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Jamila Jad - Beirut, Lebanon - Arabic (Global Lives Project, 2009) ~18:57:24 - 19:12:24

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The book will not be beautiful this way, you've messed it up. I want to copy my friends. -I have no stickers, not even one... -Mum went to see Ali. Ali is here. He is here? Mum went downstairs to see him. Upside down? No. My notebook is full, so I bought a new one. I have finished two pages so far. Let's see how many pages we will finish today. Competition, what? What did you write? Arab competition for review, page 607. Page 126-127,130-131 and the grammar book. Masculine, feminine, singular, plural. You only have those? Count these for me, the front and the back. -Don't lose count! -Oh my God! 9-10-11-12-13... Is it Al-Maghrib prayer time? -Those are fifty. -All of them? One minute, I will count them again, I'll start from here. 1-2-3-4-5-6-7... 13, with this one? Everything, except for this one. Enough! 47, no 49. Look, look. Your voice will be heard now! Yes, on the earpiece. -At school... - Do you have an earpiece too? - No. In class my friend was saying "I want a cup of juice please!" They were filming in class. These are 23 and the ones on the back... 105... One moment. How many are those? 47. 47 and 20? 60, 67. And 3? 70. 70! and 601? -With this? -Oh my God, you count them! If I continue I won't finish till tomorrow morning! -Let me help you. -What? -Let me help you. -Ok. I want to fill it all. Put them in the middle, and also the back? -Everywhere. -Give it to me. You do the back and I'll do the front. I might finish before you, because I'll fill more. You do these two pieces only, no, just this one and this one. And I will do the rest. This is my dearest wish. Look it is full. If we finish this book I will bring more until I fill all of them. Because this is the religious book, it is forbidden, right? God would be angry with us. Do you know how to say God in English? I know. Yes/ -Not like this, align them. -Wait a minute, you do not know what I want to do. -Wait! Oh, I have an idea! Instead of making them this way, we put them under each other, what do you think? Let's make them under each other, under each other. It would be more beautiful, and not too crowded. I will put those above each other. I can remove those from the Arabic book if you want. -I will put them in a line. -Move your hand. This is beautiful too. Oh, it is the same? No. Oh, oh, oh. Under. And this. That's it. Let's see where to put those three. On this book or that? Let's put them on this. I have Superman stickers, Dora stickers, and Montana. -Look, what is her name... -Montana or Rotana? Montana. Look at this. -What is this a memoir? -What? -Is it a memoir? A memoir? No, let me remember it, that would be better. It will be beautiful. Give it to me! My friend gave me this because I gave him stickers. And my friend gave me this because? I also gave her stickers. When are the final exams? In six days. Ours are in a month. What? You go to a Lebanese school, right? It is almost the end of the term dear! We are UNRWA, we have a different system. What! How ugly it is, the worst UNRWA I have ever seen. How ugly it is UNRWA, it is filthy, filthy. -You do not like it? -No. The Lebanese schools are better than the Palestinian ones. No, but our school is better. Have you seen our school? Have you been there? Have you? What is its name? Have you seen it? Mohammed Shami; Have you seen how beautiful it is? I've never seen a similar school. You have never seen. I won't use this one, or this. I might finish them all today. I might finish the whole book today, I think. Believe me, I might finish them today. -Jamila Jad, you... -You stay at home! At home, that is right. Give me that one. -This is minus or what? -Plus. Today I will wear the book out. -It is time for Al-Magrib prayer. Go and pray. -I will once the Azan is finished. -I was praying... -Did you do the prayers you missed? No, my mother told me to pray them during the summer, that would be better. -No there will not... -Go and pray. -Now, once the Azan is finished! You cannot pray during the Azan? No, you will have to pray again then. -Now once it is done. -I will finish them for you. I am going to do the ablution. No do not. Ok, ok. But do not... No no no, I will do the ablution. -Finish it all, I must do the ablution now. -Go, put it here. Did you see that? Did you see that? Put all these here. And all these. Give it to me. Just one line full. -Pick any line, just one. -Here is better. -Pick a line? Pick a line? -Yes. I want to do the ablution too! Aya, is it like this? Like this? Look... 1 2 3 4 5 6? The leg does not hit the ground? Like this? -Go two steps backwards. -Like this? How? Mom, I'm going to do the ablution. Girl, my foot! I'm going... No. No. Oh! The Azan just started now! Are you done? Not all of them, just the line you told me to do. -Mom, I'm going to pray... -Cover your hair. Aya... Aya... Ali is not home yet? No? Mom, now? Mom, upstairs is hot! Wow, Ahmad what are you listening to? Do you hear me? Give me! You put all of it? Come and tell me what did you pick? How yucky you are! What did you pick? Why did you put all these? Why are they all gone? Why? There was only this one, ok? I put them here. They are obvioius, I just put those. Oh, poor girl! No! Let me see how much they are now, 1 2 3 4 5... 19 stickers! Stickers! If they give me the whole world and its treasures, this will not make me forget my country, I would sacrifice my soul for it.♪ Without Palestine what does the whole world mean? ♪ Without Palestine what does it mean?♫ If they give me the world and its treasures, this will not make me forget my country, no, no.♪ I would sacrifice my soul for it, without Palestine.♫

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Duration: 15 minutes
Country: Lebanon
Language: Arabic
Producer: GLP- Lebanon
Director: Irene Herrera, Ron Carr
Views: 150
Posted by: glplebanon on Jun 18, 2009

Jamila at home - evening.

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