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Let's say I'm acting as a German subsidiary, but guess what, I had only 25 on my stock. However, I need to buy the remaining quantity from my own vendor. So what do I do? I make this perhaps to be a direct delivery from another entities that I am going to deal with. And this direct delivery options of mine, if I basically take a look at it, I click on the "Sourcing," is actually coming from an external vendor, which happens to be a vendor that resides in Far East. So that would be the sourcing vendor. You see, I requested something from Germany, from USMF, and Germany is requesting something from Asia. So that is a nice chain that you could see. This is not an intercompany anymore, this is an external vendor. Therefore, I ask the external vendor to direct deliver this to the address of the customers of mine. At this stage, if I go ahead and take a look at the purchase order that is tie in to this specific sales order, and as matter of fact, the purchase order automatically got generated because this is direct delivery, and you are going to buy that amount from your vendor here. So everything is automated as you notice. And we are going to buy 75 from this vendor. Let us say, due to the request that the USMF has asked the German entity, and I am acting as a salesperson of a German entity, I talk to the purchaser of the German entity to rush this order because the Cave Wholesale is really in a tight schedule. Let us say, hypothetically, I do not know if this specific Contoso Asia is capable of delivering these goods on time but I am requesting the confirm delivery date as a proposed delivery date that the vendor has to confirm. And then I have a capability to have this vendor to literally use the vendor collaboration in order to say either they accept this delivery date or not. Now I am going to wear a different hat. I become somebody who is responsible indeed for the vendor collaboration. As you see, first of all, this purchase order has to be confirmed but I cannot confirm it. Why? Because the vendor has not okayed it for that date. So as you notice, there is a section under the Purchase, they call it Vendor Collaboration. And within the vendor itself, there is a drop-down that you could say, if I have a purchase order, I am sending it for the vendor for the review using the vendor collaboration portal, which is available in here. And as part of the vendor collaboration, you have the capability for the vendor to access everything that you see in here or a portion of it. I am only showing you the purchase confirmation and perhaps invoicing not the vendor information, not the bidding, you know, none of those requests for quotes and all that. Depending on the security of the external users, you could set up a user for the vendor and make it to be external and they only see this dashboard. So let us say I am going to send this purchase order for vendor review to see whether or not they are going to approve it. And depending on the settings that you have under Vendor Collaboration, you could have the vendor to automatically confirm the PO as soon as they approve it, or it could be for review by your team. At this stage, as you notice, that has been already sent to Contoso Asia. Now I am changing the gear again. I am acting as a different persona. And I directly go to Vendor Collaboration portal. I am acting as a Contoso Asia personnel. And here in this scenario, let us say, I am going to take a look at the purchase order confirmation, and I can reject this or I can not accept the delivery time, I can suggest changes perhaps, or I can accept it. Of course, for ease of demonstration, I am just going to go with accept. But if you do reject or we do suggest changes, it is going to go back to the customer, and customer is going to take an appropriate action and then you can keep communicating back and forth and finding out exactly what is going to happen to that purchase order. Again, for simplicity of my demonstration, I am going to go and take a look at the detail of this purchase order as somebody who is part of Contoso Asia, I can see what is it that they want. As you notice, it does not give you everything that you have as somebody who has generated PO, but you can actually come in here, perhaps add additional charges. Let us say, if you want to do it as a sooner delivery, you may want to add expedited fees, et cetera. You can actually see where are you going to deliver it to. Maybe I want to add additional charges, maybe I want to add notes, maybe I want to suggest changes on the date or pricing or whatnot. Or I can just simply reject and say, "No, sorry, we cannot do." Or you just simply accept it. I am just going to do an accept. This does not automatically get confirmed unless you set up the way that by the time you accept, it automatically gets confirmed. There are two different flavors of dealing with this. So I accept it, I put a note on it. And this is going to go back to German entity. Now I am in German entity, and I can simply come here. And as you see, no more you have a purchase order for review but you have one awaiting from customer action. So at this stage, I can go back and take a look at it and see exactly what order is available the vendor has accepted to deliver at that stage. You can view the response if there are any specific instructions or any additional charges or whatnot, you can review everything. And then come back in here and say, "Yes, this has been already available." And you can again send the purchase order for confirmation. The vendor can confirm it or you can confirm it yourself depending on how you have configured the vendor. Let us take a look at this specific portal again. And as you see on the purchase order preparation under German entity now, purchase procurement agent is going to come to this dashboard and sees all available values. And as a matter of fact, there is one option, they call it "An external review requires an action." If there was negotiation happening, like suggested changes or charges that has been added, you could view it under "awaiting vendor responses" because you keep negotiating and communicating with each other. But let us say, I am just going to click on "an external vendor review." And as a matter of fact, right within here, you notice that this has been accepted, and you could indeed confirm it right within here or you can view the responses and send it again and find out exactly what the response was all about, find out if there is any changes that you would like to make, you could view the sent order, you could view the received order and see the comparison between the two and negotiate accordingly. As you see, the PO update is not automatically set up due to the settings of the vendor. Here, I can just manually confirm it lets say. The purchase order is confirmed. Now Contoso Asia is supposed to deliver the goods to Cave Wholesalers directly as a direct delivery.

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