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Case Study Teresa (Mod 19)

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>> Hello. Welcome to this module's Case Study. This module focuses on mindfulness and how you can help clients build more nourishing food relationships by eating with intention and attention. We'll explore how you might provide support through the process of practicing mindfulness, and the importance of using a bio-individual approach. Remember, Teresa? Let's go through the three steps. Recap, Teresa knows that her stress affects her eating habits. She has a very busy schedule. She rarely eats breakfast, and she doesn't always eat lunch. She has a lot of headaches. She feels pressured to feel put together at work, even if she's stressed or tired. Her eating habits are related to her desire to fit in at work. Growing up, she was encouraged to finish everything on her plate. She has an extreme approach in many areas of life, including food, exercise, sleep, and relationships. She often wakes up feeling dehydrated. She rarely enjoys eating. She drinks artificially-sweetened coffee and chews gum all day because she craves sugar. When it comes to sweets, she has a hard time eating just one. She feels lost in general. Mock exercise. In your Learning Center, you'll see an exercise called My Mindful Eating Strategies. Teresa's exercise is included after the blank version that you can try for yourself. Apply. Using the material from the recap and mock exercise, complete the case study challenge in your Learning Center. If you're feeling brave, take a photo of your completed handout and send it out to the Facebook group so that we can support each other. I'll see you back here soon.

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Case Study Teresa (Mod 19)

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