, are these groups growing, are they do-, what do we need to do better? Like, and we need to keep you guys accountable too as group leaders. So um, and we'll check in with you right Like, you are more than welcome to contact us and we will contact and say, "How is your group going? Do you need anything from us?". It's sort of a choose your own adventure support group. And whatever will work for you and the people in your community. I agree and I think, I mean I think the Google hangouts thing is another great option because I mean, this is something we were discussing. I think one of the reasons people can't make it a lot is because they're sick. I mean that's one of the reasons we couldn't make it one time. So we wanna continue to make it accessible but. You know, so it's just having that communication with your group so you can say, "Hey, you know, we're all sick this week. You wanna still meet and just do it online?". You can also Skype people into the meeting. You know like if you can bring a laptop and it has wifi bring it and set them up at the table. You know? I mean I knew we were getting these in person connections because as you've seen through this weekend that's so much better in so many ways and you just actually get to know somebody and you make a Butt Buddy.

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Girls With Guts- Butt Buddies Training-SD

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