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Orientation - Graduation Requirements Oct 14

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[Institute for Integrative Nutrition] [The World's Largest Nutrition School] Hi, I'm Heather. Welcome. We want to make sure your year at Integrative Nutrition is your best year yet. To keep you engaged in the learning process and make sure you complete the material to coach effectively, we have created Graduation Requirements. These requirements uphold the quality of your education experience. We want to be clear about what they are because you must meet our requirements to receive your IIN certificate and be eligible for all the amazing opportunities we offer alumni. There are four main components to graduation. [Graduation requirements] [repeated in onscreen text] Passing online tests, submitting Health Histories, attending Coaching Circle sessions, and being up to date on your tuition payments. I'm going to break down these requirements and how many points each requirement is worth. Graduation is based on a point system. The total number of points you may earn is 100, and you need to earn at least 75 points in order to successfully graduate. First, I'll cover online tests. Every 10 modules, you'll have a test, and there are 40 modules, so there will be a total of four tests. Each test is worth 10 points of your entire Health Coach Training Program grade. Passing these exams requires a score of 70 percent or above, so if you receive a 70 or higher on a test, you will earn 10 points toward your overall grade. If you score lower than a 70, you will receive zero points towards your overall grade for that particular test. This means that testing will contribute 40 points of the 75 points required for graduation, if you pass all 4 tests, with 70 percent or higher. Next, let's talk about Coaching Circle attendance. You will have 6 Coaching Circle sessions in total. Coaching Circles are conference calls led by a successful IIN graduate, in our in-group format. There will be up to seven peers from your class on the call as well. Each call is 90 minutes. On these calls, you'll be able to discuss and enhance your coaching and business skill, exchange health and wellness ideas, and provide support for each other. The Coaching Circle requirement will contribute 30 total points to your overall program requirement. To earn these 30 points, you must attend a total of four Coaching Circle sessions or more. Partial points are not awarded for less than four attended sessions. This requirement awards 30 points towards your 75 point graduation requirement or nothing at all. Missing this requirement would mean that you do not pass the course, so it is very important to attend the required four sessions. Missed sessions cannot be made up or rescheduled. Attending your Coaching Circle Sessions is so important both for your development as a Health Coach and for your successful completion of the course. We will let you know when it's time to sign up for a Coaching Circle time slot. Coaching Circles are marked on your core schedule and will occur towards the end the course when you are getting ready to build your health coaching business. This is one when find students need the most support. Attending your Coaching Circle sessions is so important, both for your development as a Health Coach and for your successful completion of the course. Once you choose a Coaching Circle at the beginning of the course, I encourage you to look at your course schedule and mark your Coaching Circle dates for the year on your calendar. This will help you stay on track with this important graduation requirement. The third graduation requirement is the completion of 6 Health History forms, which is worth 30 points of your overall program grade. You can complete these with friends, family members, classmates and potential clients. You will learn all about Health Histories later in the curriculum, so for now, just make sure note when your Health Histories are due in your calendar. You can start submitting them as soon as we teach you about Health Histories. Practice with classmates and get them in so this requirement is done. In order for you to receive a certificate as a Health Coach, you will be asked to submit a total of six Health Histories. If you submit six Health Histories, you will receive the 30 points. But if you submit any less than six, you will receive zero points and automatically fail the program. No partial credit is awarded. Of course we encourage you to do more than six, but only six are required to graduate. And finally, in order to graduate and receive your diploma, you must be up to date with tuition payments. [repeated in onscreen text] To view your finances, sign into the Learning Center, click on Settings in your Student Menu, and select Account Management. To recap, you can find all of the due dates for your graduation requirements in your course schedule. We do not grant extensions for online tests or Health History submissions. Make sure to plan ahead and please do not wait until the last minute to take these tests or submit the forms. Again, if you miss a Coaching Circle session, it cannot be made up. If you participate in less than four Coaching Circle sessions, or if you do not submit your Health Histories on time, you will not graduate. After all the hard work you put into this program, you want to make sure to receive your IIN certificate. As a graduate, you are eligible for additional courses including our advanced business coaching training and some amazing advanced education opportunities like receiving college credit that can go towards a bachelors or masters degree. Graduation is completely attainable as long as you pay attention to your course schedule and graduate requirement reminders. We will remind you of upcoming deadlines to hold you accountable, so please read the emails we send you. They have important information. Make note of deadlines on your calendar and set reminders to ensure you submit your work on time. Good luck and have a great year.

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HCTP Oct 14, modules 1-10

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