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2017 - TupperConnect Parties (English)

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- Hey y’all! - Hey guys! How ya doin’? Are you ready to do this, Anna? Yes. I’m so glad you’re back with me. I missed you a couple weeks ago. I’m happy to be back. It’s a bell ringer. Okay, so let’s get the part started. Yea. We haven’t talked about TupperConnect Parties in a while, and I know that we could use a reminder and we’ve got a lot of new people out there - who would love to see this. - Absolutely. So I thought we would step through a TupperConnect party today. Okay. Sounds great. Alright. Well let’s get going. So we’ll talk first about the history, ‘cause again we have some new people. We’ll talk about the program and what it is. We’ll go through how it works for you and the host and your guests. - Okay, perfect. - And then we’ll talk about viewing and submitting it. - Okay, sounds like a plan. - Alright? And then when we’re done we’re gonna post these - Yes. - in the training section in the digital media section. It’s the last category in training. - Yes. - And I’ll put timestamps on the agenda, so if you need to go to one certain section - you’ll know where to go. - Okay. Now I will tell you all upfront that it won’t be posted today. So, it takes Maddie a little bit to get them edited and posted. - So they can still see it on livestream, correct? - Yes. - So you can go - Where you’re at right now. If you come back to here - then you’ll be able to watch it. - You’ll be able to see it there until we get it loaded onto the training website. Okay so alright so let’s go. Okay so let’s talk about history. We actually started the TupperConnect program - in November of 2009. - Yes. And we set a goal for the first full year of 2010, and you guys blew it out of the water, 4 times the goal we had set for TupperConnect parties. It was crazy. And then every single year since has been double digit growth. You guys love this program and you use it a lot, and those of you who are using it are seeing an average of 20% more in sales for a party that’s TupperConnected than one that’s not. So if you think about that guys, if you’re having a $400 party, that 20% would add an extra $80 almost. And then you’re only $20 away from in the US, getting to that standard party of $500. Same thing applies in Canada. So it’s easier in my world to tell a hostess, “you only need $20 more,” than it is, - “you need $100 more” Right? - Exactly. - So - You got it. So it really does add, so it benefits you ‘cause you make more money, but it also benefits the host because they are able to redeem more of their host credit and get better gifts. - Yes. - Okay, so perfect. So let’s talk a little bit about - what is the purpose of TupperConnect, right? - Okay. - Yea. - So obviously it’s available with all paid websites. - We’ve talked about this while you were gone, Cheryl. - Yes. So if you have Plus, Silver, Gold, or Platinum you’re gonna have access to TupperConnect. - Okay. - Alright? So you definitely want to have a paid website - so you can use this. - Yes. What it does, it provides a way to invite guests online. And it provides an easy way to manage those guests online, and for them to place orders. And it gives you an easy way to obtain outside orders without that extra cost - of sending out catalogues and order forms. - Forms. Yes, which is old school today, right? It is. It’s old school. here’s nothing wrong with it, but put the money in your pocket and use this, right? ‘Cause it saves your money and it saves your time. - Yup. - Okay. So What it doesn’t do. - It does not replace the home party. - Nope. - Right. - Nope. And we talk about that a lot and we have that $175 or $200 minimum that’s at the party, right? And that’s there, we’re preserving the party. Which means and I think we’re gonna get to a slide that we talk about that. So I’ll go into de – right there. - So let’s just move on, right? Okay. - Awesome. Sounds good. Alright. We’ll dive right into how it works. And we’re gonna start with how it works for you. Right? So what you want to do is while you’re hosting you’re coaching your host, right? So you’ve decided you’re going to date the party. You’re talking about it. Get them to decide right away - whether they want to TupperConnect it or not. - Right. And Cheryl, you were saying you should really push them to TupperConnect it. Yes. Guys, you want to do it right away when you’re party planning, and just tell them the why. So ‘cause I actually did a party. And I know it’s later on, but I’ll just say it now. And she didn’t want to TupperConnect it. She said no. I don’t – I don’t want to go through the – I don’t want to give you the email addresses and I don’t want to send them out. I don’t have time. I’m too busy. And I’m like, okay. I said but – she said no I don’t want to. I said okay fine. So we had the party and Aunt Pat, who lives in New Jersey wants to order, which is great, but that means I had to go and mail a catalogue to Aunt Pat, and a brochure. So we had to wait for the mail to come. Then Aunt Pat had to go through everything. Then she had to contact me, right? To give me the order, so that I couldn’t close the party, which held up everything until we got Aunt Pat’s order. Now Aunt Pat placed a nice order, right? However, had it been TupperConnected, I could have just said, Aunt Pat. I could have personally called her and told her where to go. And she could have looked at the catalogue maybe not that night but she could have looked at it the next day, and she could have placed her order. So the time it took me to get a catalogue and put it in the mail, go to the post office, mail it, get it to New Jersey, Aunt Pat to look at it, and send it back. Guys, it added an extra five days, I think, to Megan’s party. So TupperConnecting them, it really is worth it, - even if they change their mind. - Yea. So make it part of your party planning - Definitely. - And your host coaching, okay? So as soon as you get that host to say yes, right? You’re gonna go into MySales, or maybe you’re gonna go through TupHub, and you’re gonna go ahead and set up the party right away. You’re not gonna wait. - Right. Do it right away. - Right. Um, you go to New Party, Party Setup, and you’re gonna need their email address, obviously. - Yes. - And you’re gonna need to know the date - and the time for the party. - Yes. So when you fill out the Party Setup like you normally do, down at the bottom there’s an option to choose TupperConnect, and that’s where it asks you what time. Right? So you just click the little box, and you put what time it’s gonna be. - What time the party’s gonna be, right? - The party’s gonna be. So it’s gonna ask you for the date and time, correct? So for instance, guys, just to keep it simple, if I was doing a – let’s say I dated a Tupperware party tonight with Anna. So today’s the 27th, right? 28th, yea? Today’s the 28th. Okay, yes. The 28th. So today’s the 28th. So I dated Anna’s party today, and it’s gonna be held on July the 6th, let’s just say. Okay? So I’m holding it on July the 6th, that's Thursday. When I go in today and I set her up, I’m gonna put in there July 6, right? Because that is the day of Anna’s party, and I’m going to put in what time that party’s going to be, whether it’s 7:01, 7:15, 7:29, ‘cause I do on-time drawings. Okay? - Yes. - Okay. Alright. So then once you click that and you hit save or you hit next, you’re gonna get this little popup box. So you have a choice. You can let your host invite her guests. There’s a link that she can go through and do the inviting herself. Or you can do it for her. And there’s a lot of you guys that do it one way, and there are a lot of you that do it the other. And there’s no right way or wrong way, but you make your decision right here. - Yes. - Okay. And if you choose to send the invitations yourself, then we’re gonna take you to this page, which is really the host’s summary page, but it’s your view of it, right? - Right. - ‘Cause you get to view it. - yes. - And then when you’re done inviting people you click the big green button that says the setup is complete. And then we’ll actually come back to this slide in a little bit, and I’ll tell you what happens there when you click that button ‘cause you might need it, right? But this is where you would go - if you said I want to invite the guests. - Right. Okay. So now let’s move on to how it works for your host, right? If you chose in that popup box to let the host do her own invitations, then she’s gonna get an email from our system. And it’s gonna include some information and a link that she can use to go - and invite her guests, - Right? - Right. - But she has to take that link and copy and paste it. Oh, no. she can click the link. She can click this. In the email that she gets, - Right. - She’s gonna get an email from the system. And she can just click the link. And that’s going to - Take her to - To The account to sign in. yes. - Okay. I’m thinking of something else. - You’re a little bit, yes. I’m ahead. I’m ahead of the game. Sorry. Okay, sorry. We’ll backtrack. - We’re good. we're good. - Okay. So she clicks on the link in the email, and then – oh wait. This is where you’re right. Okay, so here’s a tip. We know email is kind of iffy, right? ‘Cause sometimes you send an email and it doesn’t especially when it comes from a system. You know, sometimes you go somewhere and you never get the email and you don’t know what happened and you find it in your spam. So if your host doesn’t get that email from us, then you have a couple of things you can do. You can actually send them to your website, and then have them click on Shop, and then click on Sign In on the left, and then they can sign in and it will find their party that way, and I’ll show you how. The other way is, remember we talked about - that big green, the order is set up. - Button. Yup. You can actually go there and get a link to send them. So you see here in your party history, if you go back to MySales, and your party history, you have all your parties listed. You find your host’s party. - Over on the right, there’s a dropdown that has Manage - Manage. If you click it, the first option is Manage TupperConnect, right? So you click that. It will take you back to that same page we looked at, but instead of that big, green button, it actually tells you a link at the end that you can send to your host. So then you can copy that link. - Okay. So that’s what I meant. - Yes. And paste it into an email to send to her. So if she didn’t get it, that’s okay. You can still send it to her. - Okay. So I was on the right path - Yes. Just one screen ahead, right? So hopefully you guys, if you didn’t catch all that, you have the ability to go back and watch this to make sure that you understand, you know, how that works. ‘Cause the process if the host is sending the link, and the email doesn’t go through and it’s in her spam box or her junk email, then literally, guys, this is useless until she gets that link so that she can send it - out via email to all of her friends and family. - Right. So we’re giving you options on how you can go back and still pick up that link and email it to her. - Right? Okay. - Yup. - Alright. - So now let’s see let’s continue with how it works for the host. So no matter how they get there, how your host gets there, whether it’s the email that we send, or an email that you send, or if they go just to your site, then they’re gonna end up at an account login screen. - Okay. - Now, they might already have an account because maybe it’s a host that’s hosted a TupperConnect party before or maybe they’ve placed an order through your website. They might have created an account then. So they might already have an account. If not, they can create one here. - Okay. - We just need their name and email address. - We’re not asking for a lot of information. - Right. And that’s all that they’re asking. That’s all we need is name and email address. Right. Okay. And they once you... once they sign in or create that account, they land on their account page. And then down on the bottom and on the left is a little link that says View Your Parties. And if she clicks on that, then she’s gonna see, the very first thing at the top will be the current party - that she has open with you. - Right. And what’s great about this page is that - if she is a host, that hosts parties repeatedly, - Repeatedly. She can actually come back to this page whenever she wants and see the closed parties as well. Well, and just so you guys know, so, like I said to Anna, I had certain hostesses that I partied with two and three times, right? So when they land on this page, the only thing that they’re gonna see is the party - that you just set up, right? The upcoming party. - Yup. If I did a party with Anna in January, and let’s say I did a party with Anna in May, and I’m doing another party with Anna in October. So when I’m setting up that party with Anna in October and Anna’s going to her account summary page, the other two parties are there, - but she has to click on closed. - Closed. Yes. She’s got to click on Closed, and when she or he clicks on Closed, then you’re gonna see it when they’re gonna pop up, the other two parties. And why would a host care? Well, just because if Anna did a party for me twice and this is her third party, or maybe she did one in the beginning of the year and one at the end of the year, she can go back and she can look at what those sales were, right? She can see the history from that party. So it’s just kind of fun. And you can challenge them, - you know, beat your last party. - Beat your last party. Yea. I love that. That’s a great idea. So, it’s just kind of a great way for them to have easy access view without you having to go back and see: what were those parties’ sales? The datings and all of that. They can see the history of how their party was. - Yea. I love that. - Okay? So okay. Alright. So once your host clicks on that link for the current party, she is gonna land on this, I call it her summary page. It doesn’t really have a name, but it’s basically her landing page for the party. And you recognize it. it’s very similar to what you saw. And there’s a lot going on here, - so I thought maybe we’ll just walk through... - Walk you guys through it. yes. -The different pieces. -‘Cause it looks a little busy it does look a little busy, but it’s all great stuff, right? So the first thing we’ll look at is the name of the party. - Right. - And it starts off with your host’s name, apostrophe ‘s’, party. Right? But there’s a little pencil icon on the right there, and your host can actually change the description. So meaning if I was doing, let’s say I’m doing a party with Anna, and it’s gonna be a Mommy and Me, or a kid’s party, or a sorbet, come, you know, we’ll teach you how to make homemade sorbet, you can customize it there. If you’re using one of the date me recipes and you want to use one of those date me memes that you can use on social media, but you want to type in that title here, - you can do it there. - Good idea to keep the host’s first name there, though. Always leave the host there so that when she’s sending, they see that, - hey Anna is having a Death by Chocolate Party, right? - Yup. So, or Anna’s having a Mommy and Me party, or Anna’s having a Sorbet party. So, it’s good to keep... we highly recommend that you keep the host’s name there because when this is going out and I look at it, I’m like, well who’s having a party? What is this? Right? So keep the host’s name there, but you can edit it and you can customize it. - Yup. Okay. - Perfect. So, then the next piece is a little message for the host that just has, you know, welcome to your TupperConnect party. There’s a link to invite guests. There’s information to contact the consultant, to contact you. If they need to change the party date or anything like that, right? Right. And then your name appears in that box, guys. Right. Your name is right there at the end. Everything you’re seeing, it’s Connie, right? - We’re using Connie Test Wilcox, right? - Yes. So, but everything – it would show up with your name and with your information. So the next bit is some referral links. So you know, we have lots of different ways to invite guests and a lot of you use the invitations that are built in, but some people like to use these links as well. So we have two links here. There’s one that’s better for Facebook. We’ll talk about why in a little bit. And then there’s one underneath it that’s great for grabbing and putting into your own email if you want to send out emails on your own. - Okay. - Right? Then the next piece, there’s this share button. That’s what you click to invite people - using the email invitations. - Right. And we’ll walk through that in a minute. But I want to talk about this unlist button. - Yes. -Because it’s not something you’re gonna use very often. Many of you may never touch it at all. But it’s kind of important with online privacy - for some people, right Cheryl? - Right. Because what happens is when you set up a TupperConnect party, then that party automatically shows up in the Find a Party section on your My.Tupperware website. So anyone who goes to your My.Tupperware website and clicks Find a Party, - they’re gonna see that party listed there, right? - Yes. So you know, let me show you. - There’s the Find a Party link on your website. - Right. And when you click it, this is an example of what the list What it comes up like, right. Yup. And you might actually have a host who for whatever personal reasons - just needs to not have that listed there. - Right. And so we want to give them a way to unlist it. And that’s what that button is for. So if you clicked Unlist, then it will actually remove the party - from this list here. - So that it would just never show up. - It’s all still there. - Yup. So the TupperConnect party is still there. The online orders are still going to be connected to her and that party. It’s just not going to show up in your My.Tupperware... in your Find a Party, which is on your My.Tupperware website. Right. She’ll be in control of who gets those invites. Right. Exactly. So if you click it, it just turns that little teal color. And if you click it by accident, or if she changed her mind, - you can always click it again. - Go back and And then it will appear again. - Okay. Perfect. - Alright? Okay. If you scroll down this page, there’s a couple sections I really like. The first one is Comments, and this is where your host can actually leave a comment that will appear on the RSVP page. - Okay. - Right? So if it is that theme party and you want to remind them all to bring something specific, or wear... everybody wear a purple hat or whatever you might want to say to them, - this is the place where the host can put that. - Okay. And then underneath that is where they can manage guests, and right now we don’t have any guests, so we’ll come back to this and I’ll show you what that looks like after we’ve invited them. So I know, Anna, and I’m going back, but I know I asked you why does this word support? Yes, yes, yes. So can we just go back to that, guys? So many animations. So right now, you know, we have these parties that are listed on your website, and we also have fundraisers that are listed. If you go to, find a fundraiser, then all of your fundraisers are there. - And support makes great sense for the fundraiser. Fundraiser. So I’m not really sure - why we still have support for the parties. For the parties. So we’re going to get that changed – Okay. To join, or maybe it will say RSVP, but we’re going to get that changed. Yea. so right now they would click on that, right? So it will tell them, yes you’re going to RSVP for the party, right? Yes. Because you click that button, - it takes you to the RSVP page. ...P page. Right? Yes. And I’m not sure if we’re going to go to that later. Are we covering…? - We are going to go to that one, yea. - Okay. So... And I checked this morning, and it looks like maybe we can get that changed by the end of July. Yay. Yea. So I was asking Anna today. - I’m like, Anna. Like, why doesn’t it just say RSVP? - Yea. it’s like, what’s going on? - That’s such a good question. I don’t know why. - Like, make it very intuitive, right? ‘Cause then I know, oh I’m going to click on there, I’m going to RSVP. I’m not support does not, it just does not marry, especially in the party world. Right? So, okay. - Thank you. Alright. - So let’s move on. Let’s walk through a host or if it’s you, either way, actually inviting people through the email invitation system. - Okay. So, on that party summary page, they click on that Share, that teal Share button. - Okay. - Right? - Yup. And then it’s going to take them to Step 1 of sending an invitation. And so, the first thing you have to do is pick an invitation, which doesn’t seem like it makes sense here, but for some of our other parties, - like Party Plus parties, there’s multiple invitations. - Invitations. - So you’re choosing, right? - Right. So your host will need to click there in that invitation. It will turn gray. And then she’ll have selected it. And if she scrolls down at that point, she’ll be able to see a preview - of what that invitations looks like. - Invitation looks like. And they all look like this. They all look like this. Exactly. There is no different ones for party... - for TupperConnect, guys. - No. It’s all just this. Just for you new people, just so you know, this is what it’s going to look like, okay? So then once she does that, she can click Continue, and that takes her to Step 2, which is where she can put in a custom message, right? So she can write whatever she wants. So if you’re doing like a... like I said to Anna, so if I want Anna’s, she’s going to do a banana split party, right? So Anna’s sending out the invites, she can put in there, you know, ‘Bring a banana to the party’, so... or you know, whatever. If you’re doing a crazy fruit party, you know, ‘Bring a piece of fruit to the party’. You can customize it. If you’re doing a back to school party, then you could say, ‘Bring a pack of pencils or some folders ‘cause we’re going to donate to our local schools’. So you can customize and put in there . if you want them to do anything, or you can just say, ‘Can’t wait to see you at the party’. - Yes. - Right? So it’s nice that they have the ability - to kind of customize that email. - It is. It is. - Okay? - And they can actually scroll down the page and see their message in the preview, which is pretty cool. - Right. Before they hit the Send button. - Exactly. - Right? So then the next step is actually inviting, - or putting in the email addresses, right? - Yes. So on this page it’s pretty simple. They just put in a name, and they can just put first name. That’s fine. And then email address, and hit the Add button right here in this section under the blue box. And then once you hit Add, you’ll see the name appear right underneath. And so you just keep hitting Add until you... - So you just keep repeating that until you’re done. - Now, can I copy and paste and drop download into here from my address book? There is an address book option for hosts only, - and they can import from certain email accounts. - Okay. But it’s gonna import everybody. - So I’m not sure that you want to do that - For right now it’s better. - Right. It's betterfor them - It’s better probably to individually do it one at a time, right? - Definitely - Okay. Right. Perfect. - I just wanted to ask. - Yes. In case you were wondering. So then once you’re done, you’ve entered everybody in, and I just entered myself into this one for brevity, you hit next, and then you end up on this page that shows you the preview. And then it shows you right here in this little white box how many invitations are gonna go out. - Right. - So if I added 20 names, it would say ‘Invitations Prepared: 20’ right. And then underneath that is your Send button, - and when you’re ready you just hit Send. - You just hit Send. And off they go. So hold on a second, Anna. Can you mute me for a second? Yes Alright, good? - Yeah. - Thank you. So I do want to kind of brag just a little bit. We did change how we were sending these invitations out - about a year and a half ago. - Half ago. And we’re getting 93% deliverability. - Yay. - Which, yeah. it’s a pretty good - it’s a pretty good deliverability number. - That’s a good it is, guys. it is So 93% of these invitations are actually being delivered to the email address that they’re putting in, - right? So - Yeah, and I think that’s a great record. So then we come back to – oh, I went too far. We come back to this page. Remember I told you there’s a place to manage? - Yes. - So down towards the bottom, now you can see where I added my name, and if I had 20 people all 20 would be there. - Yep. - And this is where I could come If maybe a day or two before the party I want to send out a reminder. And I just check the box next to each name I want to send that to, and hit Send Reminder. - And. - So that little box next to Anna, - Yeah. - Right? That little, if you all can - I wish we had a pointer. But if you – I don’t know how much you can see on the screen, but there’s a little box off to the left. So if I wanted, if I already know that these people are coming, but I haven’t heard back. They haven’t RSVPed. They haven’t done anything. They haven’t either RSVPed online. They haven’t texted me. They haven’t Facebook messaged me. They haven’t done anything. And I just want to send a reminder, - I can check just those people, right? - Yes. And then you know, just a reminder. And then something fun if I wanted to send to the people who have already RSVPed, I can check those boxes, and I can then send a reminder of you know, can’t wait to see you tonight. Don’t forget. 7:15: On-time drawing! Yeah. And it shows you right on the list whether they’ve said yes or no. - so it’s really easy. - Yeah. so it’s a really great tool that your hostess can utilize to make her party to build the attendance at her party. - Yeah. - So, okay. Perfect. Yay. So let’s move on - to how it works for guests. Right? - How it works for guests. So the first place to start is this RSVP page. So if your guest clicked on a link from an email invitation that the system sent out, or if they clicked on Find a Party and found you through your My.Tupper website, - or if you send that yellow link, - right? Right. They’re going to arrive here on this RSVP page. - Okay. - Right? So let’s walk through this page. - You have the party date and time right at the top. - Yup. You have the Accept and Decline buttons and if – once they click one of those, they get a message above it that says you’ve accepted or you’ve declined. Come back any time to change, right? So if the situation changes, they can change the RSVP. Underneath that, there’s the message that the host typed in for everyone, so they can see that there. And then underneath that is the list. - So they can actually see who’s coming. - Coming. Who said yes, who said no. Perfect. Yep. - Awesome. - On the left, we have the host’s information, right? - Right. - Underneath that, the consultant information is really important. And then we have this shop online button. - Okay. At the very top. - At the top. Yeah. so that button is going to allow that guest to go and shop online. And you know, something that is great to remember about this is even if they are coming to the party, they can still shop online. It’s not gonna stop. It doesn’t – you can shop online no matter whether you’re going or not - is I guess what I’m trying to say. - Right. Well, and I think for this, guys, is what I see as a benefit is if they want to kind of peruse through the catalogue before, or they want to peruse through just to see what’s new in Tupperware, or if the host puts in there, ‘We’re going to be cooking in the Micro Pro Grill’ and they’re like, what is the Micro Pro Grill? Right? They can click on there and they can at least look at it and kind of get an idea of what it looks like, you know. What the investment if they were going to purchase it would be. So it’s there if they wanted to order ahead of time, they could. But it’s really set up there for them, especially for the ones that are coming to the party, if they want to see what’s new in Tupperware they can do it, right? It’s not there that they should order - before they get to the party, right? - Right. It’s – that’s not the reason it’s there. It’s for them to be able to look, but then if the gals that can’t come, if they want to go and place an order - Right. - It makes it very convenient for them to be able to go and just click on that Shop Online, and they can go ahead and shop, and they don’t have to worry about, you know, sending the catalogue like I had to do to Aunt Pat, - Right? So - Exactly. So it’s there for a benefit, um, both ways. But it’s not there to detour them from coming to the party. It’s there more for them to see what’s new before they get to the party, because at the party that’s where they get to touch it, feel it, - experience how amazing it is. - Yup. Okay? So, they just brought me water. Thank you. So alright. Go ahead. Alright. So let’s talk about those two referral links. It’s really important to not the diference here. So the first one is for Facebook. And we created this link because Facebook can kind of be picky, Cheryl. - Yes. - And they don’t like it when you put a link that leads to a form, - and that RSVP page is a form. - Form. Right? So if you use that yellow link on Facebook, then it could cause user security warnings, and it could cause those clicking on it to see - See the security warnings, right? - Right. So we really recommend that blue link for Facebook. The downside of that is that they’re not gonna RSVP when they click on that blue link. They’re going to go straight to Shop Online. Alright? Yes. So if you’re using that on your Facebook, guys, and – or your hostess is putting it on her Facebook wall, right? Just make sure that you let the hostess know that if people are coming and they click on that link, she’s not gonna know, so she’s gonna want to put a little message, right? On there, saying if you click on here, you’ll be able to look at the catalogue and shop. - However, text me if you’re coming. Right? - Yes. - ‘Cause it’s not gonna give them the ability to RSVP. - Exactly. Okay. So So then moving on to the yellow link. Again, we talked about this. It’s great for putting in your own emails. - And it does take everyone to the RSVP page. - Right. So pretty simple, straightforward so far, guys? So I hope you’re – everybody’s. yay. So this is something interesting, Cheryl, and I’ll bet a lot of people don’t know this. - They probably don’t. - There are 3 places during the ordering process where a guest can see that they are in the party. - Yes. - Okay? - So I just want to walk you through that. - Perfect. I know a lot of people are going to be like, no way really? So in the shopping cart, as soon as they put an item in and they go to the shopping cart, they can see both at the top and the bottom, ‘cause we know people’s eyes go in different places, it says, ‘Thank you for shopping Johnny’s party’ in this case. Right? So on the shopping cart is one way to see it. The order review – so that’s the page where we’re putting in my address and my billing information. - Right. - It’s gonna be always at the top right hand corner of that. - It says TupperConnect party - Right. and has Johnny’s party in it. Right. Go ahead. I’m gonna say something when you’re done. And then the third place is once they’ve placed the order, and we show them the confirmation page. We point it out there as well. Okay. So why is this – like why does that matter? So maybe when a host is sending the link, right? Out and doing the invite, one of her friends might have been on somebody else’s My.Tupperware website, right? And that cookie could be saved - Yeah. - Right? In there, which then if she clicks on, it could redirect them to that person’s website, not your website that you want the party to be connected to. So when they place the order, it doesn’t go and get connected to Anna’s party and to me. - It goes to that consultant - Right. that the cookie was saved, and that friend’s the cookie was saved online, right? Yeah. that’s what is super important. Really, really important to coach your host . that her guests need to click the link that she sends. Yes. And not just go to the My.Tupperware, right? Or go to, right? Even, well we don’t want them to do that, right? So because then it doesn’t go to anybody. So once again, we’re just reinforcing that we want them to click on that link, but once again there’s safeguards in the checkout process that will tell any guest that’s shopping online that this order is thank you for shopping at Anna’s party - Thank you for shopping - Yup. and if it says something else, then they need to stop, - right? - Yup. Because it’s probably a good it’s probably that they’re not gonna get credit - for that order, right? - Right, right. - So, - yea. as long as they click the right link, as long as they find the party, they’ll be good. - They’ll be good. Right? - Yes. But we have safeguards, - and we want them to know we love you - Yes - and thank you for supporting your friend, right? - Yes we do. Yes. Right? Yes, okay. Alright, so let’s move on to viewing - and submitting the party. - Yay. We’re moving right along here. Okay, Yea. you guys rock. Yes. So there’s a couple of places you can actually see online orderst that have been placed towards the party. And the first place is in MySales right on that Party Orders and Dating screen - that you’re used to seeing. - Yea. There’ll just be an added section - on the bottom with any online orders, right? - Yup. And then the second place is in My.Tupperware. If you click on tools, and you choose My Party Orders, you’ll see all of your open TupperConnected parties, and you click on the host’s name, and it will show you any orders - that are part of that. Exactly. - That are right. Yup. And what I want to point out here. Remember from our My.Tupperware basics Tupper Live that we did gosh it’s been five weeks ago, probably Cheryl. If someone opts out during the order process of being contacted, then you will probably only see their name - and city and state, right? - Right. And that’s that something that we have to allow them to do you, right? We have they have to actually check it to opt out of it, right? ‘Cause it’s automatically you’re gonna get their name, - address, and everything - Yes, yea. and if they unclick that box, then we by law can only show their name, - city, and states. - Right. So, just and that happens if anybody who comes into your website and shops, or any of your TupperConnect orders, ‘cause once again, they’re all coming through your online, - through your paid website, right? - Yup. - So it works the same way on both areas, okay. - It does. Yes. Alright, so - Alright, so submitting the party. - Yes. When it’s time to submit the party, you’ll find all of the information that’s relevant to TupperConnect on that host rewards page - in the Party Retail/Cash and Carry section. - Yup. The last page before you go - to where you’re gonna submit your payment - Right. and show all the orders and stuff, right? It will show you the party retail, and then it will show you the TupperConnect retail. And that will be all the online orders, okay? - Okay. - And it shows you - that it adds it all up in the total party sales. - Right. So this party was $579.50, - which qualified them for $87 in host credits, right? - Yes. So it just adds to what you’ve keyed - in through your MySales, right? - Yes. So okay. So I do want to point out a few things, right Cheryl? Just some reminders. We talked about the in home party retail - has to be $175 or $200 - Right. in order for those online orders to be applied to the party. Now you’re going to get credit for those orders as soon as an order is placed online. You’re going to see the sales credit and commission on your screens, but in order for it to apply to the party, the party has to hit that $175 or $200. Right. And that’s just something, guys, that we have in place that is there because we want to make sure that we preserve, right? We preserve to that host who is opening up her home, or hostess, that’s opening up her or his home, and having an in home Tupperware party that we treat them, right, that they have a more of... what’s the word I’m looking for? We’re gonna treat them differently than we’re gonna treat somebody who is doing an online party - or who is doing a Facebook party. - Yes. That they can stay home in their pajamas, having their kids, blah blah blah blah blah. - We love them, and it’s okay to have that, guys. - It is. But in order to count any online sales through TupperConnect, you need to have at least $175 submitted through your MySales in the US, $200 in Canada. Because once again it’s a TupperConnect party where you’ve connected online orders - to that in home party. - Right. Right? So that $175, $200 is there, and that has to be met before the host the rest of the orders will be added. - So if you have a party that’s $180 - Yes. let’s say in the US, or it’s $210 in Canada, and there was 2, 3 people there, but there were 7 or 8 online orders, and that came up to that $579 - like we showed you before, yay. Yay. - Yes, So, and then it all connects, and the hostess getting the benefit - of all that host credit. - Yes. - You got it. - Okay? So yes. Alright, so this might be a little tricky. I hope not. But we have something called the party setup date, and I’ll show you that on the next screen. But the day that you enter the party into MySales is the party setup date. If for some reason 75 days pass and that party is still open, then after that, those online orders will no longer apply - to that party. - To that party. You would still get sales credit - ‘cause it’s already been submitted. - Yes. Yes Right? And the product’s already gone. - However, and can I just give them a classic example? - Yes. So let’s just say guys that I dated Anna’s party today, - and it’s June 28 we said? - Mmhmm. Right? So it’s June 28 today, and I go home and I set it up, right? And so I set it up on June 28 - I mean I dated her today for July 1 - Right. Just for the sake of conversation. So June 28 is my setup date. If Anna calls me and she’s like, oh my stars and garters. I can’t do it on July 1. I need to reschedule it. And she moves it to July 28, and then we get to July 28 and she’s like oh I forgot. We’re going on vacation. So and you’re like, okay. So she moves it to August 28, right? And then she stubs her toe and sprains her eyelash all in the same day, and she moves that party to September the 28th, right? So now we are past the 75 days - that I set up Anna’s party the first time, right? - Yup. So in that time frame, if Anna had sent out the link, right? To any of her friends or family, and they had gone on and ordered, and let’s say there was $100 in orders, - and Anna kept you know, rescheduling, rescheduling, - Right. rescheduling, and it got past that 75 days from when I set up Anna’s party, which was June 28, then those sales would no longer - count for Anna’s party - Right. That she holds on September the 28th - Because it’s past that 75 day window. - Exactly - Exactly, you got it. - Okay? Right? So I still get sales credit. I got the credit when the order was submitted. - Yes. - Right? So if that order was submitted guys on July 2 - Then I would have gotten sales credits - Yes. on that order on July 2. - Yes. - Okay, ‘cause you get credit - when on the online when it’s submitted, right? - Yes. But if it goes past 75 days of when that party was set up, the hostess, those sales do not orders do not marry up to the hostess’s party. - You got it. - Okay? So if that happens, and you had online orders that for whatever reason aren’t gonna apply, you’ll actually see that the TupperConnect retail is in red, and there’ll be a message at the bottom explaining that. That it’s past the 75 days. Exactly. So that’s all there on that page. And you know what guys? It’s not gonna happen, but just in case it does. - It’s pretty rare. - Yea. it’s real rare. And you know, if you do end up having a party that you dated, you set it up, and you send out invitations, you have online orders and the party never happened, you know, you definitely want to call customer care and say hey, could you please close that order for me? Right. ‘Cause it’s not going the hostess is not ever gonna hold - or host is never gonna hold. Yes, okay. - Exactly, yes. - That’s the first one. - That’s the first one. Okay. But there’s another. Alright, so this is submitting or online orders are accepted only within 45 days. So this is a different time frame, and it’s a different thing that it does, right? So if I set up the party, and you can see this example here. I set it up on March 23. The system starts immediately counting that 45 days. And it tells me right at the bottom of my Party Setup page that online orders will not be accepted after May 7, after that 45 days. So as another example Cheryl of someone moving it, but it’s a different result, right? It’s a different - Right, ‘cause I still hold the party guys, right? - Right. So I have my little written examples, so if I dated Anna’s party June 1. I mean, I dated her on June 1. I set her up on June 1, - but the party wasn’t gonna hold until June 29, right? - Right. Right. So, but I dated her on June 1. I went home and I set her up on June 1, - and we set up the party for June 29, right? - Right. And I can’t do the party on June 29, so I set up on June 1, - so June 29 it’s been 28 days, right? - Right. So she’d lose the party and I’m gonna move it to - I don’t know July 16 let’s say. - Yea. Right? So, and she moves it to July 16. Then as long as I’m within that 45 days window of when I set up that party, those orders are still going to apply. Yea. well they’ll still be able to make... Yes. Well sorry. Sorry, rewind. They’ll still be able to use the link to go to My.Tupperware my site, and place orders, - okay? ‘Cause that link is still active. - Yes. The link is still active. If I dated if she moved the party to like July 29, right? That’s past that 45 days when I set it up. The link is no longer active, so what do I do? So then I would probably just suggest to your host that you make sure that her online guests place their order before the date that you see there at the bottom of your party setup page. Because can I go back in and cancel that and resetup a new party for you? You can do that. Yes. - I could do that, right? - You could do that. Yes. So if I wanted to, which means if I did that, - all of her guests would have to click the second link - Yes. To make sure that those orders are being married up to that party. So I guess the moral of the story is, guys, when you set up that party, you want to make sure that that party is held - within that 45 day window. - Right. Because that’s how long the link is active for her guests to be able to order online - if they’re not able to attend the party, right? - Right. Yea. And it’s always easy to refer back to the party setup page and see that date - in case you’re not showing it is. - Right. And we have a rule of thumb. You always want to date - and hold within your first 21 days. - Yes. Right? So dating that party. So if I’m at a party today, I want to try and date those parties within the next 21 days, so then you’re never in jeopardy - Yes - of that 45 day window. - Yea, this probably doesn’t happen too often. - Right. It doesn’t, but we wanted you - to be aware of it just in case. - Yes. Right? Just in case. So wow, good job Anna. - So. - Yea, that is that’s actually all I have. - Yea. that’s I mean like woo. - Yea. So do we have any questions that have come in, Linda, through the chat that we need to answer to anyone? We have Linda over in Studio 1. Hey Linda. Yes, we have several questions. - Okay. - Okay. Okay. John would like to know: is there a way to resend the host email if for some reason it gets caught up in spam or they can’t find it? The host email, no. there’s no way to resend that. That’s why you would want to go into that manage TupperConnect that we showed you from your party history page, and grab the link. - And grab the link, and then send it, yea. - And send it yourself. - Or send it to the host. - Yes. So that way she can copy and paste it - back into the body of an email. - Right. And resend out to her. And again, she can also just go to your My.Tupperware website, click shop, click sign in, - and she can get there as well. - Right. - So they have those two options. - Yup. Okay. Steve would like to know: sometimes the host doesn’t want to give out their email for fear of spamming. - Sure. - But they want to have a TupperConnect party. Is there a way for the consultant to register more than one party using their email address? No. The TupperConnect system will only allow one party at a time per email address. But what I can tell you, and I know that not every host will believe this and feel confident in it, but creating an account for a TupperConnect party does not add them to any lists. - Yes. - So we don’t send anything but transactional emails to them, which should be emails that have to do with the party itself. Right. So we don’t take their name and their email address. - We don’t sell it to outside vendors, guys. - No. The only time that they would get an email from Tupperware is if it has like Anna said, - something to do with their party - Exactly. That has been set up as a TupperConnect party. Yes. I think they were more concerned with what the recipients may do, but good points. And Donna would like to know: if the tear off ends before the party closes, would you suggest to the guests that they shop those items online, - and will the host still get credit? - Yes. That, my friends, - is one of the benefits of TupperConnect. - Yes. Is if you have a party and the tear off is ending, and the host is not ready to close, the customers could go in, or even you could go in and order those items through your through the TupperConnect process and that order would submit, right? So before the tear off ends, you the sales force would get the sales credit, and it would also still marry up to that host party - so that they would get the sales credit for it. - Yes. Right? So, that is honestly guys, that is a real benefit of TupperConnect, is being able to ‘cause you know, - we know sometimes life happens, right? - It does. It happens, and so being able to submit that even though the tear off is ending and the party maybe doesn’t close until that following Monday ‘cause the host forgot $100 worth of orders at work on Friday, right? And you don’t want to penalize her. So yes, you can go in and submit those items - as long as you’re doing it through the TupperConnect. - Yes. So yay. - Great question. - Good question. And it’s the only way you can do it - without submitting the party, guys - Only way, yes. ‘Cause if you’re doing it through your MySales, then you have to submit the party. But if you’re doing it through TupperConnect, then yes, you can submit those orders. And they do you get credit. The host gets credit, but it doesn’t force you - to have to close out the party. Okay? - Right. Exactly. Good question. Okay. And I think I may have misunderstood John’s question - about resending the host’s email. - Okay, Okay. Because he just told me I did. Okay, Okay. But I’m not really sure what his actual question is. So does the host have the option to resend their email to guests? Yes. The hosts can definitely resend their emails to guests. It’s in that we scroll down and we saw all the lists of guests. - We talked about the little checkbox. - Checkboxes. That’s where you can resend it. Yes. You can just go in and check each little you know, - whoever she wants to send it to, - Yea. so if somebody didn’t get it, it’s just me, right? Then I didn’t get it, and I didn’t she’s my host, I’m a guest. I’m not the consultant now. Anna, I didn’t get any invitation to your Tupperware party, - but I was talking to Sara Beth and she got one. - Yup. Like, oh I sent it to you. Let me just and Anna’s like okay no worries, Cheryl. - Let me just go in an resend it. - Resend. Yup. So she goes into the manage, she finds all of everybody who was invited, she checks the little box next to my name, and she hits send, and then that invitation with the link is gonna come just to me now. - Right. You got it. - Right? Look, Anna. - I’m getting pretty techy, aren’t I girlfriend? Yay. - You’re pretty good at this. You’re gonna be able to do these - without me pretty soon. - No. never. Never. Never. Okay, did that answer the question, I hope? That answered the question. - Yes, okay perfect. - Yay. Thanks John. Anything else that’s come up? okay. She’s looking. So as she’s looking guys, I just want to say to Anna ‘cause Anna’s been on, involved in this since the get go, and when TupperConnect first came, - I had just come down here to the home office. - That’s right. Yea. Right? So I had just come down to the home office. So I was learning this from a field perspective, and then trying to see it from the, from the other side of the fence. And then starting to use it here like I was if I was still in Jersey, right, you know? And at first, I will tell you it has gotten so much easier, - and a lot of great feedback from the field. - Mmhmm. Right Anna? I know my Valerie Smith was one that had share some great ideas with Anna. And a lot of y’all online, - or maybe your business leader or your director did. - Yea. And it’s really gotten so much easier. It has evolved a lot. - We have incorporated lots of your ideas - Yes. Over these last, what? 8 years. Yea. Yes. It’s been it really has. And if you mess it up, - the cool thing is is you can fix it. - Yes. Right? So don’t be afraid and you know what? For all of you new people, if you’re a little nervous about doing it, date a Tupperware party with your mom or your sister or your bestest girlfriend or your boyfriend, right? Date with them, and just say you know what guys? I just want to try this to see. And so walk it through. Do all the processes. Either you send the invites or let the host send the invites, but go through all of the steps that it takes so that you can see, what is it like to set it up and make sure you click the little box at the bottom. And then it takes you through the whole process of sending the invite, what does it look like? Go back into your party history, look and check, right? Manage your orders. So that way you become more comfortable with it. so now and if you do see something that you did wrong, it’s going to your Uncle Harry or Aunt Mary, - and they love you. - Yes. So but really guys, it’s kind of foolproof. - It is. - As long as you just do the step by step and that’s why we’re doing this, and you’ll be able to go to live stream and see it until we put it on the Tupperware website, on the training website. You just click on training, go to the left, scroll all the way to the bottom, and I think it says Digital and Technology training? - Yes. I believe so. - Right? So, and this will be posted hopefully - in the next two weeks. - Yes. Okay? So any other questions, Linda? reaffirm that it’s necessary that either the host sets up the party with their email, or the sales force member sets it up with their email because that’s one of that was one of the questions. - Okay. - Are you talking about the setting up in MySales? It says: Sorry, if the host does not go and set up their TupperConnect from their email. - Oh, oh. No, no, no. - No. the host doesn’t set it up. So the only thing the host is doing is sending - and inviting people. - Right. That’s the only thing. If you create this as a TupperConnect party, and you want to do it all, that’s fine. The host doesn’t have to do a thing. If you check the TupperConnect box because you think you’re host might use it even though she said she wouldn’t, and you just kind of leave it alone, - it’s not gonna hurt anything, right? - Right. - But it’s there and it’s an option for later. - Right. So let’s just reiterate ‘cause I don’t want there to be any confusion. When I go into MySales, right? And I’m setting up Anna’s party, and I’m setting up her host name and the address you guys all know what it looks like. If you scroll to the bottom of that, you’re gonna see the little box that Anna showed you. You have to check that, right? Yes. And my recommendation, guys, is just check it. Just check it because if you have what happened to me, right, I could have just set I should have just set Megan’s party up, right? ‘Cause then I could have just sent Aunt Pat the link - and not had to mail the catalogue. - Yea. But because I didn’t, I had to wait that five days. So you set up the party. The host does not set up the party. You set up the party in your MySales ‘cause you are the consultant. The only thing that the host does is we have given the host the ability to either give you the email addresses and allow you to send it out from your email, or allowing the host for you to send the link to the host, and allowing the host to send out the email - with the link in it from her email address. - Right. That’s the only thing the host does. She either sends you the email addresses and you send it out, or you set it up and you send her the link and you let her send out the email - to all of her friends with the link in it. - Right. Okay. That’s the only thing the host has to do. - Yup. - Okay. Is that does that clarify that, Linda? - Yes. - Okay. Good. Good question. Thank you. Anything else? If the consultant places the order for the host in TupperConnect, can they use their Tupper Card? The Tupperware Card can’t be used on online orders. - Online orders. You have to use a credit card, - Yup. Okay. - which is your Visa, Master, or Discover. - Yes. Okay. So those are the three credit cards that you can use online, - and/or your customers can use online. - Yup. And do you have any suggestions as far as using the invite for adding a recruiting message, or using it towards helping to recruit someone who may not be attending the party? So, where you’re having the ability to customize the message about you know, I think, guys, if you ever wanted to just you know, always add on there, you know, ask me how you can have your own job, right? That’s something that you could always include in that invite. But remember, if the invite’s coming from the host. Right. It depends on who the invite’s coming from. Because if it’s coming from the host, the host isn’t the consultant. - You are. Right? - Right. So if you have it and it’s customizable, you know, you can always say something like: don’t forget to ask the Tupperware consultant about a job, right? So that way if the host is sending out they all reading and I’m reading it, and I’m the guest that’s being invited, then I would know. Oh, I can’t come, but I can contact that consultant, right? Either via through the My.Tupperware website, or they can call the host and, Anna I can’t come, but I want to talk to the Tupperware lady about, or the Tupperware guy about having a job. Right. So I would do it that way, but make sure you remember that that customize is either a. coming from you and it’s going out on behalf of the host, or but if the host is customizing it, then that recruiting message - would be kind of weird coming from the host. - Yea. - Okay. So depends on how you’re sending out the invite, - Yea. - wouldn’t you agree? - Yea. I agree. Yea. okay. But good question. This addresses all of the questions, I believe. - Okay. - And just want to let you know, kudos to both of you for a great job - based on the comments in the chat room. - Thank you guys. - Oh. Well thanks guys. - That’s really nice. Yea, well we’re here to help. - And we’re kind of the yin and the yang - Yes. When it comes to all of this, right? ‘Cause you can see: new school, old school, but I still get it. so, well thank you guys for your time. We appreciate it. hope this helps. And as always, continue to think big, start small, but begin, -Now. - Now. - See y’all. - Bye bye.

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2017 - TupperConnect Parties (English)

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