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Basak Taner - Istanbul, Turkey - Turkish (Global Lives Project, 2013) - 10:30:00-10:59:59

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I have the stash at home.—Really? Don't forget your cardigan.—You are right. It is here. Come on. We are going. Give that to me. Do you remember that old apartment I used to live in? That old apartment Come on really? Hello how are you?—Are you shooting? Yes, we are walking around. Are you fine? Are you tired?—We are very tired. We don't want to disturb, God's speed. See you. Keep shooting. Basak, will you be tired if we go up this way?—No let's try. This park after all those years... Deniz? dear Deniz... ...I am leaving around 6.30,7 pm. Give it.—No.—Come on give it. This is the hardest part I guess? Where is Sevval?—I am here. Here we are.—Welcome. This is Deniz's sister.—Hello.—Hello. How are you? Are you fine? Look Deniz this is your sister Sevval.—My love. Come Sevval, give some love to my baby. Hello.—Look who is here? Is your sister Sevval here? You are so cute.—She is going to be incredible. Yes. She gets along very well with Sevval. —Amazing. They spend time together.—Next summer sister Sevval will hold her hand and walk her around. Sevval will run with her. Did you miss your sister? Let's get going.—We gave a little break. See you.—See you.—Bye dear. Should we stall her? No... OK then, we will wait for you.—Ok. Deniz's mother needs to go up, needs to go to the house. I am talking to you Deniz. I will wait here with you.—Dear Deniz, wait with your aunt. Ok? Take this.—Give these as well. Let's sit over there with you.—Do you have anything else to do? Tell me you cutie pie. Oh really? What happened next? Tell me all about it. Really? Oh no, no way. It is your turn to tell me. Deniz can you do this? It is your turn to tell me. Really, what happened after that? I am about to bite and I bit. What is this car trying to do? Let's give some space. You never know. Right dear Deniz? My girl. My beauty, my dear. Cutie pie. Are you pooing? Are you pushing to poo? Do you want water, should I give you some water? Shall we have some water? We drank some water. Then we had a chat. Oh my dear.—That's right. My files! How long have you had them for?—I brought them so you wouldn't forget them again. Thank you very much dear. Thanks for coming. It was so good to see you.—Likewise. We needed each other—exactly We should do this again—As soon as possible You finally threw it away.—Good job, this one is over Now that your mother is here, you throw it away. —She loves her. What else can she do? There you go.—The mom with the alternatives. Of course. Dear, kiss Zeynep for me. Ok dear, take care of yourself, we'll talk.—Send my regards to Cüneyt and to your parents as well. I will. As soon as Noyan comes back, let' arrange a get together. Sure.—It will be amazing if we can go on a holiday all together. You are dreaming. Deniz let me kiss you. You are one fat baby, Kiss her, aunt Başak. See you ok? You kiss Zeynep for me ok?—I will. See you.—See you. Take care of yourself. If you need anything please call.—Thank you for the medicine dear. Your welcome, you are calling if you need anything.—Ok you too. Kisses bye bye.—See you. Bye dear Deniz.—Bye aunt Basak. You grow up so that you and Zeynep can play together.—You guys run around together. We will run after them.—And drop to 45 kilos.—So funny! See you.—Bye send my regards—Bye dear I am recording. I have left a gum here. Very hot. There has to be a way here. You will turn and I will leave. Hello! Hello! Excuse me! Excuse me? Yes yes what happened? I am fine. I am heading to Göztepe. Excuse me? My what? I left Sencan now I am heading to Göztepe. Where is that place? Where are you? How are you getting there? Are you in the car? Ok. I hear you, tell me. Yes I hear you. Well. Kurtköy Yes yes! I got it, got it. Ok we will be in touch. What am I supposed to find? Ok if I find, it I will buy it. I am sure they have it at the airport as well. Ok. Ok, if I call you, try to pick up the phone. I mean if he comes, stall him or something. Ok. Are you by yourself? Ok ok. Ok ok dear, we will talk again. We will talk. Excuse me? Why? Yes yes. We will talk later ok? Bye dear bye bye. I almost went blind! Weren't you supposed to go? I gave way to you. Ok my friend. (Music playing at the radio.) Come here. Come come. I am giving way to you, you are giving way to me. You idiot! I give way and I am the one to blame now. Come slowly! Don't honk. Do you think traffic clears up when you honk? Oh my God. There goes the honk again. Such a noise pollution! Go go. F*** off. Are you an idiot or what? Now you stopped right in front of me. What has changed? Imbecile! I am almost here. Let me see if I can find a valet here. Dear! Hello,the engine is running. Are you here?—Yes yes. Wait wait. I am terribly sorry.

Video Details

Duration: 30 minutes and 1 second
Country: Turkey
Language: Turkish
Producer: Mutlu Vrysopoulos
Views: 70
Posted by: globallives on Aug 19, 2014

Basak has tea with her friend.

This is part of a 24-hour recording of a day in the life of Basak Taner, a pharmaceutical delivery person in Istanbul, Turkey. Produced by Mutlu Vrysopoulos, Onur Aldogan, Huseyin Kok, Orhan Caliskan, Mert Aldogan, Semih Gur, Suphi Uzun and Muhammed Genc, this video is part of the Global Lives Project, a video library of life experience.

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