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Why you care too much about what other people think?

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You care Too Much about what other people think You care too much about what other people think yes there are people that comment such points so let me explain why we care we have had extensive and we still- work with it when necessary extensive interviews with Dead fuckers why do I say dead fuckers? because- at that point - you are dead and! you are fucked therefore you are a dead fucker I mean you can't call anybody that's dead anything else When you speak to a dead fucker you realize- the extent of the consequences of the ignorance and the arrogance that brought the stupid fucker to that condition where there is virtually nothing left where everything they were died with the physical, returned to earth and it's dust to dust and- I mean they are just as- like a little lamb- innocent, stupid- with no basic reference of anything I mean- you must understand a fascinating point when the soul-construct and the white light was removed there was an immediate side-effect the side effect was that everyone in the universe - that was in the spiritual realms immediately lost all! their coverings you know their- projections their clothing their - who they are projections - the things that they believe whether they were reptilian or alien or anything it was all was all lost immediately and what remained was everybody the same as an egg shaped - sound resonance individual still! but! everyone and everything the same and everything with the same knowledge and understanding absolutely the same the only difference being their individuality Obviously a wonderful point of proof that- the removal of the soul was the effective way to go because the result was immediate equality and all the bullshit of millions of years was removed in a single sweep So, when we say when we care about what other people think we do so because they haven't got a fucking clue and soon they'll be a dead fucker too and when they are a dead fucker and they do not birth themselves from the physical there is nothing no one can do for the dead fucker and- it's just that dead fucker so if you want to be a dead fucker - ignore the Desteni message so if you want to be a dead fucker - ignore! the Desteni message because guaranteed! we will be waiting and in a single moment, I mean- when you die there is a moment of timelessness so that you can understand how you fucked yourself and then- you dissipate into nothing you lose your individuality because you can't sustain it because you broke the law of equality you did not love your neighor as equal and you did not support Life as- equal and for that the punishment is the second death which then take place you know about these things! you always feared it you just though it'd never happen to you because you know too fucking much unfortunately you now will face the ultimate problem that if you die and you are a dead fucker = you are dead. Join us we are the Desteni of the universe it is a "ship" a group- a relation-ship that forms and travels throughout time looking at the design of the fuckedness that's here what has caused those that died to become dead fuckers and how to support those that are ready to love thy neighors as thy-self and to give - as you would like to receive how to assist those - to Life to birth themselves so that when death come you can cross the divide as an equal and whether you are at this side of the divide or the other of the divide you are one and the same fascinating CC English for Desteni Productions©

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Posted by: desteniteam1 on Jan 9, 2011


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